the pearl

Demo Tape Number One

Track One: Once Upon A Time In My Life

First day of kindergarten and Devon's already on top of the big rocketship, informing everyone that only the cool people can be there with him. He already knows his way around — daycare's on the other side of the fence.

There's a redhead boy in cut-off shorts and a really old t-shirt who is standing at the bottom of the rocketship, looking up at Devon with wide, curious eyes.

Devon pokes his head out and looks down at the new boy. "Are you cool?"

The boy scrunches up his forehead, thinking. "I'm cool," he finally says.

Devon smiles. "C'mon then."


Track Two: Tigers On Vaseline

"I think we should have a band."

Oz is still looking at his new guitar, a hand-me-down from his father, slightly scuffed but, according to his mother, one of the few things he really loved in the world. "Hmm," he says, running his fingers over the fret board.

"It'd be cool. You could play guitar and I could sing and then we'd get girls..."

"Hmm..." Oz repeats, still looking at the guitar.

"C'mon! Girls! Girls like guitarists!"

Oz looked up at that. "More than singers?"

"No, but, y'know, a lot."

The guitar did feel good in his hands. "Yeah, okay."


Track Three: Can You Hear Me

"Excuse me, while I kiss this guy!"

"That's not it, Dev!"

Devon looked at Steve, frowning blankly. "Huh?"

Steve set his drumsticks down and glared at Devon. "It's 'while I kiss the sky', you dipshit. Get it right!"

"No, it's 'kiss this guy'!"

"'Kiss the sky'!"

"Oz, tell him I'm right!"

Oz looked up from tuning his guitar. "Well, technically, Steve is right."

Steve smirked at Devon.

"But I think Devon has an novel, challenging variation and we should use it."

Devon and Steve looked at Oz. Oz returned the look calmly, daring them to say something.

Devon just grinned.


Track Four: Soy Un Perdedor

"Shey, Cordelia," Devon said, his braces newly tightened. "I sheard you were shavin' a birtshday party."

Cordelia raised an eyebrow. "And?"

"And, y'know, Oz and I shave a band, and I wash tshinkin' maybe we could play?"

Harmony snorted.

"I'm sorry," Cordelia said archly. "I wasn't even aware that I would invite you to my twelfth birthday party, much less have you play there."

"Come back when you're not nerds,!" Harmony added.

Devon slumped, lost.

Oz suddenly spoke up. "Eleven-year-olds," he said darkly. "Just ignore them, Dev. We're older, remember?"

Devon smiled weakly. "Yeash...we'll shlow you!"


Track Five: Speak Now

"Um...Baseball caps!"

"Dev, looking around your bedroom for band names isn't going to work."



"Yeah, like, y'know, motels! We're always open to new ideas!"


"No Vacancy?"

"No nothing."

"Can't be named 'No Nothing', Steve. People might not show up."

"Oh, thanks, Oz, that's a big help. What's your suggestion?"

"When I think of one, I'll tell you."


"That's trademarked, Dev."


"Dave, what is it with you and apes?"

"I think they're funny."

"Yeah, well, we're not funny, okay? We're gonna be a serious band, and we need a name that's serious, okay?"

"Fine, fine..."


Track Six: The Future Wears Shades

They stand on the steps, looking up in terror. "I don't know about this," Devon finally says. "We we're sick."

Oz looks at him. "Don't think that's going to work. Being that we're here."

"I don't know, man..."

There's a long pause as they both look at their newest adventure — high school. "Besides," Oz finally says. "If we drop out now, then we won't be able to play at the school dances. Which have, y'know, girls."

"High school girls are hot," Devon sighs wistfully. "Okay. Let's do this."

The final bell rang.

"Dev? We're late."



Track Seven: And The World Has Turned Around Again



"Dude! Like, dude!"


"Dude! Duuuuuuuuuude. Dude! Dude! And, then, dude! And then I was, 'Dude!' and then, then..."

"You've really read that dictionary, aren't you?"

"Dude! Don't — just — dude. Dude!"

Oz sat there, smiling softly as Devon gestured wildly, pointing at the posters, the stickers, the amps along the wall. Devon would point, then open his mouth, point somewhere else, then open his mouth again, before finally saying the only thing he could.


"You've said that already."

"But, dude! Look! Dude! The — Dude! And the — Dude!"

Oz just continued to smile.


Track Eight: Watch That Man

After their first real gig in L.A., they walked into an orgy.

Not that they meant to, it just kinda happened. They got invited to hang with the main act, the main act had some groupies, and when the Dingoes got around to heading to their room, there was an orgy in full swing.

As it were.

Devon couldn't stop giggling, Steve and Dave quickly retreated to where the beer was, and Oz...

Oz stood near the door, his eyes calmly watching, never making a movement or a sound.

It was only when Devon touched him that he reacted.


Track Nine: And If You Love Me

"Oz," Devon sighed, not knowing what to say. "It's, okay, I like girls, see? And I know you like girls, 'cause I saw you...with girls."

"I know."

"'re Oz. And I..." Devon sighed again. "Was it the beer? 'Cause if it was the beer, then, I don't know, I guess that's okay or something."

"It wasn't the beer."

"Was it the other band? They seemed to like it when you..."

"Dev..." Oz reached over and grabbed his hand. "Dev, I did it because it was you."

Devon sighed, leaned over, and kissed Oz.


Track Ten: Cool

Band practice finished an hour ago, but Devon and Oz are still in the garage. Devon straddles an amp while Oz stands in front of him, bodies pressed against each other as they kiss. They slide onto the ground, lying on cables, the amp getting pushed aside as Oz kisses Devon's neck, gentle hands sliding against Devon's t-shirt as he pulls it away from his chest.

Devon pauses long enough to let the shirt be lifted up over his head, then looks at Oz cautiously. "Are you cool?" he asks.

"Yeah," Oz thinks, just before kissing Devon again. "I'm cool."

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