the pearl

Come All Ye Young Fellers That Follow The Sea

Their last raid had included a wine merchant's cargo, and, apparently, the jam room is going to be in use for most of the night. The tune's slow, the rhythm almost like waves softly hitting a sandy cove, everything swaying along with the drunken chorus.

Ed feels like he's swimming, floating in warmth and comfort and the slow tune surrounding him, covering him, just like Stede is, his body pressed against Ed's as he kisses him slowly, sweetly, tenderly, tongue tracing gently against his lips.

Stede pulls away from his mouth, and Ed whimpers, lifting his head, trying to reach his mouth again. "Shh...shh..." Stede whispers. "I'm still here," he said, his mouth tracing along Ed's jawline. "I'm still here."

Ed's head falls back against the pillow as he arches his neck up to Stede's mouth. He feels the smile against his skin, even as Stede's hands slowly trace up and down his sides, soft and hot against the old scars. Stede slows further against his collarbone, tracing each gently with his tongue, kissing delicately at the spot between them.

There's the briefest flash of cold as Stede moves further down, Ed's neck and face suddenly bereft of the warmth of Stede's hair, but the gentle kisses across his chest warm him. Stede chuckles softly as he reaches his nipples. "Maybe I should get me some of these," he said against Ed's chest, just before he flicks the small gold ring in Ed's right nipple.

Ed groans, pushing his chest up against Stede's hand. Stede's grin is wide against Ed's skin, even as he pushes him back down onto the bed and takes the ring between his teeth. A gentle tug, barely even hard enough to pull the nipple up, and then a slow tongue slides over it, making Ed shudder hard against Stede's body.

Stede repeats it with the left nipple, and Ed shudders again, his hands reaching up to run through Stede's hair, cradling his head softly even as Stede continues to make his way down further, kissing down his breastbone, stroking his hips, wrapping him in warmth and sensation.

Stede licks along his stabbing scars, and even though the sensation is duller, especially compared to the smooth skin next to it, it makes him jump, just a bit, the combination of dull sensation and ticklish skin strange and shocking.

"Oh..." Stede whispers, kissing him gently on the bare skin, hands tracing slowly against Ed's waist as his stomach muscles jump again. "Oh, dearest..."

Ed blushes, not that Stede can see, but Stede must feel the flush make its way down his body, feel his sharp breathing, and he moves down further, his tongue flat and broad against his hip bone. He starts just at the edge of Ed's hair, deftly avoiding his cock, and slowly goes up and away, tracing the tattoos just above the bone, tasting the muscle, skin, and sweat of Ed's body.

Ed doesn't think his body could sink further into the bed, doesn't think his hands could stop stroking Stede's hair, doesn't think he could do more than just float, the singing and the sound of Stede's kisses loud in his ears.

And then Stede shifts, and before Ed realises what is happening, Stede's mouth is over the head of his cock. He cries out, loudly, loud enough that he would normally be shoving his fist into his mouth, silencing his cries, but the crew's gotten even louder, even drunker, and no one can hear him shout even as Stede slowly, delicately, achingly takes him into his mouth.

Ed's hands are grasping Stede's hair, not hard enough to hurt, but hard enough to hold him, even as Stede's hands grab onto his hips, centering him, grounding him, stopping him from thrusting up and finishing this all so quickly.

All of Ed's consciousness seems to be right there, right where Stede is touching him, the ten fingers digging into his hips, the slow slide of his lips and tongue against his cock, everything else fading away, drowned out by the pounding of his own heartbeat in his ears.

Stede takes him deeper than he ever has before, swallowing him whole, and Ed groans low and needy, his hips rising even against Stede holding him down. When Stede slides back up, he leaves him exposed to the open air, spit cooling in the night air before his hand takes ahold of him, warm, tight, and slick.

"That's it," Stede whispers, his other hand softly running against Ed's stomach, even as Ed shakes and jumps against him, fucking up into his hand. "That's it..."

Ed's hands scrabble against Stede's hair, his neck, his shoulders. His head twists against the pillows as he shudders, crying, coming against Stede's hand, even as Stede gently whispers "That's it...that's good..."

With a final jerk, his hands drop to the bed, still breathing hard, still shuddering, even as Stede tenderly lets him go and slides up to kiss him, hungrily, as he takes himself in a hand slick with Ed. A sharp exhalation, a muffled cry, and he shoots against Ed's stomach, pulling him closer with his free hand even as he shudders through the last thrust.

They lie there, breathing hard, sweat drying on their bodies, wrapped in each other's arms.

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