V-Neck Flannel And Oz's hands

It was a timid knock. So timid, in fact, that Oz almost didn't hear it, even though his house was bitterly silent.

It was more of his wolfy senses that made him realize someone was at the door, and he also realized who it was before he turned the door knob. Xander.

Oz opened the door, taken a little off guard by the dark purple ring around Xander's neck. He could see where it began, because Xander was wearing just a flannel top with a V-Neck. "Damn," Oz said, and moved aside, ushering Xander in, "What happened?"

Xander's hands went to his neck unconsciously, "Oh, well, Faith decided to tenderize my neck a little bit. I-I was just trying to help..."

Oz put a hand on Xander's arm, "Faith did this to you? Faith, the Slayer, Faith?"

"Faith, yes that one, Faith." Xander flinched as his fingers danced over a sensitive spot on his neck, biting down on his lip.

"Here, let me get something to put on it..." Oz left Xander by the front door. "Wait, no, it's okay! I don't need anything, really!" Xander called after him, walking further into the living room.

Oz came back with a small tube in his hand. He grabbed Xander by the arm and placed him down on the couch, sitting next to him. "Why did Faith do this to you?"

Oz reached out, touching Xander's neck softly. Xander shivered, and flinched again as Oz's fingers pressed a bit too hard. Oz pulled his hand away, "Sorry."

"It's okay." Xander sighed, "I went to talk Faith about the whole dead guy do know about the dead guy thing, right?" Xander gave Oz an expectant look, and Oz nodded, "Willow called, and told me."

"Okay, well, I was trying to tell Faith that...that I could be a friend for her. We were trying to reach her, and she totally freaked on me. Threw me on to the bed, straddled me." Xander looked down, then up again, and down just as fast. "Leaving out other details, she started strangling me. Angel came to the rescue, good ol' undead fiend."

"Damn," Oz said again, and held up the tube in his hand, "It's creamy stuff. Creamy stuff with Aspirin. I don't know if it will be any good on a bruise, but it looks like there's a bit of rough, scabbed skin."

"Oh." Xander looked at Oz, "Nobody else has really even said anything about it."

"You're kidding me." Oz touched Xander on the arm again, softly stroking up and down his bicep. Xander shook his head.

Oz situated himself so he was resting on his knees, scuffing his shoes against the cushions of the couch. He urged Xander down by his shoulders, so he had a better position.

Oz took the cap off the cream, and squeezed some into his hand. He slowly began to rub it on to Xander's neck, using only his finger tips.

"That's cold," Xander complained, looking up at Oz. Oz didn't pay any mind to the objections, nor did he see Xander looking up at him. He was paying attention the task at hand. Xander's neck, and to the lesser extent his shoulders...and his chest. They just happened to be in the area.

Oz's fingers continued to dance over Xander's neck, taking more time than necessary to spread the cream over each inch of the scraped bruise.

Xander couldn't help but be quite aware of Oz. Oz touching his neck softly, or Oz's knee against his thigh, or Oz's warm breath streaming down on him from over top. Being so aware of the fellow boy's presence, his touch, led to the responding in Xander's body. It made him shiver again, as he tried to sit up a little more. As he squirmed.

"Stay still." Oz still didn't look away from Xander's neck, for which Xander was quite grateful.

Xander's tender flesh, splayed under his fingers...Oz was immersed. So immersed that he didn't even realize the way his hands were straying from Xander's neck, and moving under Xander's shirt to work on his shoulders.

Xander bit his lip, and stifled the heavy breaths that threatened to push themselves out. "Oz?"

"Yeah? I'm here." Oz continued to rub Xander's shoulders, going into full massage mode.

"Could you not do that?" Xander asked, his question being punctuated by those long held breaths coming out roughly.

Oz's hands stopped moving, but stayed under Xander's shirt, on his shoulders, "Oh, sorry. Did it hurt?"

Xander shook his head vehemently. "I think it felt a bit too good," Xander said, regretting it immeadiatly. How very truthful. Truths hurt.

"Oh." Oz situated himself a bit differently, "Sorry."

Xander shook his head, "It's okay." He smiled for Oz, "Got quite a pair of hands there."

Oz shrugged, "Well, you haven't seen half of their capabilities."

Xander looked away from Oz for a moment, and turned back with a soft, scared face. "I want your hand here," Xander punctuated by putting Oz's hand on his chest, right where the fabric if his shirt dipped down in a soft V. Xander breathed in heavily, and leaned in to kiss Oz on his lips. He trembled a bit too much for the kiss to be phenomenal, but that made it all the more endearing to Oz.

Oz's hands entangled in Xander's hair, and he traced his tongue along the odd shape of Xander's upper lip. The right side arched up higher than the other, so when he smiled it made Oz want to smile, too.

Xander's jaw began to twitch slightly as he felt Oz's hand slide into the neck of Xander's shirt, and caress down his chest. Xander grasped Oz's arm, and pulled away slowly, shaking his head, "I never should have let you put that stuff on my neck. That way leads to madness, and groping palms."

"You put my hand there." Oz licked his lips.

"Yeah!" Xander grabbed Oz's hand, holding it to his chest. "Yeah, I know." He chewed on his lips nervously. "You scare me."

Oz nodded, "I know. You scare me, too."

"Maybe I should leave." Xander sighed.

"Maybe. I don't want you to, though."


"Because I pointed to you today."

Xander gave Oz a confused look, "Huh?"

"Well, when I want an answer, I close my eyes, and I spin, and I hold my hands out. In my room," Oz clicked his tongue unconsciously, "I pointed to your quote."

"Really? Out of all the quotes on your wall, you just happened to point to mine?"

Oz nodded, "It's the truth. I don't tend to believe in odd signs, but I have this unfortunate problem with always believing in you."

"Is that a line?" Xander smiled lamely.

Oz shook his head, "No, I wish it was, 'cause it was pretty slick for me. I'm not really too good at coming up with lines."

Xander smiled again, looking down at the hand on his chest thoughtfully.

Oz pulled his hand away, softly. "How about this," Oz began, scooting to the end of the couch. "I'll keep my hands above my head." Oz leaned his head against the cushiony rest on the couch, and placed his hands above his head. "Like this."

Xander nodded, "Yeah, and I go to the other side of the couch, and gather in to a ball, right?"

Oz shook his head again, and gave Xander an amused half-smile. "You keep your hands at your side, and your head," Oz reached out, and beckoned Xander closer to him, "can go here." Oz urged Xander's head against his chest, as they lay back against the couch.

"Okay. This might work." Xander said, noticing the way Oz's chest moved up and down slowly with breath.

Oz reached out behind him, to a small end-table, picking up a remote. He flipped a few buttons, and Xander heard a CD start.

"What's this?" Xanded leaned in against Oz more.

"It's Live. Just shut up, and we can listen to music, like a couple of normal teenage guys."

"Yeah, this is normal." Xander smirked.




"Oh. Okay, I'll be quie..."