a "Delenn Deserves Better" story
by Kate Bolin

Delenn looked out onto her world. It was still beautiful, but, in her red-rimmed eyes, it had a bleakness to it, filled with dead crystals, unliving objects, and waiting pain. She continued to look out onto the view, wondering what she would do now, now that John had died fighting Clark, now that almost everyone she held dear was either dead or facing death. Where would she go from here?
She felt a presence beside her. "Yes?" she asked, her voice still hoarse from her screams.
"I had been wondering if you were ever going to look out at our world again, Delenn," said a deep voice. Delenn turned. There stood Neroon, his usual smug face oddly serious.
Delenn turned back to the window. "I wanted to see it for one last time, Neroon. Before..."
He frowned at her. "Before what, Delenn?"
"Before I meet with John in the light."
He grabbed her shoulders roughly. "Delenn!" he said to her. "You cannot end your life for him! You cannot leave us this way!"
"Why not?" she asked, her voice eerily soft. She turned to Neroon. "I have no reason to stay. Everyone I cared for, everyone who cared for me is gone."
Neroon looked at her. She had been fasting since she got word of the deaths. Her body was wasted, her skin pulled tight against her skull. And yet, she still glowed with that illuminating beauty he had seen ever since they were children. "Delenn," he said, his voice low. "Not everyone who cares for you is gone."
Her eyes widened. "Neroon?" she said softly. "Why did you not tell me earlier?"
"You were destined, Delenn. You had prophecy to fufill. And the prophecy didn't include me."
She held out her hand. "Neroon..." she said quietly.
He took her hand, so fragile, so delicate. She turned back to the window to watch the sun set over the crystal mountain range. The glow of the fading sunlight on Delenn's face was exquisite. He caressed her cheek, softer than he had imagined. She turned to him, her eyes shining with tears.
"I....." she lost her voice for a second. "I will stay, Neroon."
Neroon smiled and kissed her. Delenn returned the kiss, then turned back to the sunset. Neroon wrapped an arm around her shoulders and held her, wishing that the moment would never end.