Faith, Hope & Trick

New Slayer, new boyfriend, and new enemy. Of course the Mystical Monkeys, Mojo & Jojo, have their fun!

Mojo was on the school board and insisted that Snyder let Buffy back in school.
Mojo told Giles to use that "spell" in order to find out what happened with Buffy.
Mojo prodded Oz to make sure that the Slayers were all cool with that whole werewolf thing.
Mojo put that giant wooden beam right near Faith so that she could uber-stake Kakistos. Mojo stuck a copy of Accepting Your Slayer Child on Joyce's nightstand.
Mojo gave Faith the bus ticket to Sunnydale and the address of the Bronze.
Mojo gave Buffy crib sheets for her tests.
Mojo prodded Buffy to finally tell what happened in the mansion (it's good not to angst). Mojo is running the Buster Keaton festival just so Buffy could go out on a "normal" date.

Now, everyone asks me, "Kate, what drugs are you on?" They also ask me "Is Faith Mojo's or Jojo's?" And I answer "Caffeine and crack" and then "She's neither." Why neither? Because Faith is both a badass (a Jojo-related personality) and a Slayer (a Mojo-related job). So she's just Faith. No monkey connected with her.

Trick, on the other hand, is an old friend of our favorite Mystical Monkey for Evil, Jojo. They used to hang back in the day, and after Kakistos met with a wooden beam, Trick decided to hang around to help Jojo work his Mystical Monkey Powers for Evil.

JOJO! Jojo's the one who told Willow that setting Buffy up with Scott Hope was a very good thing, and the pushier, the better.
Jojo pushed the fast food boy out of the window so Trick could have some drive-thru.
Jojo is not just the monkey of evil, he's the monkey of tackiness, hence Faith's black "breast fringe" shirt.
Jojo, unfortunately, makes Mr. Trick keep repeating the phrase "big picture".
Jojo runs the ISP that Trick is so damn fond of (
Jojo was the one who taught Willow what that root and virgin saliva mixed together do.
Jojo "misplaced" Giles' Watcher Retreat invitation.
Jojo told Scott that a claddagh ring would be a good gift for Buffy.
Jojo stripped Angel, covered him in hair gel, and dumped him on the floor, just to make thousands of Buffy fans wince in pain.

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