the pearl

Care Of Magical Creatures

Fang found the other dog on the edge of the Forbidden Forest. Hagrid noticed them just before he went to sleep, Fang yipping and jumping around the other dog, who looked a bit strange, but it was probably the moonlight or something, nothing to really worry about at this time of night. Besides, Fang was happy, and Fang was always a good judge of character.

The next morning, as Hagrid got fresh wood and water, he saw Fang curled up next to a young man, barely older than Harry and the other children, sleeping naked on the soft meadow grass in front of Hagrid's cabin. Hagrid frowned, and went over to the boy. "Hello there," he said loudly, hoping to wake the boy up.

The boy stirred, lifting his head and looking around dazedly. "WhatŠ" He paused, his eyes opening wider as he looked at the dog lying next to him, and then slowly craned his head upwards to look at Hagrid. "Huh."

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