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It's not like vampires are new to her. She has lived in Sunnydale, after all. Not only that, but her co-worker is a vamp.

It just isn't every day that she finds herself lying on the sidewalk with her stake and cross ten feet away from her. And it isn't often that Cordelia Chase, Sunnydale native and a member of Angel Investigations, finds herself weaponless and surrounded by a group of seven fang-faced hungry vamps on the streets of LA.

She screams, hoping for a savior, as the leering demonic faces begin moving closer to her. As she feels her hair yanked backwards and her head cracked to the side, emotions and memories flood over her. She remembers leaving Sunnydale and the horrible feeling of being poor, living off of old party food until Angel found her. She sees the faces of the people that she loves: Doyle, who is gone; Wesley, who has changed so much; Gunn, who makes her laugh; Angel, who --

Angel. The one who saved her life so many times. The one who helped her out when she needed help. The one who trusted her with things at A.I. The one she could always turn to.

She feels fear, regret, and submission. When they bit her neck, she would die. She would never be able to tell Wesley, Gunn, and Angel how much they meant to her. It scares her how much she'll miss them. It scares her that her death might not mean anything to them because they don't know how much she cares for them. She wills the pain of fangs to pierce her skin to do it quickly; she hates pain.

Her eyes squeeze tight. Nothing happens except a whoosh of something flying through the air and dust falling on her Sears brand sweatshirt. She falls over and her eyes shoot open as she sees another vampire burst into dust. A shadow looms over her and she looks into the eyes of a very concerned Angel. He offers his hand to her, makes sure she is fine, hands her a crossbow, and moves to help Wes and Gunn with their opponents.

Her hands shake a little as she reloads and fires a bolt into the vampire at Gunn's back. And all of a sudden, vampire dust lines the sidewalk with no vampires in sight -- except for Angel, of course.

Cordelia Chase looks around her thankfully, her dread gone. And it was all due to her best friends who came to her rescue with stakes and a crossbow. It isn't every day, after all, that her friends would leave her behind.

Cordelia. Scared. Crossbow

Man! challenge in a can Man!