the pearl


"You bastard," Xander spat at the man standing in front of him.

Angelus smirked. "I didn't know you cared." He took a step forward.

Xander took a step up to meet him. "You're not getting past me, dead boy."

Angelus sneered and took another step forward, his face close to Xander's. "It's a crying shame. You're too cute to die so young."

"You want a piece of me, Angel? Come on, let's go." Xander pushed Angelus away from him. "Come on!"

Angelus growled and struck, pushing Xander up against the wall. "You're playing with fire, Harris." He paused for a second, looking at him with a gleam in his eyes. "Better hope you don't get burned," he breathed before kissing Xander roughly.

Xander was caught unawares, his mouth open to Angelus's plundering tongue. He felt his cock stiffen in reaction to Angelus's rough kiss.

Angelus broke the kiss, feeling Xander's cock against his thigh. "What do we have here?" he said snidely before slipping his hand down, grasping Xander through his jeans.

"You....bastard...." Xander whispered slowly, his words sliding on the edge of a moan.

Angelus slowly undid Xander's belt and opened his jeans, sliding his hand down Xander's boxers and around his hard cock. He chuckled. "Yeah, thought you'd be ready for me," he said before kissing Xander again, licking the boy's lips with his tongue.

Xander moaned into Angelus's mouth, bucking his hips slightly. Angelus shoved him back up against the wall and began to work his way down, grazing his neck with his teeth. "You...son...of...a...bitch," Xander said harshly, his voice shaky.

Angelus looked up, a vicious smile on his lips. "You asked me if I wanted a piece of you....I'll take it now."

Xander felt his jeans and boxers get pulled down roughly and a cool mouth surround his cock. "Oh Christ!" he yelled. He thrust into the open mouth, Angelus's jaws opening wider to pull Xander's cock deeper into his throat.

Angelus felt the boy's cock grow closer and closer to climax. He grabbed Xander's hips tightly and pulled his cock deeper into him, his lips sliding down the shaft, his throat contracting slightly around the head.

It was too much for Xander. He came quickly, wrapping his hands around Angelus's head and thrusting deeper into his throat. Angelus continued sucking, swallowing the come as fast as Xander could shoot it out.

Xander slumped against the wall, sliding bonelessly down to the floor. Angelus turned the boy over gently, revealing his smooth ass. "You've had your fun, Harris. Now I'm going to have mine." He reached for the jar of Vaseline in his pocket and scooped out a generous portion onto his fingers. "And you're going to like it," he purred before slipping a well-lubed finger in Xander's ass.

Xander froze in shock and surprise. He tried to move away, but Angelus reached around and grasped the boy's cock, which quickly grew back into hardness. Xander soon relaxed back against Angelus, his body moving gently into Angelus's hand.

Angelus continued stroking Xander's ass with his free fingers, moving one in and out slowly. He ran the other hand over the head of Xander's cock, reveling in the shudders he created. He added another finger, enjoying the reactions he was getting. "Are you ready for me, Harris? Ready for my hard cock?"

"Yes, damn you. Yes!" Xander panted out. He moaned slightly when Angelus pulled his fingers out.

Angelus opened his pants and pulled out his hard, straining cock. He slathered it with Vaseline and paused for a second, watching the boy squirm beneath him. He then grabbed Xander's hips and slowly eased himself in.

Xander bucked slightly, amazed at the sensations caused by this. Angelus slowly moved his hand back around to Xander's painfully hard cock. "You want this, don't you? You always wanted this," Angelus hissed into Xander's ear. "My big hard cock up your ass."

"God damn you, Angel," Xander swore, breathing each word on every thrust in. ""

Angelus chuckled and bucked deeper into Xander, hearing the boy moan beneath him. "Come on, Harris," he purred into his ear. "Come for me. Now."

"God damn you!" Xander's cock began to pulse into Angelus's hand as his ass contracted around Angelus's cock.

Angelus chuckled again, breaking off into a moan when the contractions began. Angelus thrust into Xander harder and faster, soon releasing into him. Angelus swore loudly, then fell on top of the young man, a near-dead weight..

After a few minutes, Angelus pulled away from Xander, re-adjusting his clothing slowly. Xander also got dressed, refusing to look at Angelus. He stood and prepared to leave, still trying not to look at Angelus.

Angelus grabbed his shoulder and threw him up against the wall again. "Never forget, Harris," he said sharply. "You're mine now." He kissed the boy harshly again, then walked away

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