the pearl

Summer Boredom

"So how was your summer?"
"Oh it was okay."
"Is Xander around?"
"Oh yeah..somewhere."
"He didn't meet anyone over the summer, did he? No, who is he going to meet in Sunnydale?"
Cordelia and Willow, "Anne"

Willow, Oz, and Xander lounged in the basement of Xander's house, staring dully at the TV. Xander was in the armchair. Willow was lying on the couch, Oz sitting at her feet.

Xander clicked the remote, flipping through the over-70 channels at lightning speed, not stopping on a single station.

Willow looked up at him, her face twisted in annoyance. "Do you mind?"

Xander looked up suddenly , surprised. "What?" He fidgeted in his armchair.

Willow looked at him in disbelief. "Do you mind?"

Xander looked down at the remote, realizing what he was doing. "Oh...uh...was I annoying you?"

Willow glared at him in silence.

Oz looked up at him. "Yeah, it's ruining my concentration," he said quietly before he threw another toothpick towards a small target. It fell two feet from the mark. "Huh," he said, frowning.

Xander sighed, flipping the TV onto Cartoon Network and tossing the remote on the coffee table. "I'm sorry....I'm just so...I can't help but..."

"Drive us crazy?"

Xander gave a mock glare at Willow. "Thanks." He sighed again. "I guess I'm just... restless."

Oz flicked another toothpick. "You think?"

Willow frowned. "But...I got you that Internet account. I set it all up for you. I even found you a few free porn sites to bookmark..." She paused for a second. "Isn't that enough to take care of your....restlessness?"

Xander frowned. "Willow...the Internet is great for the everyday, but late nights, the soft feeling of Cordelia's body is a little more interesting than a cold monitor and a mouse click."

Oz flicked another toothpick towards his target. "Are you going to be like this until she comes back from Mexico? 'Cause I'm thinking I'd like to be elsewhere."

Willow nudged Oz with her foot. "Oz, be nice to him....he's under a lot of pressure..."

Xander mock-glared at the couple. "Ha ha, you two. Easy for you to make jokes. I know Willow doesn't go back to her house for at least an hour after our patrols. And I'm just sure there's a big comfy mattress in the back of that van."

Willow and Oz looked at each other with an odd look on their faces, then turned back to Xander. "You're going to be like this until you get some, aren't you?" Willow said.

Xander gave her a look. "Gee, Willow....what do you think?"

Willow and Oz gave each other that same odd look, then, before Xander could react, they had moved from the couch to sitting on the arm rests of Xander's armchair, leaning in close to him, pressing their bodies against him. "Uh....guys?" Xander asked quietly.

"Shut up, Xander," Oz purred into his right ear.

"We're going to get rid of that tension..." Willow whispered into his left.

"Oh.....okay...." Xander's head was swimming. He felt a soft nibble on his left ear, and even softer lips kissing down the left side of his neck. After two months of no physical contact aside from the occasional vampire fight and Mr. Hand, he was hardly in a state to protest the wonderful sensations he was feeling.

Willow caught Oz's eye and glanced down towards Xander's lap before looking back at Oz with a conspiratorial gleam. Oz grinned back and slowly made his way downwards, kissing and licking the skin slowly being revealed by Willow's hand removing Xander's clothing. Oz's fingers skittered their way down to Xander's now-bare chest, flicking his nipples.

Xander gave a muffled groan, his mouth currently involved in kissing Willow. He broke away as he felt Oz's hands on his belt buckle. "Will...God...I...Are you sure? Me and you and Oz?" he asked raggedly.

Willow grinned. "Can you think of a better way to make you shut up?" she asked teasingly, a single finger sliding over his lips. She pulled him back in for a long kiss, supporting Xander's head as Oz unzipped his jeans and pulled out his hard cock.

Oz lightly ran his fingers over Xander's cock, feeling how close Xander was. He slid his hand over it, not even touching it, just letting the sensation of the heat and closeness of his hand drive Xander insane. "He's close, baby," Oz said quietly.

Willow gave Xander a final rough kiss, then made her way down the left side of his body, stopping to suck at his nipple before joining her boyfriend between her best friend's legs.

Xander's head fell back against the armchair, a loud moan escaping his lips as the couple worked in tandem on his cock. The sensation of two tongues, two mouths, four hands was just too much. His hips pushed forward, instinctively looking for an opening to thrust into. He could have sworn that it was Willow who finally took the head of his cock into her mouth, but when he opened his eyes, he saw the short-cropped red and orange hair of Oz's head between his legs. He whimpered, wondering where his Willow had gone.

Willow stepped into his field of vision, pulling her shirt off of her. Xander's eyes widened at the sight of her perfectly delicate pale breasts, the iced pink nipples hardening. He gasped for breath, so close, so close.

