the pearl

Fun With Fashion

Oz snuggled next to Willow, stopping to kiss her softly on the forehead. "Thank you," he whispered softly.

Willow stretched, grinning. "Thank you," she replied. She pressed her body against him, chuckling slightly.

Oz started to get comfortable, then sighed. "I need a drink of water," he grumbled, getting up out of the bed.

Willow's eyes widened. "The kitchen doesn't have any curtains! You should put some clothes on."

Oz chuckled, grabbed a pair of jeans, and slipped them on. As he started to button them, he frowned. "Hey wait..."

Willow looked up. "What?"

Oz looked down at the fly of the jeans. "These aren't my jeans." He patted the pockets and pulled out a wallet. "Um...Willow...?" He handed his girlfriend her wallet.

Willow looked at the wallet, looked at the jeans her boyfriend was wearing, then looked into his eyes. "Oh my God..." She dissolved into laughter.

Oz smiled sheepishly. "I'm gonna go get that water," he said, leaning in to kiss her forehead.

Willow frowned slightly. "You're going downstairs in those?"

Oz shrugged. "Why not?" He gave a smirk. "And besides, they fit better than mine." He walked out the door.

Willow sat on the bed for a second, then began to smile widely.


Oz opened the door to Willow's bedroom, a glass of water in his hand. "Hey baby," he said softly. He paused, noticing Willow had moved.

Willow had slipped on his large long-sleeved shirt and was standing in front of her closet, frowning slightly. Oz came up to her and wrapped his arms around her waist. "What'cha doing?"

Willow continued to look in her closet, rifling through her clothes. "Oz...I want you to do something for me...." She continued to flip through the clothing on the hangers.

"Sure, baby," he said, kissing her neck. "What is it?"

Willow finally pulled out an article of clothing. "Put this on."

Oz looked at the chartreuse dress she was holding up. "Excuse me?"

Willow held the dress up against him. "You can fit into my jeans....I want to see how you look in this." She looked into his eyes. "Please?"

Oz looked at the dress again and shrugged. "All right." He took the dress. "But you can't look until I'm done."

Willow grinned and skipped over to the bed, sitting away from the closet. "I'm waiting...."

Oz held up the dress and looked at it critically. It was a soft chartreuse green, with a ribbon around the waist. He had seen her wear it a few times, and it contrasted exquisitely with her long fiery hair. He unbuttoned the jeans he was wearing and slipped them off. After loosening the ribbon on the dress, he pulled it over his head. He slipped his arms through the sleeves and slid it down over his narrow hips. He stared at himself in the mirror. "Huh," he said quietly. He retied the ribbon around his waist, then looked in the closet. "Ah," he said, finding a hairband nearly matching the color of the dress. He slipped it over his short red hair, then looked at the mirror again. "Good." He turned to Willow. "I'm ready."

Willow turned around slowly, her eyes closed. When she was fully turned around, she opened her eyes. "Oh my..." she said, her mouth widening into a huge grin.

Oz did a full turn in front of her. "Like it?" Before he could turn to face her again, he was nearly toppled by her rushing at him.

Willow turned his face to hers and kissed him hungrily. She ran her hands over the dress — her dress — and the young male body underneath it. "God, you look good in that," she whispered, her voice rough with lust.

Oz looked at his girlfriend in surprise. "Willow?" he said, a bit stunned. Before he could ask more, she was kissing him hungrily again, pulling him towards the bed. She pulled away from him for a second, only to push him onto the bed and straddle him.

"" Oz stammered, trying to ignore the amazing sensation of Willow's tongue stroking softly on his neck.

"Don't talk," she said breathlessly, sliding her hands onto his thighs, slipping gently under her skirt. "Don't talk at all." She begun inching the skirt up, pulling it away from the already prominent erection. Willow kissed him hungrily again, and then, before he could recover, she had slipped her mouth down onto his cock.

Oz gasped, swimming in the pleasure. "Oh god...." he moaned, writhing on the bed. He had begun to pull the dress off of his body when Willow suddenly moved away from him. His eyes opened in surprise.

Willow was staring at him, her eyes glazed over in lust. "Leave it on," she said huskily. When Oz moved his hands away from the dress, she moved on top of him, rubbing her body against his. The shirt she was wearing slipped open wider, and her breasts rubbed up against the slightly rough rayon of the dress.

Oz ran his hands over Willow's body, amazed at the reaction this one small act had gotten from her. She kissed him hungrily, pressing more of her body against him as she reached for a condom. In a matter of seconds, she had slipped the condom onto his cock and moved her body over his. She paused for a second, his cock barely touching her entrance, looking down at him. "You look so good," she said softly, then thrust down onto him.

Oz groaned in pleasure, his head pushing back onto the pillow. Willow rode him hard and fast, her hand slipping onto her clit. She kept her eyes open the entire time, looking down at the boy beneath her, the boy wearing her dress. She leaned in just as she was about to come. "You'" she breathed before crushing his mouth with a kiss.

Oz could feel her body clamping down on him, bringing him over the edge. He wrapped his arms around Willow, moaning softly as he came.

They paused for a few seconds, Willow lying on top of him, wrinkling the dress she found so attractive. Oz kissed her forehead and grinned evilly. "Anything else you want me to try on?"

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