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Misty watched the two men necking at the end of the bar for a minute, then finished her drink. "Are all the men in this town gay?" She sighed.

Blondy looked at her. "We do live in the heart of the fashion district, darling."

"I know, I know. It's just that sometimes I feel like I got the only straight man around here." Blondy snerked. "What was that for?"

"Oh, G's really straight."

Misty quirked an eyebrow. "What's that supposed to mean?"

Blondy leaned over the bar, his face held carefully bland. "Before he started dating you, he used to hang out at Club 44." He paused. "It's a big leather daddy bar across town. I heard he was very in demand as a bottom."

"Fuck you, Blondy." Misty gathered her stuff and stalked off, pushing people out of her way as she exited the bar.

"Misty!" She turned around, finally catching sight of Cola, who was just coming into the bar with his friend Spice.


"What's up, Cola baby?" she asked, switching into her model voice.

"Remember that we have a five thirty a.m. call tomorrow. And, did Gothic get his camera fixed?"

"His dad bought him a new one." She smiled. "We'll be there." Turning again, she left.

Spice rolled her eyes. " His dad bought him a new one? He's so the spoiled brat."

Cola shook his head. "No, she means he bought it with his trust fund money."

"And that makes him less of a spoiled brat how?" Spice shook her head and got them a table. "Anyway, we said we weren't gonna talk about him tonight."

"Yeah, yeah, I know." His brow furrowed. "It's just that...seeing her....knowing she's going home to him." He trailed off. "Yeah, we shouldn't talk about him tonight."

" I'm going to get us some drinks. Your usual?" He nodded and she scooted her chair backwards. Coming up to the bar, she flashed Blondy a smile and ordered.

"How is he?" Blondy asked.

"Mopey. Apparently, Gothic was all touchy feely today and then nothing, you know? Got Cola's hopes up and nothing."

Blondy plunked the drinks down on the bar and grimaced. "Poor baby. He so needs to get over that boy, though."

"I know. That's why we're here tonight." She turned around and looked back at her red-brown haired friend. "I don't think it's working."

"Tell you what." Blondy ran his fingers through his bleached hair. "I'll come over and talk when I get off my shift."




"So, did you make sure that the cooks were wearing the new uniforms?"

"Hmm?" Copper looked up from one of her recipes into the slightly annoyed face of her lover, Ruby.

"The new uniforms, Co, did you make sure all the cooks were wearing them at the party?" Ruby sat down at the table, brushing her hair into shape.

" I can't remember." Copper smiled and went back to reading her recipe, only to have it snatched out from under her. "Hey!"

"I know, I'll give it right back, I promise. But, baby, you have to remember these things. You can have the best product in the world, but if people don't know who you are, you'll still flop." She handed back the recipe. "Now, are you ready to go out tonight?"

Copper nodded. "Yeah, I just have to..ummm...put on some lipstick and I'm ready."

"Ok, first we have the party at Aloe's, and then we have to meet with some investors for drinks...I tried to get them to go to The Dye Bar, but they wanted to go somewhere "poshy", whatever that means, so we're going to Les Rouge--are you listening to me?"

"Um, yeah. Les...drinks?" Copper smiled sheepishly. "It's just that this mint/lemon combination is so intriguing."




Gothic looked up from polishing his lenses as the door opened. "That you, Misty?"

"Who else would it be?" Misty closed the door behind, delicately setting down her bag with one manicured hand.

"Well, no one, but it never hurts to ask." He came around the divider, closing his eyes and leaning in for a kiss. Misty made a face, then walked around him. "What was that for?"

"Nothing. I'm tired." Misty walked into the kitchen, opening the refrigerator. She grabbed a bottle of water and took a small sip, coolly surveying Gothic over the rim. "What did you today?"

"Oh, I just went over some prints with Cola, and then I went to lunch with Mother and Father. They're leaving for Europe this weekend." He set down the lens he had been cleaning.
"How was Cola? I saw him for a minute."

