the pearl

Buddy Got Busy

Buddy got busy...on his chem lab. "Sodium phosphate...h2o..." he muttered to himself quietly. He closed his eyes for a second.

Without any bidding, the image of Eric appeared, his big puppy dog eyes staring up at Buddy.

God he'd look good in bed... Buddy thought to himself. He dallied with the image of Eric lying in his bed, the sheets down around his waist, his hair ruffled, then shook himself and got back to work.

Halfway through his equation, the thought of Eric's head pressed back against the pillows, those eyes closed tightly as Buddy did things to parts of his anatomy that no one save himself had touched, sneaked its way into Buddy's mind, right between Cl2 and Fe3.

Buddy groaned and hit his head against his book. "He's straight, he's straight, he's straight," he repeated to himself in a soft mantra.

It's 1976....everyone's experimenting... his mind replied back.

Buddy groaned, shook his head again, and got busy....on his chem lab.

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