The Right ONE

by Anne Green

The year is 2262. The place: Babylon 4. Xena, the immortal ancient Greek Goddess and warrior, finds herself drifting back into real time aboard Babylon 4. Her only companion aboard the immense vessel of Babylon 4 is a strange alien named Zathras. Although he is annoying and frequently incoherent, Xena has successfully coerced him to re-program the time stabilizers so that a great injustice of the Universe can be corrected. First, some backstory is necessary...
As the story has been told, in the year 2260, Jeffrey Sinclair and Zathras traveled back in time 1000 years aboard Babylon 4 in order to conquer the forces of darkness. What has been left out is that once they arrived in the year 1160, they immediately realized that, even with the Babylon 4 station at their disposal, they were badly outnumbered and underpowered. They decide to travel back in time much, much further, to secure the assistance of the greatest warrior of all time... the legendary Xena, Warrior Princess.
At the time they meet, Xena is in mourning over the loss of her mortal companion and true love, Gabrielle. Gabrielle's dying words to Xena had been: "We will meet again, in a little while, in the place where no Shadows fall." Xena wanted nothing more than to be reunited with the soul that had inhabited the body of her friend Gabrielle. So (cutting a long story short), Xena joins Sinclair (now Valen) and Zathras in their return journey to the year 1160. Xena realizes that these "Shadows" must be defeated in order for her to be reunited with the soul of her love. With amazing strength, efficiency, and wit, Xena takes on the Shadows, and with a little help from Valen and some new Minbari friends, they thoroughly kick the collective ass of the Shadows so hard that they scatter their ships all over the galaxy and bury themselves in a state of hibernation for another 1000 years.
After getting rid of the Shadows, Xena quests for the soul of her love. "Zathras, you must help me reunite with the soul of my love, the only One for me."
"Very bad. Zathras has made terrible mistake. Terrible mistake in past of Zathras, but now future of Zathras. Zathras speak to Sinclair, Delenn, and Sheridan. Zathras say 'you are the One who was, you are the One who is, you are the One who will be.' Tssk tssk. Zathras say, maybe two out of three not bad. But Zathras now is realizing mistake."
"You'd better start making some sense real soon, little man, or I'm going to have to whip some sense into you," Xena threatened.
"Listen to poor Zathras. YOU are the One who will be. Sheridan NOT the One. Zathras make terrible mistake. Soul of the 'One who is' is the same as the One you love. You and Zathras must become unstuck in time and return to future and warn the One who is."
"Holy smokes! What you're saying is that the One who is, Delenn you call her, thinks that some schmuck named Sheridan is the One who will be, whatever the hell that means? She might have done something really irrational like, say, marry him, all because of your mistake!"
"Is very bad, but Zathras will fix. Zathras good at fixing."
"Just put me in the right time, and I'll take care of everything else," said Xena confidently.
With the Shadow war over and done with, Valen and the other Minbari relocated to Minbar and left Xena and Zathras alone to return 1000 years into the future aboard Babylon 4. While Zathras worked to become unstuck in time, Xena prepared herself by assembling a wide assortment of catapults, boomerangs, spears, and large rocks in defensive arrays in the docking bays of the station.
Meanwhile, back on Babylon 5, Delenn had been growing more and more miserable in her relationship with Sheridan. In the course of just a few days, she has had to say goodbye to her loyal aide, friend, and lover-in-waiting, Lennier, and then found out that hubby Sheridan failed to mention that he and the new captain had intimate knowledge of each other. Pig, scum, infidel!!!
It was becoming crystal clear to Delenn that somewhere, sometime, a terrible mistake had occurred. She vowed that never again would she utter the words "Oh, John". But her faith in the wisdom of the Universe was not shaken. She knew that somehow, someway, her true destiny would be revealed to her, and then she would fulfill it. In the meantime, she found herself diligently practicing and perfecting her Minbari fighting pike skills. For some inexplicable reason, she was drawn to the pike, as though it was a skill that was known to her since the beginning of time. It was a source of great comfort and strength in these uncertain times, and she found it especially therapeutic to imagine John's face on the receiving end of her pikal thrusts.
Luckily, Delenn didn't have long to wait to realize her true destiny. To the amazement and shock of the inhabitants of Babylon 5, Babylon 4 became unstuck in time in the year 2262. The shocking images were picked up by the sensors and received in the B5 C&C. Two life forms were detected. But Delenn didn't require any artificial sensors to realize something extraordinary was about to happen. Every molecule of her 'starstuff' body was signaling her, summoning her to Babylon 4.
Sheridan assembled a security team and began making preparations to join them in a shuttle transport to Babylon 4. "Delenn, you have to stay here. This is too dangerous for you. But of course, I'm going, if just so that you'll have something to worry about needlessly."
Delenn didn't argue with him. Instead, she let him depart, and twenty minutes later she boarded her Minbari transport and piloted it toward B4.
Sheridan and his security team were met with no resistance as they piloted their transport into B4's main docking bay. It was as though the place was totally deserted, though their sensors told them otherwise. They cautiously exited the transport and made their way out of the docking bay, PPG's drawn and ready to fire. Suddenly, a loud Amazon-woman trill was heard and all hell broke loose. Seeming to come out of nowhere, lots and lots of rocks came catapulting down on the security team from all directions, followed by a series of spears, arrows, and boomerangs. Next, Xena flipped through the air, landing on the heads of the remaining security force, squeezing their faces between her powerful thighs and knocking them out cold. Finally, she came to Sheridan.
"All right, macho man, I'm Xena, and I'm here to correct a big mistake. You are NOT the One who will be. From this day on, that's ME. You thought Kosh and Lorien taught you everything you need to know. Well, you were wrong. You never learned the most important lesson of all: WOMAN is all powerful! You are a measly man who has taken women for granted for much too long. But now, Zathras will transport you back to my original time, where you will live out the rest of your days as a slave to the Amazon women warriors. They will teach you the most important lessons of the universe, and will keep you supplied with an ample quantity of oranges."
"But I don't want to go. The oranges sound nice, but I'm president of the galaxy, for chrissakes. You can't do this!"
Just then, Sheridan heard the unmistakable 'swoosh' of a Minbari fighting pike opening behind him. Before he could turn around, Delenn whacked him upside the head. As he slumped to the floor, Delenn met the gaze of Xena's steely blue eyes. Her path had never been more clear. The Universe had not let her down.
"Oh, Delenn ..."
"Oh, Xena ..."
As the Minbari transport departed the station, and Babylon 4 faded out for the last time, the two became entwined in a timeless, passionate, long-overdue embrace. For the rest of their long lives, Delenn and Xena traveled the galaxy together, doing good, fighting for the weak and powerless, in search of the truths of the universe. The one truth that was always present between them was the power of their love and their shared destiny together.

The End.

Disclaimer: Xena is copyrighted property of Universal Studios. Babylon 5 and characters are property of Babylonian Productions and Warner Brothers.