This In Me
by Katie

"You put this in me, so now what? so now what?" - Justify My Love

Faith tossed and turned on the narrow mattress, pulling the sheet out of its careful tuck. Sweat beaded on the strong curves of her shoulders, running down to pool in the hollow of her back.

A slender white hand crept around her back, running sharp nails over her ribcage, then swept up to cup a breast. Faith whimpered in her sleep, her eyes flickering as strange images danced in her dreams. Deep brown hair trailed across her cheek as Drusilla slid closer, her mouth right next to the former Slayer's ear.

"Little girl," she whispered, her voice a low, throaty growl. "Pretty little girl."

"It's too hot, baby."

In the dark humid air of the cheapest hotel room Faith could find, a girlish giggle pierced the air. A cold chill slid up Faith's spine as Drusilla unwrapped the sheet from her lover's sweat slicked body, letting it pool onto the floor.

"It's never too hot..." Drusilla easily turned Faith over, then bent to kiss one shoulder. "Mmm," she purred, licking her lips. "I love the way you musk and salt. I forgot...when Spike took me was like all the little pictures of you I had...were by one..."

She shook her head, frowning slightly. Faith held her breath as the sticky air stole into her brain, slowing her mind down.

Touch me please...or just...say...say it...say you were happy when I showed up...

But Drusilla said nothing, instead leaning down again, her cold tongue sliding over the slender curve of Faith's back. Faith moaned and squirmed slightly on the bare mattress. She bit her lip as Drusilla repeated the motion, dipping her tongue into the deep crevice between Faith's cheeks. She flicked her rough pink tongue over the puckered opening, spreading her hands over the smooth rounded flesh to hold Faith down.

The vampire licked it again, more slowly, and Faith moaned. Drusilla pulled back and slid a finger into her mouth, wetting it. She wiggled it into Faith's anus, pushing past the ring of muscles into tight moist heat. In her mind's eye, she pictured steam rising from her dead-cold white hand, flames sparking up her arm and burning the room down.

Faith gasped and started up from the bed as Dru added another finger, but the vampire pushed down on the small of her back, pinning her to the bed. "Be good..." She worked her fingers in and out of the tight hole as Faith bucked beneath the pressure. She wasn't sure, really, if it was pain or pleasure...but the girl finally stilled, rocking back against each thrust of Dru's fingers, her mouth open, sounds muffled against the bed.

Dru eased her fingers out and carefully lay down, draping her cool body over Faith's. Faith turned her head slightly, slanting her mouth across the vampire's, twisting her body so she could run her hands along Drusilla's cheekbones as she darted her tongue into Dru's mouth.

Faith wiggled until she was lying flat on her back, Drusilla's longer body resting comfortably against hers, their mouths still meshed. Drusilla sucked Faith's lower lip into her mouth, worrying it with her sharp white teeth. Faith's hands tightened on her back and Drusilla hissed and shifted her mouth to Faith's neck. Faith ran her tongue over the red ripe swell of her lower lip and closed her eyes as Drusilla licked and nipped her flushed skin.


Just a little lower

Wrapping Faith's legs around her waist, Drusilla cupped the ex-Slayer's full breasts, squeezing them and pushing them up. She dipped her head with lightning quickness, circling her cold tongue around the nipple, making it tighten. Faith's hands flew up, sliding onto Drusilla's, helping her hold her breasts up to the vampire's icy tongue.

Drusilla raked her teeth along the nipple, soothing the hurt with a long, supple stroke of her tongue. Her other hand squeezed Faith's breast, making finger shaped indentations along the side as she molded it to a point, then let it go, watching it rest gently on Faith's ribcage. She blew a stream of cold air across the wet nipple and Faith arched up, crying out sharply. Drusilla smiled against her lover's flesh and murmured dreamily," Spike used to do that for me..."

The mortal landed again, wide eyes opening sharply, lust and obsession burning in them. "I don't think so...," she growled, scooting down on the bare mattress, keeping her legs firmly around Drusilla's waist. Grabbing onto Drusilla's hair she latched onto the vampire's breast, biting hard at the pale skin. She bit the underside hard enough to draw blood, and Drusilla keened, digging her sharp nails into the side of Faith's chest, right next to the heart. Faith bit harder, pushing Dru upwards till they were both sitting up, legs entwined. Sinking her teeth into Drusilla's shoulder, she slid her fingers down over Dru's soft stomach, dipping into wet black curls and cold moisture. Drusilla gasped and dropped her hands, closing her eyes as she rose and fell with the thrust of Faith's fingers. "Mine," Faith grated as she pinched the vampire's clit. "Mine."

Drusilla's body tightened all over as she came, her eyes clenched shut, her hands fisted. She didn't make a single sound, but her legs shook and tears slipped out from beneath her eyelashes. She slumped as the wave crashed over her, falling against Faith and pushing her to the bed.

Her eyes still closed, Drusilla lazily kissed the ridges of Faith's stomach, tracing the rough outline of her scar. Two breathless moments later, she dipped her ice cold tongue into Faith's pussy, flicking it across her distended clit, running it along the inside of the lips, thrusting it inside her passage. Faith gasped and moaned and rolled her head on the mattress, her inner thighs flexing as Drusilla's teasing tongue urged her towards climax.


Just there

Later, Faith lay heavily on the bed, feeling the blood seep out from the wounds Dru's nails had inflicted. Her eyes slid shut as Dru lapped at the coppery red liquid. Black flickered on the inside of her eyelids as she felt Drusilla wrap slender arms around her ribs and rest her head on Faith's shoulder.



All Mine