Basic Statistics on Delenn

Taken from Universe Today, Vol. 5, Issue 4


Served over 20 years as one of the nine Minbari Satai in the grey Council
Witnessed death of Minbari leader Dukhat in 2247, which precipitated the Earth-Minbari War
Participant in the Battle of the Line
Assigned by Minbari Federation in 2257 as ambassador to Babylon 5
Despite being named by Dukhat to be his sucessor, in 2258 Delenn turned down an offer to lead the Grey Council so that she could continue her role in a prophecy
Disobeying orders from the Grey Council, Delenn used a Triluminary to transform herself into a Minbari-Human hybrid
The grey Council expelled her in 2259 for going against their orders
In 2260 returned to the grey Council in an attempt to get their support in the war against the Shadows, in the process causing a rift between the castes that lead to the dissolution of the council
Formed a bond with babylon 5's Captain John Sheridan, proving that they are willing to die for each other
Currently has equal authority of Rangers with Sheridan in Euphrates sector
Mother joined the Sisters of Valeria shortly after Delenn's birth
Raised as a member of the Religious Caste
Father died heartbroken over Delenn's involvement in Earth-Minbari war
Favorite food: Flarn
Prior to a planned ground attack on Earth during the Battle of the Line, Delenn had suggested that the Minbari capture a Starfurt and bring the pilot on board, hoping to learn more about Earth's defenses. While scanning the pilot it was realized that the human might possess a reincarnated Minbari soul. Believing that the humans were the race referred to by Valen in an important prophesy, she supported the decision to surrender.
The Minbari helped fund the construction of Babylon 5 under the condition that the pilot, Commander Jeffrey Sinclair, would be put in charge of the Earth Alliance station. Delenn was assigned to Babylon 5 to determine if humans were indeed that prophesied race, and to keep a watchful eye on Sinclair, in case he remembered his 24 hours of interrogation aboard the Minbari cruiser.
In a search to find a reason why the souls were making an exodus, Delenn entered the chrysalis, hoping to form a bridge between the races, a bridge that was also necessary in the upcoming war with the Shadows. Unfortauntely her transformation caused both Minbari and humans to consider her a freak.
In 2259 Sinclair had been reassigned to Minbar as an ambassador and reformed the Army of Light, giving Delenn the responsibility of the Rangers operating near Babylon 5. Following Sinclair's departure into the past aboard Babylon 4, she became his successor. Her position as Entil'zha was opposed by the military caste.
When Delenn pleaded with the Grey Council to join the fight against the Shadows, the caste became divided and eventually dissolved, causing a civil war between the castes.

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