the pearl

The Face Of An Enemy Is A Face Of A Friend

Garibaldi stood, looking out the nearest window, seeing the harsh red desert before them. "Yeah, I can do it," he said to the man sitting on the nearby sofa. "I can bring Sheridan to you. But what's your angle?"

The man smiled. "The Mega-corporations are finally running things behind the scenes. Clark was simply a figurehead, until he declared martial law. We were about to get control again, then Sheridan started his own little war. We need him on our side. Can you do it, Mr. Garibaldi?"

Garibaldi nodded. "Of course."

"And what about the others?" the man asked, his voice growing sharp.

Garibaldi frowned. "Delenn and the other ambassadors will be easy to persuade, as will the rest of the Earthforce. The only person I see as a problem is Ivanova."

The man steepled his fingers together. "Why?" he asked.

Garibaldi shrugged. "She's been itching to try different things, and might be a little resistant to the change."

The man smiled lightly. "Do not worry, Mr. Garibaldi. If Commander Ivanova does not join us, we will simply find someone to replace her."

Garibaldi nodded resignedly. "They're not going to like that."

The man looked up at him, steely-eyed. "They don't have a say in the matter." After a moment of tense silence, the man stood up. "Well, Mr. Garibaldi, it'll be a pleasure doing business with you." He held out his hand.

Garibaldi took his hand and shook it strongly. "Likewise, Mr. Turner."

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