A Voice of Reason
An email from Matt Vandover

This person doesn't necessarily agree with DDB, but the email is polite, thought-out, and, heck, it's just a nice way of saying "I don't agree." I wish more people would do this.

From em960708@moses.gcc.edu Mon Apr 20 12:26:10 1998
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 22:12:45 -0400
From: Matt Vandover 
Subject: Delenn/John

I do not know if you will post this, but here it goes.  I 
believe you are wrong.  I think that Delenn and John are a
perfect match.  She definitely does thinking of her own after
Confessions and Lamentations.

She does keep her backbone, she broke the Grey Council, nearly
took on the entire League of NonAligned Worlds over whether or
not to attack Z'ha'dum, and remade the Grey Council.  I believe
you are being unfair to John in the way you treat him.
I respect that you may have different opinons, but I thought I
would let you know my thoughts.

Oh, BTW, I believe that the people who think John is too good for
Delenn should shut up.  Your reasons are riduculous.  She saw her
leader and mentor killed for no reason and she reacted in rage.
You can't see that, and I have no idea why not.  Geez...you guys
are even worse than this site in my opinon.

Matt Vandover