Her Point Of View
by Katie

I follow her out of the bar. I feel blind, newborn...I didn't know I could feel this way any more. She turned and smiled at me and my heart gives that little jump you're supposed to get when the one you love smiles at you.

Do I love her already? Oh, yes. I love her now, desperately. She's all I need, and I know I'll find everything in her, the bitterest pain, the sharpest pleasure. She could cut me like a knife, she could tear me to pieces.

I must be drunk. Why else would I be following a demon into a dark alley, into her lair? I could fight her, I could kill her...but all I want to do is lose myself in the dark of her hair, bury myself in the coldness of her skin.

"Faith," she whispers, sliding her nails over my shoulders.


"I know everything about you, sweeting...you're not one of them, not now. I'm going to make you mine and you can forget..." I could picture her smile in the darkness, the gleam of her teeth. I tilted my neck to the side, letting her run her mouth along the tendons. I think I'm drowning...

I back her up against the cool brick wall. She's meant for finer things, but I have to taste her. She growls deep in her throat, throwing her head back, letting her dark hair flow inkily down her back, exposing her pale throat to me.

I nuzzle her neck, the long dead pulse quivering. We melt together and time just fucking stops. It's just us, pressed together, flowing together; hands, breasts, legs twining, and I'm gone. There's no more me...I'm meant to be with her, meant to kiss her, taste her, breathe for her.

One of us whimpers as I slide my hand between her legs, the silk clinging to her musky, wet center. God, she smells like roses down there as I rub myself against her, fingers moving faster as she starts to moan. Her hands tighten on my shoulders as she gets closer, the nails slicing my skin easily so the blood drips down onto her skin, red against her lily white. She bites her lip as she comes against my hand, her whole body shaking. Oh, sweet jesus, I can feel it too, that shivering hot rush swelling up through my body.

I'm hers, trapped in the sweet ice of her pleasure. I'm gone.

All Mine