Overheard in the Ambassadorial Wing

created by Jon and written by Jen

"Have you seen Delenn?"
"Oh-- Delenn? I . . . uh, passed her down in Grey Sector. She was way down there, in the far corner of the station. Way, way, way down there."
"Oh. Okay. Thanks, Lennier."
[in Minbari] "Lennier, who is it?"
[in Minbari] "No one. Sheridan."
[in Minbari] "Oh. Come back inside. We have a few more rituals to complete."
"Hey-- is that sweat on you-- wait a second, that IS sweat--"
"Captain, please, I must go."
"Hey, I KNOW that sweat! Who's in there!"
"Captain . . . . " [long-suffering sigh]
"Who is it! Is it that cute Minbari Ambassador? Tell me all about it! I want to know every single sickening detail!"
[sound of a door closing]
"OUCH! GODDAMNIT! Lennier!" [sound of footsteps] "What are YOU looking at?"