Willow straddled the armrest, pressing her breasts against his bare chest. She caressed the back of his head, then pulled him close for a deep kiss. As her tongue danced with his, Oz took Xander's cock all the way into his mouth. Xander came with a loud shout, his body convulsing under the ministrations of the young couple. He fell back against the armchair hard, attempting to breathe. "!" he finally said. "Where did you learn to do THAT?"

Willow leaned against his chest. "Well, you were right about the mattress in the back, for one thing..." she said mischievously.

"But...Oz...." Xander said quietly, trying to figure out what just had happened.

Oz sat on the other armchair, licking his lips slightly. "Well, I got to thinking, 'Hey, Xander's looking kind of desperate.' And then Willow said it too. And then we started thinking, and it sort of led to this."

"B-But you're a guy...and you're straight...right?"

Willow giggled. " this day and age, who can say that they're totally straight?" She leaned up against him, rubbing her breasts against his shoulder. "And don't tell me you didn't like that..."

"Oh Willow..." Xander answered her in another deep kiss. As he broke away, he saw Oz unbuttoning his long shirt.

"And besides," Oz said, pulling the shirt away, then pulling up the t-shirt underneath. "I'm cool with everything," he said, his voice muffled by the cloth. He waited until he had fully taken off the t-shirt. "I wouldn't pass up fun just because it was a guy instead of a girl."

Xander rested his head back against the armchair, closing his eyes, attempting to think.

"Xander?" Willow's soft voice intruded on his thoughts. "If you're not comfortable...we can go..."

Xander opened his eyes and looked at his best friend since childhood. She stood in front of him, unashamed in her half-nudity. Her boyfriend wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling her against his bare chest. They were so beautiful together. Xander took a breath, then smiled softly. "No....stay..."

A grin slowly spread across Willow's face, her eyes lighting up. "Oh Xander..." she said happily. She leaned in for a kiss, her hair drifting over both their faces. She pulled Xander up to standing as she broke the kiss. "We're all wearing far too much clothing," she said with a voice of authority that only comes from having two horny teenage boys in close proximity.

Oz grinned. "Yeah," he said, unzipping his jeans and shrugging off his jeans. Xander followed suit.

Willow watched the boys undress, then chuckled at the sight of their boxers. "Spam?" she said to Oz, grinning.

Oz looked down at the pattern of small blue and yellow cans covering his boxers. "I think they're rather cute," he said. He glanced over at Xander's boxers. "And they beat his."

Xander tried to hide the large leprechaun and shamrock print on his holiday boxers. "Hey, I haven't done laundry in awhile and these were the last ones I had left, okay? Why does everyone have to be a critic?"

Oz snickered, then turned towards Willow. "'re still dressed..."

Willow looked down at her jeans. "Oh...right...wanna help me?" she asked, holding out her arms.

Oz moved to her, slipping his arms around her waist, sliding them up her back to play with the short strands of hair on her neck. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him in for a deep kiss. Xander moved behind the petite girl, moving his hands around her, reaching down to unbutton her jeans. He pulled her jeans down as far as they would go, then reached down to lift one leg and then the other, pulling the clothing away from her body, leaving her in her thin satin-like green panties.

Oz's hands moved from the back of her neck to her shoulders, eventually winding their way to cupping her small but firm breasts. He delicately pinched the nipples between his fingers, feeling her moan as he licked the pulse-points of her throat. His cock grew harder as he pressed against her. He felt Xander's hands slip down into Willow's panties, and heard her eager gasp as he edged a finger in-between her lips and directly onto her clit.

Willow moaned, revelling in the sensations caused by four hands on her body. Her hips bucked slowly, feeling Xander behind her and Oz in front of her, two hard cocks straining for her. She shivered as Xander twirled his finger around her clit delicately. "Cord....Cordelia taught you some tricks....didn't she?" she breathed out, her head falling back against his chest.

She felt his chuckle deep in his chest. "Oh yeah," he said softly. He looked at Oz. "I think Willow's having a hard time standing....I think the carpet's rather comfy here."

Oz grinned. "I think you're right," he said. Together, the two boys laid her gently on her back, interchanging kisses. The duo worked their way down her body, sliding their lips and tongues over her neck and shoulders.

Willow closed her eyes and moaned loudly, when they reached her breasts....A mouth on each nipple was utterly incredible. But they didn't linger there, choosing instead to slide down further until they reached the damp scrap of satin polyester riding on her hips. Together, they pulled her panties down her legs, revealling the soft red curls nestled between her legs. They moved away from her, staring at the hungry beauty lying below them.

"She is beautiful, isn't she?" Oz said quietly to Xander.

