History of Delenn Deserves Better!

Why was this group started? What led them on their mission?

It began with a young girl's fascination with all things Babylon 5. She would watch episodes, over and over again, until she knew all there was to know about Babylon 5. Then, while sitting through a glut of third season episodes, she realized something.
In the first and second seasons, Delenn was a strong woman. She had a backbone, willing to stand up against anything. Her relationship with John Sheridan also showed her backbone, especially in the episode "Confessions and Lamentations", where Delenn does what she feels is right, despite Sheridan's protests. Delenn also showed her backbone and her utter coolness in "Severed Dreams", saving Sheridan from certain doom just in the nick of time.
But after that, Delenn changed. Maybe it was Sheridan telling her that he loved her, maybe it was the knife in the back she took for him. She became a stereotype, clingy, nagging, with no ideas of her own, only what John had planned.
The Delenn this girl knew and loved was gone. And this girl was determined to get her back, one way or another. She began writing fan fiction, and soon developed The Delenn Deserves Better Manifesto. The girl had a new goal in life, a crusade all her own--Delenn Deserves Better.
Soon, other people joined this crusade, writing fan-fiction, planning, continuing the fight. This website was created as a way to spread their message across the galaxy--the message of a strong feminist character--of Delenn Deserves Better!!