As Love Comes Tumbling

"As love comes tumbling down...the world inside is I search for the line that will one day heal...but hold me now..."


From the Entertainment World interview, May 10th, 2009:

Lindsey Washington: So what can you tell us about your latest romance?

Cordelia Chase: Willow and I met again at our high school reunion and something just...clicked.

LW: So you two knew each other from high school?

Willow Rosenberg: I was a member of the "I hate Cordelia" club. Then she dated my best friend. So we became friends.

CC: You never told me about the "I hate Cordelia" club.

WR: You never asked.

*slight cuddle between the two*

LW: Now, Cordelia, you're becoming a very popular film star. Do you think your relationship with Willow will have any effect on your career?

CC: I hope that it won't. I don't see how my personal life affects my career.

LW: But you are dating a woman. Don't you think your sudden change to lesbianism will affect your sex symbol status?

CC: First of all, this is not "a sudden change to lesbianism". I'm not with Willow because she's a woman. I knew Willow since we were kids, and it doesn't matter if Willow's male or female. It's the person--not the body--I'm in love with.

WR: And the sex symbol bit?

CC: Who has time?


I've never been in love before.

I had a lot of crushes in high school, and I thought that some of my teenage gropings were love. And God knows I was worshipped often enough. But I've never been in love.

Nothing like this.

At night, I watch her sleep, strands of exquisite red hair spread over her face and shoulders. I listen to her breathe, I watch her body rise and fall with every breath. My eyes follow her body, tracing the contour of her hip, the dip of her stomach, the soft fall of her breasts against her arms.

I run my hands just above her body, barely touching, just enough to feel her body heat, but not enough to wake her up. I brush a few soft strands of hair out of her face. I cup her hipbone in my hand.

Sometimes I start kissing her, running my lips over her body. I occasionally wake her up, and my kisses grow rougher, and move from lightly grazing her body to her lips. I kiss her softly until she fully wakes up, until her tongue touches mine. I run my hands down her body, caressing her soft skin, slipping the sheets from her body slowly.

I break the kiss and move my lips down onto her neck, down her shoulder, and to her breasts. I notice the changes the pregnancy has made to her body, the wider hips, the more sensitive breasts. I gently kiss her, my tongue gliding over her nipples. Her body is pressing against mine, her breathing fast. "Oh Cordelia," she says, the words sliding on a long sigh.

I continue to kiss her, to run my mouth over her body. My hands slide down lower, slipping between her legs and down into the soft patch of hair. I feel the heat inside her, the silky wetness, the delicate inner beauty that is my Willow. I slowly enter her with my fingers, my hands bringing her closer and closer to the edge, my mouth on her body, hearing her whisper my name over and over again. She comes gently, softly, her body shivering like a tree in a breeze, my name on her lips. I close my eyes in sheer joy. The angels themselves could never sound as beautiful as she does at this moment.

She curls up next to me and falls back asleep. I kiss her forehead, tears in my eyes.

I've never been in love before.

And I've fallen for a goddess.