Remember Well

"This is for everyone...that I have ever loved...remember well..."


From A&E's "Biography", the week of January 20th, 2031:
A woman who started as a B-movie actress and became a role model for people everywhere. What lead Cordelia Chase from a life of near-obscurity to becoming a cult film icon to her tragic death? Next on "Biography".


"Mama liked orchids," Alexandra Rosenberg-Chase said, pointing at a small arrangement in the case.

"Yeah, but your mom liked calla lilies," Xander said. He pointed at a larger arrangement. "How about we get both? And some nice roses for your sister?"

Alex nodded, picking up the small orchid bundle and a bouquet of pink roses. Xander picked up the lilies, then, after pausing for a moment, also picked up a single white rose. After paying for the flowers, Alex and Xander walked out of the small florist and towards the nearest cemetery.

They walked for a few minutes, then stopped at a series of tombstones. "Good thing we decided to come today," Xander said. "I'd hate to be here on the 28th...the crowd's going to be terrible, from what I hear..."

Alex nodded distractedly, looking down at the three tombstones in front of her, all with the same date, a date that only Alex, Xander, and a few Watchers knew was wrong. Xander handed her the flowers, and stepped back, holding the white rose. "I....I'll be back in a bit. I need to do something..." he said. Alex nodded again and Xander walked off, stopping in front of another tombstone a few rows down.

Alex set the orchids on the grave marked "Cordelia Chase", the lilies on Willow's, and the third on Jenny's. She slowly sat down between her mothers' graves. "Hi Mom and Mama," she said softly. "It's me..." She smiled slightly. "It's a year since I was here...and a lot has happened."

She reached into her jacket and pulled out a sheet of paper. "The Watchers decided it would be a good idea if I dropped out of school for awhile--to make it look like I was in the accident and recuperating, you know? I ought to thank them for that...." She paused. "So after some time, I took the GED, and your daughter graduated a year before everyone else did." She smiled. "Uncle Xan--Dad..." She chuckled. "Xander. Xander told me that it was cool if I took a year off or get myself in order, and I've been spending a lot of time reading, and writing, and thinking..." She looked over at the older man kneeling down beside a grave. "And with his help, I got into Yale." She read off of the paper. "Congratulations, Miss Rosenberg-Chase, you have been accepted to the Yale Drama School." She folded the paper up and stuck it back in her jacket. "I couldn't have gotten there without you, Mama," she said softly, looking at Cordelia's grave.

She laid back on the grass, staring up at the sky. "Xander's been really..." She smiled again. "He's been such a big help. I don't think...I don't think I could have survived without him." She paused, smiling thoughtfully. "We couldn't decide at first if I should still call him 'Uncle Xander' or 'Dad'. I mean, what do you call the man who's your biological father, but you grew up thinking was just a family friend? He came up with the idea of just calling him 'Xander'. 'It was more fitting,' he said. meant a lot to me when he said that...because I didn't want to replace you or Mom. But I really needed a friend." She paused again. "He misses you both," she said quietly. "A lot. And I do too."

She slowly stood up, dusting the grass off of her jeans, then touched the tombstones gently. "I know you're looking out for me...wherever you are." She smiled. "Thanks."

She walked over to where Xander was still kneeling, gently touching him on his shoulder. He looked up, his eyes shining slightly.

"You okay?" she asked quietly, crouching down beside him, her brown eyes so similar to his.

"Yeah.." he said softly. He smiled slightly. "It was right here that your mothers decided to live together..." He rubbed his eyes. "I was surprised. I mean, Willow and Cordelia? Talk about polar opposites in high school...but, after some time, it made sense... They loved each other...and they loved Jenny..." He looked up at Alex. "And they loved you." He sniffled slightly. "I can't believe it's been a year."

Alex patted his back. "I know..." she said in a whisper.

Xander reached over and hugged his daughter tightly. After a minute, the two of them broke apart. Xander looked up at the sky. "We should get'll be dark soon...and I still don't trust this place..."

Alex nodded, standing up. They walked out of the cemetery. After a few minutes, Alex spoke up. "Xander?" she asked.

"Yeah, babe?"

"When we get back to the hotel...can you tell me some more about Mom and Mama in high school?"

Xander smiled. "Of course, Alex."