Gothic shrugged. "He was fine. The usual." He smiled. "I'm not really interested in Cola. I'm more interested," he moved around to pin her to the side of the counter, putting his arms around her, "in you." With a self-confident grin on his face, he lowered his mouth and nibbled on her neck.

"Jesus, Gothic, I said I was tired." Misty pushed him away and stormed into the bedroom.




Blondy wandered over to Cola's and Spice's table, his concerned eyes taking in Cola's slumped form. Spice caught his glance and mouthed, "He's bad."

Blondy sat down and put a reassuring hand on Cola's back, causing the wistful looking young man to sit up straighter. "What's up, babe?" Blondy asked.

"He was so nice to me today. All 'let me help you with this outfit', all 'does your back hurt?' 'want me to rub it?'" He groaned and slugged back the rest of his drink. "And then Misty comes in and they're practically jumping each other right there! Aaaargh!"

Spice rolled her eyes. "He's been like this for hours. We were supposed to go to Strawberry's to dance later, but..." She sighed. "I hate seeing him like this. Gothic is such a prick."


Just then, Red walked by. She stopped when she saw Blondy. "Blondy, "she said with gentle tolerance, "get your ass back to the bar."

Lifting his hands in mock surrender, Blondy protested. "I'm off duty, Red. Dark's taken over."

Red glanced over at the bar, where she saw the chesty redhead flirting with a customer as she refilled his drink. "I guess I lost track of time." Glancing at Cola, she asked, "What's his problem?" Before anyone could respond, she added, "It's Gothic again, isn't it? Poor guy." At the mention of Gothic, Cola buried his face in his hands. "Blondy, why don't you take him home?" She winked at him.

"Yes, ma'am."

"Spice, I'll give you a ride home, OK?" Red smiled at the table again and walked back to her office.

"C'mon, Cola." Blondy pulled his friend up out of the chair, supporting him with one arm as they staggered towards the door. Once outside, Cola nuzzled up against Blondy's neck. Blondy smiled and turned his head, letting his lips brush against Cola's forehead. Cola tilted his head up as Blondy's lips trailed over the other man's eyebrow and lid, brushing over his cheek until their lips met.

Cola let out a small moan, pressing himself up against Blondy. One of his hands wrapped around Blondy's neck, pulling his face closer. "Mmmm," Blondy sighed as he pulled back. "You taste good. Amaretto sours?"

Cola nodded and pulled him back for another kiss, grinding his hips against Blondy's groin. Finally, Blondy pushed him away. Cola made a sound of protest, but Blondy shushed him. "C'mon. Get in the car. I'll take you home and you can put that mouth to even better use."




Copper stumbled into the apartment, supported by Ruby. She giggled hysterically, lurching around until she finally collapsed onto the couch. Ruby sighed and walked over to the answering machine. Pressing the button, she cringed when she heard the voice that began to speak.

"Copper, this is your sister, Rose.
Mom wants to know if you're coming to the reunion next weekend."
There was a brief pause.
"And if you do, could you not bring her? For my sake? Well, anyway, call whenever.
Love ya. You're in my prayers."


"What a bitch," Ruby muttered under her breath. Then, loudly, "Copper, did you get that?"

Copper lolled her head on the back of the sofa, babbling quietly to herself. "And the wine was so good, Ruby, a nice dry white wine, and I didn't make too bad of an impression on the investors, did I? No, no, you mostly talked, and I walked pretty steady out of the restaurant, didn't I?"

"Copper, did you...oh, never mind." Ruby dropped down next to her. "You did fine with the investors. Although, I don't think they appreciated the little nicknames you gave them."

"But they were so darling cute." Copper laughed, then pouted at the stern look on Ruby's face. "I was bad," she said sheepishly, running one hand up Ruby's leg. "I should apologize."

"Oh, now you want to..." Ruby leaned forward and drew Copper to her, dropping small, sweet kisses on her lower lip.

Copper smiled and wrapped her arms around Ruby, knowing she was about to be forgiven.