the pearl

Call Me A Car Lover

"Every shining bonnet....makes me think of my back on it..."

Xander was a car guy. And it didn't mean just being the one behind the wheel.

There was just something about the shine of a freshly washed hood, the purr of a motor, the sensation of a leather interior...

There was also something to be said about rust spots, clanking, and naugahyde. Xander was nothing but easy.

Xander loved Cordelia's car. A perfect little convertible, great stereo, ran beautifully. And it came with Cordelia — the best of both worlds. The entire thing was nice, classy, gorgeous, great....

And terribly boring. Xander loved Cordelia, yeah, but now that it was over....well...he missed it, but he wasn't going to sit at home with a bottle of whisky and sobbing, you know?

There were other cars to be had.

Oz had a van. It wasn't right. Too big, too boxy. More time spent inside than outside. And part of Xander's car obsession was that you had to feel the road. A car shouldn't be a house on wheels. It should be an extension of your own body....

Willow could have the van...and the boy who lived in it. Xander was looking for something a little...different. A bit eccentric. A bit...foreign.

Definitely an import.

So it was no wonder that Giles found the boy in the parking lot one day, stroking Giles' not-so-little-after-all Citroen in a way that...let's be honest now...Giles only remembered from late-night encounters with Ethan...

Giles raised his eyebrows. "Xander...what are you doing?" he asked.

Xander continued to look down at the car, stroking it lovingly. "Giles...did I ever tell you how great this car is?"

Giles blinked. "E-Excuse me?"

"It's compact, yet powerful. Sure, it's getting along in years, but it still gets you to where you want it to go...." Xander looked up at Giles. "Just like you..."

Giles blinked again. " is...." he stammered before taking a deep breath. "Xander, what the hell are you doing?"

Xander leaned against the car hood provocatively. "Just commenting on a few...." He looked over Giles. "Things."

Giles tried to loosen his collar. ", I...."

Xander smiled sharply and turned back to the car, his fingertips gliding over the doorframe. "Ever think about just pushing someone against the hood and having your way with them?" He found a small dent and traced over it delicately. "Of course, this really isn't the right car for that, but I'm certain you're the right man....and if it's your car, then it's just..." He slowly licked his lips. "Perfect."

Giles raised his eyebrows and opened his mouth. Then he closed his mouth and lowered his eyebrows. Then raised his eyebrows again. Finally, after a moment's worth of thought, he shrugged and moved close to Xander. "What do you want, Xander?" he asked, his breath caressing Xander's cheek.

Xander gave a sly smile, looking directly into the other man's eyes. "What do you think I want?"

Giles responded with a rough kiss, sliding Xander back against the hood of the car, running his hands over the boy's body.

Xander's arms wrapped around the older man, pulling him down against him, rubbing his body against Giles, moving their bodies more and more into that oh-so-necessary horizontal position....

Giles suddenly pulled away. Xander blinked dazedly at the loss of Giles' mouth on his, but grinned happily when he realized that Giles was turning him over, bending him over the hood, undoing his jeans and sliding them down, baring him to God, the empty parking lot, and Giles.

And the car. Oh the sweet sweet car.

He heard Giles open the door, rumage in the glove compartment, then return, a single lubed finger slowly working its way into Xander's ass. Xander closed his eyes and groaned, pushing his hips back against Giles. Giles inserted another finger, and put his mouth right up to Xander's ear. "You like this, don't you?" he whispered harshly.

Xander moaned softly as Giles' fingers curved just so. "Oh yeaaah..." he breathed.

"You want it, Xander? Want it right here and now?"

"Yessss... Please...."

Giles chuckled roughly, removing his fingers. Xander whimpered slightly, but then grinned when he felt the well-lubed blunt head of Giles' cock slowly entering him.

"Ohhhhhh...." Xander breathed. "Oh yeah, that feels so good..."

"You'" Giles grunted into his ear. He gave a slow firm thrust, pushing himself fully into Xander. "That's a darling..." he said, his hands sliding up and down Xander's chest. He started to gently fuck Xander, driving the younger man insane with slow deep thrusts.

Xander groaned low in his throat. "C'mon, Giles..." he said raggedly. "Fuck me hard..."

Giles grinned and started to move faster, grabbing onto the boy's hips. Xander began to moan on every instroke, his hips thrusting back hard to match Giles. One hand was splayed out on the hood, supporting him, the redness of the hand contrasting with the matte grey finish on the car, while the other hand jerked his cock hard, bringing him closer and closer to the edge.

Giles' thrusts grew frantic, sliding in and out of the tight young gorgeous boy, his hands leaving marks on Xander's hips as he thrust.

Xander looked down. He saw his hand rapidly moving on his hard cock, the cool hood of the car underneath his other hand, the matte grey of his car — Giles' car — beneath him as Giles fucked him. It was so like the car, it was so like Giles, it was heaven, it was hell, it was all wrapped up in the shine of a headlight and the scent of tires and oh god it was glorious....

Xander came, shooting across the hood, thrusting back hard against Giles' hips.

Giles groaned, his thrusts fast and frantic before giving one final hard, rough, definitive thrust and coming in the younger man's ass.

Xander's arms supported them against the car, Giles' heavy breathing in his ear a thing of beauty, like a perfect engine running. After a few minutes, Xander licked his dry lips. "So..." he said, his voice light. "Care to give me a ride home?"

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