the pearl

Miss Calendar's Other Files

"Oh I've gone through most of her files already."
"Does that make it less morbid or you really morbid?"
Willow & Buffy "Becoming I"

Willow sighed and scrolled down through the file. It had been interesting at first to go through Ms. Calendar's files, finding the ancient spells and next week's assignments, but she was hitting the dregs now. Willow stifled a yawn. Gods, did she have to make a duplicate of everything? Why keep old grocery lists? Willow scrolled through it a bit more, then went on to the next file. Hmm...122197.doc? I wonder what that is... Willow opened the file, looking momentarily away from the computer as she reached for her soda.

When she looked back at the screen, she almost dropped her soda. "Oh my God..." she said quietly, not believing her eyes.

It was our first night together. Rupert was shy, but after I showed him how a good Gypsy girl gives a blow job, he loosened up.

Willow stared at the screen in shock, her eyes wide. She scrolled down, her eyes growing wider and wider with every page she saw.

I taught him exactly how to touch me. The man gives the best fingerfuck I've ever had. He followed my moves exactly, and then stuck with it until I was screaming for a finish.

Willow scrolled to the end of the document, still stunned that Ms. Calendar had written it. She closed the document quickly, trying to forget the fact that she had seen that. Okay, where was that lesson plan?

It didn't work. Especially after she found 123197.doc, 010198.doc, 010298.doc, and so forth.

Rupert's secretly a kink under that staid British tweed. I came to my door wearing nothing but my knee high vinyl boots and he spent most of the night licking them. Gods, I can't wait to start training him. I wonder what he'd look like wearing just a collar?

Willow scrolled through the rest of the files and realized she had been forgetting to breathe. My God, there's at least dozen of them. She quickly scanned the area around her, then opened up another file.

Rupert surprised me today by bringing a bottle of massage oil. I knew those hands were good for more than organizing the card catalog. He turned me into pure jello even before he moved his hands below my waist. I came twice just from his hands, and when he decided to slip a finger into my ass...I don't know where he learned these tricks, but I have to thank whoever it was.

Willow re-read that paragraph and blushed. Ms. Calendar? GILES? Willow tried to imagine the situation, but couldn't. She opened the next file.

Rupert is really learning how to take initiative. I was in my backyard, gardening, when he stopped by to see me. He tried to small talk for awhile, but it soon collapsed into a hot and heavy make out session. He started removing my clothing and I thought for sure we'd end up trying to get grass stains out of tweed, but something wonderfully different occurred. He placed me on one of my flat rocks, like a statue on a pedestal, and slowly rubbed soil onto my body. I felt like a goddess, like Inanna, like Astarte, like Devi, like the ancient Neolithic goddesses with their rough-hewn bodies. I was a goddess, and Rupert worshiped me. The sheer feeling of power that rolled through me at that moment was greater than any I had ever felt. I must have cried out. I knew I was crying. He picked me up easily and carried me into the house, where he made love to me, worshiping me on my clean white sheets, grinding the dirt in. He took me to a level I had never been before, where my identity and his were no longer separate. I was one with everything, the only thing mattering was the feeling of him inside me.
I don't know how I'm going to get the dirt out of the sheets. I don't think I want to.

Willow leaned back, stunned. Sex could be like that? she thought to herself. I never knew...I thought all those books were lying... She clicked on another file, lost in thought.

Rupert surprised me today at work. I was finishing up grading tests, when he came in. He said he was content to watch me work, so I finished up quickly, never looking directly at him while I worked. I'm glad I didn't.
When I finished, I looked up at him. The look of desire on his face was almost daunting. "You're so beautiful," he whispered. He caressed my cheek lightly. "So..." He pulled me into a deep kiss, wrapping his arms around me tightly. I returned the kiss just as deeply, and before we knew it, he was leaning me over the desk. I had to move away, just long enough to switch off the lights and lock the door. It was well after school hours. With any luck, the janitor wouldn't appear. He pulled me back into his embrace, moving papers, pencils, and the keyboard out of the way on the desk. We were like teenagers, groping each other with the near-desperation of trying not to get caught. He sat me on the top of my desk and pulled down my panties, while he unzipped his pants. We fucked quietly, burying our moans into each other's mouth, hoping beyond hope that this was the night Snyder decided not to make the rounds.

Willow looked down at her hands, sitting on top of the desk, and instantly pulled them away. They....they "Oh boy," she said under her breath.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the doorway. Willow whirled around, her face red.

Oz stood there, frowning slightly. "It's just me," he said in that nonchalant way he always spoke. "You wanted a ride home, remember?"

"Oh! Hi!" Willow quickly closed the files before Oz made his way over. "Yeah...I'm....just finishing up here...." She turned off the computer and grabbed her coat. "Ready to go?"

Oz nodded, still frowning slightly. "Are you okay? You look a little...flushed."

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