the pearl

We're Desperate

"We're desperate...Get used to it...It's kiss or kill" — X

There is absolutely no one in Sunnydale to fuck.

What is it about this town that makes everyone so Puritan? I think I've tried to get the entire damn town in my bed, and nothing. It's so pathetic how everyone is scared of sex.

Then again, I guess if you fuck your boyfriend soulless it sort of ruins it for everyone else, doesn't it? Thanks, Buffy. I hope you're having fun on those Saturday nights when all I have are my fingers.

So on Friday night, I was walking around town, looking for either a fight or a fuck. I was expecting the first. So of course I'd get the second.

There was a guy sitting on the park bench, singing softly to himself. I don't know what made me approach him, it might have been the hair, white blond and glinting in the moonlight. But I'm glad I did.

He was just sitting on the bench, with a half-empty bottle in between his legs, slouching in his black leather jacket.

"You planning on finishing that here?" I said, my voice half warning and half joking. I knew he was a vamp. But drunk-off-their-ass vamps aren't difficult to kill...hell, you could just hold the stake in front of you and they'd fall on it themselves.

That's when he stopped singing and looked up at me. And, Christ, was he gorgeous. Thin, with cheekbones to just die for. "Whas' it fucking to ya?" he slurred.

Very drunk. And too gorgeous to not at least try. I sat on the bench next to him, pulling the bottle from his legs and restraining myself from sliding that hand up to his crotch. "'Cause I was hoping you'd share." I looked at the label. "Jim Beam. Nice choice," I said before knocking back a slug. I wiped my mouth and handed the bottle back to him. "I'm Faith," I said, my eyes trailing over him. God, I was dying to find out if his hipbones matched those cheekbones of his.

The guy looked at me for a second, trying to decide what to do, then just shrugged. "Spike," he said before drinking again. "You're a fucking Slayer, aren't you?"

"And you're a vampire..." I took the bottle from him again. "So?"

"If y'gonna kill me...bloody well do it now...don'...don' tease me..." He sobbed. He actually started sobbing. "Like she did..." He looked down at the bottle. "She didn't have the decency to cut off my fucking head! I found her fucking a chaos demon! A bloody chaos demon and she didn't even cut off my head!" He tipped the bottle back and continued to sob.

Fuck. I grabbed the bottle again and took a long slug. If he was busy whining over some random bitch, he probably wasn't gonna want to fuck unless I came up with something good. Then it hit me.

I rubbed myself up against him, making sure that my breasts rubbed up against his arm. "You know..." I said huskily, my hand sliding up his thigh. "Sometimes the best way to get even is to just do it better...."

He blinked a few times. "Huh?"

My hand slid up to his crotch, rubbing him through the jeans. His brain might not have gotten a clue yet, but his cock sure did. "If she was fucking a chaos demon....imagine what it'll feel like when she finds out you've fucked a Slayer..."

It finally dawned on him because he got the wickedest grin on his face. "Sounds like a plan to me..."

"Good." I straddled his lap, thrusting my hips against his. "Because I've been wanting a good fuck for weeks now..." I kissed him roughly, my breasts rubbing against his chest. He was cold, but God, could he kiss like there was no tomorrow. His arms wrapped around me, crushing my breasts against him, and his hips thrust up against me.

It had been too damn long. And it felt so good. I slipped my hands down, pulling his shirt out of his jeans, sliding my hot hands over his cool skin. He growled slightly and yanked up my shirt, baring my breasts to the cold air, making my already hard nipples harder. He grabbed at them with his hands, cupping them roughly, pinching the nipples between his fingers. I groaned, arching my back, pushing my breasts against him. "Christ, you're good at this..."

I heard him chuckle. "Just getting started," he said right before slipping one hand down between my legs.

I could feel the coolness of his hand through the leather and I thrust against it, my clit rubbing right up against the seam of my pants. I moaned breathily into his ear, trying to collect my thoughts. "C-Can't here....too fucking public....can't get arrested...again...."

He chuckled again, pulling his hand away from me. I whimpered, then tensed when he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. After a second, I decided that he wasn't going to go kill me and let myself be carried to the car. It was a nice black Cadillac, the kind I swore I'd get when I bought a gun and drove around the country killing men (a minor fantasy of mine).

He set me on the hood of the car, then opened the door. I climbed into the back seat, pulling off my t-shirt at the same time. He got in afterwards, shucking off the layers of shirts he was wearing. I watched him undress as I undid the fly on my pants. "God, you're thin," I said. I caught sight of his hipbone sticking out from his low-slung jeans. "And I like it," I said right before leaning forward and licking up the length of his hipbone, undoing his fly at the same time.

"Fuck," he whispered slowly, which broke off into a moan as I reached in and caressed his cock. He chuckled again. "You really want it, you little bitch, don't you?"

I pulled my hand out of his hands and wriggled out of my own pants, grateful that I decided not to wear panties tonight. I laid back against the seat, spreading my legs as far as I could in the backseat in a Cadillac. I slid my fingers into my pussy then rubbed them against his lips, my wetness wetting his lips. "What do you think?" I said breathily.

He closed his eyes for a second, then slid off his jeans. "Are all Slayers such whores?"

I grabbed onto those gorgeous hipbones of his and pulled him towards me. "Just me, baby..." I grabbed a hold of his cock and put it inside of my wet pussy. "Oh yeah...." I breathed.

He moaned softly as he thrust deep inside of me, then began fucking me hard and fast, just the way I love it. I thrust my hips against him, rubbing my clit against him, my feet locking my legs around his waist, my mouth hungrily sucking on any flesh I came in contact with. He was cold, he was hard, he was rough, and I loved it. I hadn't had a decent fucking in months, and it was oh so good and oh so delicious and I came fast and hard and loud, screaming "Fuck!" at the top of my lungs as my pussy clamped down on hard on his gloriously cool cock.

He growled low in his throat and started really fucking me then. It took only a couple more thrusts before he swore, thrusting hard and deep as he came in me. He fell against my heaving chest. "Damn," he said quietly. "Are all Slayers such good fucks too?" He pulled out of me slowly and sat up, resting against the side of the car.

I chuckled and grabbed my pants, pulling them on slowly. "I could ask the same about vampires....." I found my shirt and pulled it on. "You know," I said, my voice almost wistful. "It's almost too bad we can't see what else we can do...." I opened the car door and slid out of the car, shutting the door behind me. I began walking away on still slightly shaky legs, whistling to myself, never looking back. Get some and get gone, darlin', I thought to myself. I chuckled. "Ain't no one gonna believe this..."

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