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Channel Surfing

Anya flips through the TV channels, praying not to find anything bunny-oriented. All day it seems there has only been horror shows on. She saw Bugs Bunny try to trick Elmer Fudd for about two seconds until she broke out into a cold sweat and had to change the channel. Then there was that horrid "The Mating Habits of Rabbits" on the Discovery Channel. There seemed to be bunnies everywhere.

"Oh, please, oh, please, don't be bunnies," Anya said out loud as she closed her eyes, bracing herself for whatever might be on the next channel she flipped to. She opened her eyes tentatively and was delighted to see that it wasn't bunnies, it was people!

"Dawson, I love you," the dark-haired girl on the screen said to a floppy-haired blonde guy with what seemed to be an abnormally large head.

As the floppy-haired guy was about to respond, a dark-haired guy burst into the door. "Hey, Joey! Guess what? I'm not really gay! I love you!"

"Jack?" the dark-haired girl said with surprise, evident in her overly large eyes.

Dawson, Mr. Floppy Haired, looked devasted. "But Jack, I love you!"

Just then another dark-haired guy burst into the door, and said, "But, Dawson, I love you!"

The background music kicked up a notch signaling that they were going to go to commercial, when a huge, white, seven-foot-tall bunny rabbit burst through the door, all hoppy legs and twitchy nose.

Anya barely heard the bunny's declaration of love to Pacey, for she was screaming so loud. She threw the remote at the TV and it smashed through the screen. Smoke and sparks filled the air, but Anya was delighted.

"That bunny doesn't really love you, Pacey," Anya said to the broken television smugly.

Anya. Television. Delight.

Man! challenge in a can Man!