Sheridan Deserves Better
An email from Amit Reif

Another early Sunday morning email. This is directly quoted, so any errors, spelling or otherwise, are the direct work of the writer.

From Sun May 31 10:00:22 1998
Date: Sun, 31 May 1998 14:41:14 +0300
From: amit reif
Subject: Sheridan deserves better!

Well, after reading your... interesting site, I have to admit: some
people see the world (and B5) completely different from me. Let me just
voice a little of the nausea which gripped me whilst reading:
First, a srtong charachter? DELENN? Are we speaking of the same rat
faced, whiny, annoying, coward woman who appears every week on our
screens with that intolerable accent of hers? Apparently yes.
However, Delenn is not strong. She WISHES she was strong, and she tries
making other people believe that as well. One of her victims is John
Sheridan, another is you, it seems.
The simple fact is, the first time the charachters faced a Shadow Vessel
("Matters of Honor") it was all Delenn could do not to pee in her robes.
Check the episode yourself if you don't believe me. Further more, she
tried every ruse she could think of to make Sheridan afraid as well,
first by telling him that NOTHING can hurt those ships, then
discouraging him by telling him to seek help, that they're not ready.
Now what kind of a leader is that? Maybe Sebastian was wrong after
Never once have I seen Delenn commanding a ship or a fleet in any
battle, except in "Severed Dreams" and that was with a shitload of
Minbari Cruisers backing her against obviously inferior Earth ships, or
in the Drakh case, in which she was more tricked into, then risked all
of her White Stars and crews to accomplish a mission which gained
nothing but her sense of revenge.
Delenn always CRIES. As simple as that. If you want a strong female
charchter just look at Ivanova, which has more (pardon my French) balls
than Delenn could ever hope for. Every time Sheridan is in danger, she
howls the typical "JOOOOHHHHN." She seems obssessed with pointless
rituals and took her sweet time herding Sheridan for almost 2 years
before she let anything happen between them. Not to mention flat out
LYING to him about his wife which was still alive. Obviously she didn't
trust his love for her and with bloody good reasons. 
As for Lennier... well, she was leading him with a leash for years over
years, rudely ignoring his obvious love for her and using it as a way to
keep him in check.
Sheridan, on the other hand, except for his blind spot wherever Delenn
is concerned, is a completely normal and good person. Yes, he's being
turned into a messiah, but that was NOT by his intentions or his liking.
As a matter of fact, whenever I think of that occurence, it reminds me
of the movie "Life of Brian" in which a perfecly normal man is being
elevated to godhood because of the society's needs.
I remind you that Sheridan sacrifised his LIFE in Z'Ha'Dum, long before
any of that "deifying" nonsense ever happend. Do you think he did it to
be remembered as a god??? He had no intesion of ever coming back.
And about "Starkiller"... yes, Sheridan destroyed the Black Star
dishonorably. Tough. That was a war, and people sometimes die in wars.
That's the nature of the beast. As for the "sneaky" way he did it, well
war isn't honorable, and the Minbari used every unfair advantage they
could get, so why is Sheridan's plan wrong?
Given the same opportunity, I'd have done the same thing, as well as
99.9999999999% of every other Human being. Perhaps you are just too
sactimonious to see the truth.
One last thing: please take off that "You are convert No." inscription
from your visitor counter. I have no intention of ever becoming a
convert of your stupid, infatile and rediculous site.
Ido Reif.