Xander nodded, enraptured by a side of Willow he had never even considered in his wildest fantasies. After a minute, he finally found his voice. " do you want to do this?"

Oz looked at the girl lying in front of them. "Chinese fingercuffs?"

Xander looked up at him in surprise. "I didn't realize you were a Kevin Smith fan..."

Oz shrugged. "Heads or tails?"

Willow shifted slightly. "Um...Guys? Can we talk later and fuck now?"

Oz and Xander looked down at her, guilty expressions on her face. "Sorry, baby," Oz said quietly.

Willow chuckled, then rolled onto her stomach, pulling herself up on her elbows and knees. "Xander, could you get me a pillow to put under me?" As he grabbed two of the couch cushions, she turned her head back and looked at Oz. "Oz, you know where the condoms are..."

Oz rumaged in her bag as Willow arranged herself on the cushions. He returned to find her ass high in the air, revealing her drenched inner lips to the world. He ran his hands over her ass, sliding from her inner thigh to her lower back. "Do you want me, Willow?" he asked softly, moving his hand closer and closer to her wet center.

Willow pushed her hips back, trying to move his hands to her aching clit. "Yes...I want you...." she breathed softly.

Oz quickly slipped off his boxers and ripped open a condom packet. Within a matter of seconds, he was rubbing the tip of his cock against her entrance. "Willow," he said quietly. "Willow, I want you to do something for me."

Willow whimpered slightly, trying to push her hips back, trying to get more of him inside of her.

Oz grabbed her hips firmly, keeping her from his cock. "Willow, I want you to suck Xander. I want you to do that while I'm fucking you." He slipped the head of his cock inside of her. "Can you do that?"

Willow moaned. "Yes....please...."

Oz looked up at Xander, who silently moved in front of Willow, sliding down his boxers, revealing his newly hardened cock. Willow opened her mouth eagerly as Xander gently rubbed his cock against her lips. The head of his cock was slipped into her mouth as she was pushed forward by Oz filling her with his cock. She moaned around the cock filling her mouth.

Oz gave her a moment to adjust, then began thrusting quickly. He slipped one hand around to her front, finding her slippery clit. Willow gave a muffled groan and bucked her hips back harder against him.

Xander closed his eyes, biting his bottom lip as Willow's mouth slid over his cock. She wasn't able to use elaborate technique, as distracted as she was by her boyfriend's cock ramming into her, but her natural talent made it hard for him to keep control. Let them finish let them finish let them finish he said over and over in his head. But he knew it'd be difficult when her teeth scraped delicately over the very tip of his cock. "Oh God," he panted out. "Oh Willow..."

Willow kept her eyes shut, her entire body poised at the edge. The cock in her vagina and the cock in her mouth were moving in tandem, one thrusting deep inside of her while the other pulled out. Oz's fingers danced delicately over her clit, just like she taught him, just as she wanted it, as she always wanted it.

Oz felt her hot wet heat even through the thin latex barrier. He twisted his fingers over her hard clit, every twist and turn of her body driving him closer and closer. He continued to pound into her, moving faster and faster. He looked up and saw Xander facing him, looking directly at him.

The two boys gazed at each other, still thrusting into the girl between them. They kept each other's eye until, suddenly, Willow gave out a long hard yell, her body shaking uncontrollably.

Willow came hard, riding each wave with a sharp buck of her hips, her lips unable to keep Xander's cock in her mouth, but running along the skin. Oz felt her clamp down on him hard, and he groaned, his hips moving faster and faster, of their own volition. He closed his eyes and gave one final hard thrust as he came with a low rough growl.

Xander watched the couple come in front of him. He was so close, so close. As Willow slowly sank to the cushions below her and Oz slipped out of her, he unashamedly began to stroke his hard cock, finding his own release.

Oz looked directly at him, his eyes glinting. He reached out for Xander, wrapping a hand around the back of the other boy's neck. He pulled Xander in for a rough kiss, Oz's other hand joining Xander's on his cock. After three hard fast jerks, Xander came, spilling onto Willow's back as Oz's tongue tangled with his.

Xander and Oz slowly sank to the floor on either side of Willow, who looked up at the two boys. "That was nice," she said quietly. She touched her back, and frowned slightly at the come slowly drying there.

Xander grabbed his boxers and tried to clean her off. After a minute, he laid back down next to her on the soft carpet. Oz kissed her tenderly and Xander kissed her shoulder. "Thank you," he whispered in her ear.

Willow chuckled. "I hope this means you'll be not as restless..." she said quietly.

Oz grinned. "I'll give him....a week."

Xander gave him a mock glare. "A week? Hey, that's an insult!" He paused for a second. "I was thinking a day."

The trio laughed together, their friendship bonded forever.

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