the pearl


Nymphadora Tonks has a ring in her cunt, to remind her that she's a woman. The first time she takes off her clothes in front of Ginny — Virginia. School is over and her name is Virginia now — it sparkles against sparse wavy blonde hair and rose-colored skin.

Virginia kneels down between Tonks — No, her name is Nym now — Nym's legs and spreads them slowly, watching her labia redden and shine, the ring sparkling with silver and a single diamond, centred gently against her clit. Nym's legs tighten, the hair on her outer lips darkening and thickening, spreading to her thighs and up her stomach, and Virginia leans in close, her soft short breaths rustling the thick curling hair. "Relax..." she whispers against a single curl. "Just relax..."

Nym takes a deep breath and her body is fluid, shifting into thin white skin with lavender veins underneath tracing down her thighs as her lips blossom in shades of purple as her pubic hair becomes fine, black, and silky, the ring even more apparent on her clit, firm and strong and standing.

Virginia smiles as Nym changes before her, changes into the way she's certain she's meant to look. She looks up into Nym's eyes — blue-grey and ice-chip-clear — and smiles widely. The long flowing blue-black hair, the defined chin and nose, these are the traits of the Black family, and it's no wonder Nym only shows it to a select few.

But there's time enough for genetic lessons later. Virginia looks back down to the gorgeous mess of red and purple, the damp sticky hair and that ever-present glint dead-centre on her body...

She leans closer, the heat coming off of Nym's body pinking her cheeks, and, slowly, reverently, places her first kiss against that ring.

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