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"So, Cola asked me to move in with him/"

The two women facing Gothic froze, twin expressions of trepidation on their faces.

"Well, that's...nice." Champagne said finally.

"I'm not really sure what to do about it."

"Oh." Champagne's gaze flickered to Flaxen and she put a warning hand on Gothic's arm. "I'm not sure that...we're the best people to ask about such things."

Gothic nodded and looked apologetic. "I know, but I don't know who to ask, because most of my friends know him."

Flaxen cleared her throat and gave Gothic a Botox enhanced smile. "Gothic, love, you know I have issues about your dating your friend, but I...are you in love with him?" She stumbled slightly over the pronoun.

"You could just pretend he's a girl."

Flaxen shook her head. "No, because then I would have to insist that you got married to her before you moved in together. I still am disappointed that you lived with Misty for so long. Really, Gothic."
She waved her hand dismissively when he began to protest. "That's neither here nor there. It's not like I have no experience with this sort of thing, everyone knows that Natural Red likes his stableboys young and pretty for a reason..."

"Mother!" Champagne sniffed delicately. "Mrs. Natural Red happens to be on the art museum charity I'm chairing."

"Like there's anything natural about her..." Gothic chipped in and they all laughed nastily, bonded momentarily in patrican glee.

"Hmm, very true. However, going back to the subject at hand. Gothic, you surely know that your father can't find out about this...affair. Moving in with your friend would make it that much harder to keep it a secret. People will notice, Gothic, some of our friends live in the same apartment building as you."

"It's not an affair," he said earnestly. "You two have met him, you saw what he was like. I'm in love with him."

Flaxen made a small, heartbroken noise and looked down at the table. "Oh. Oh. I...He is a nice young man. Even I could see that, even with the way I feel about you and this."

"I told you, Gothic, I told you and you didn't listen," his sister said fiercely. "I told you it would break Mother's heart."

I knida like this. Flaxen understands Champagne, she grew up the way Flaxen raised her. Gothic hasn't at all. He has the photography thing, and the bi thing, and she can't make sense of him. He's her baby boy. It's why she can be so emotional about this and so cold about gothic's dad's affair and lovechild. She doesn't care as much, and she stopped caring a long time ago. Her mother had the same arrangement with her father, and so on and so on.

Katie Vieceli/6/25/2002 01:21:53 AM/

Added a new episode up today. We keep on taking our time with the stories, but we're definitely working on them -- you better believe that.

Kate /6/24/2002 06:23:05 AM/

Cola pursed his lips amd sighed. Gothic tsked under his breath as he walked up to him. "I told you not to drink so much last night. Now you have a headache right?"

"It's not a hangover, though I kinda wish it was." He held up the letter he had been reading. "It's from the people at Barrett-Frost. They saw the Vogue article, and I think they may have heard about Neiman's. They're saying I can't design under my own name while I'm designing their line. Apparently there's some sort of exclusivity clause in my contract."

Gothic skimmed the letter and frowned. "It looks official. I could have one of my family's lawyers look at it to make sure..."

"No, it's legitimate." Cola took back the letter. "I sorta knew about it, but all the stuff I've done on my own up till now has been so amateur that they just overlooked it." He sighed again. "Luckily, the advance from Neiman's will take care of my rent for a couple months. But it might be tight for a while."

"So you're going to risk it, then?" He smiled and kissed Cola lightly. "Good, cause I know you can do it." He walked over to the fridge and pulled out a carton of orange juice, then wandered over to the cabinets to look for a glass.

Cola stood up and followed his boyfriend into the kitchen, where he leaned against a counter. "Y' know, if I was only paying half my rent, I would have to worry a lot less..."

"Huh?" Gothic stopped with his hand on the cabinet door's handle. "Are you asking me to live with you?"

"Yeah. But only so I can save money. Oh, and the sex." He leered at Gothic. "The rent for your place has to be sky-high, I bet, too. And I have a darkroom, and it's closer to work..."

Gothic laughed and help up his hands. "All right, all right. I'll think about it."

Katie Vieceli/5/27/2002 09:39:53 PM/

Fixed the archiving problem with this blog.

Question for y'all -- if you were a particular hair dye, what color would you be?

Kate /4/29/2002 09:01:42 AM/#/

Changed around some of the look, fixed some stuff. And added comments! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Kate /4/27/2002 01:49:10 PM/#

Added a new episode after something of a long break. But we're back, baby, we're back!

Kate /4/24/2002 05:07:27 AM/#

Rose swung her backpack up on her shoulder and slid out of the passenger seat. "Thanks for the ride, Copper."

"No problem. Um, do you need a ride home?" Copper blinked at her little sister, and Rose wondered exactly why she looked so confused all the time.

"Nah, Cherry'll drop me.." She closed the door behind her with a thud and looked around the student parking lot as Copper drove off. She sighed at the thought of another school day and started her way towards the entrance.

Poppy looked up from her perch on one of the school benches, giving Rose's legs a onceover in her short blue skirt. "Damn, but that's nice..."

Mango frowned at her. "Stop staring at Cherry's girlfriend. She's taken, hello?"

"Doesn't mean I can't look.." Poppy stuck her tongue out at her best friend.

Blissfuly unaware of the conversation taking place, Rose continued on her way, her face brightening when she saw Cherry pulling up in her car. Cherry turned sharply into a place right by the door, then turned the car off, opening her door while she continued to gather her things from the front seat.

"Hey!" Rose said brightly, as she leaned her elbow on the hood of the car. "you're early, as opposed to late as usual."

"Who me?" Cherry said absentmindedly. "I'm never late."

Rose wrinkled her nose. "You're late all the time, Cherry. Mr. Jackson is gonna kill you one of these days." She smiled, "Anyway, now that you're here I can show you something." She grabbed Cherry's hand and started pulling her towards the school. "C'mon..."

:All right, all right, I'm coming...," her voice was annoyed, but the smile on Cherry's face when she looked down at their joined hands was the sweetest smile you could imagine.

Katie Vieceli/2/13/2002 11:37:59 PM/#

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