the pearl

The Gay Man And The Lesbian

Forrest was gay. As gay as they came, gay Nineties (although it was now 2000) gay, Pridefest/Advocate/Out gay. He was, without a doubt, happily fa-laming.

Riley was gay too. But in a different way. He was a lesbian. What, just because he had a Y-chromosome instead of an X he wasn't allowed to be a lesbian? He was proud to be a lesbian, damn it.

And even though Forrest was a gay man and Riley a male lesbian, they were in love. Not the "I'd die for you we're destined to be together forever" kind of love, because, really, that only exists in the imagination of whiny teenage girls with an over-exaggerated view of themselves in the entire scheme of the universe, but a good sweet lighthearted love. Kind of like puppies. Puppies that looked like they were just playing, but they were really having hot sweet sex. Yes, that was a terribly analogy. But go with it.

They slept together, ate together, went to classes together, even worked together. Forrest had been in ROTC, but when The Initiative came recruiting, he jumped at the chance. No "Don't ask, don't tell", no fag jokes, and domestic partner benefits? It was a match made in a terribly gay heaven!

Forrest met Riley at The Initiative, and they had been together ever since. Riley liked his sense of humor and his chocolate colored skin, which looked so cool against crisp white bedsheets. Forrest liked Riley's blond hair, blue eyes, and tasty white ass, not to mention it was always good to have a big ol' lesbian around the house, in case jars needed opening or the car had to be fixed.

Forrest and Riley lived in their house with their lone straight roommate, the very quiet Graham, and had a marvelous time.

Until she appeared.

Forrest should've realized it would happen. Riley was a lesbian, for heaven's sake. Of course he'd disappear when a little blonde thing with big eyes and a skirt appeared. But Forrest was still pissed.

"Buffy, Buffy, Buffy, Buffy!" he yelled, stomping around in the house. "It's always about Buffy. 'Oh, Forrest, Buffy did this...Oh, Forrest, Buffy did that...Oh Forrest, what do you think about Buffy, she's awfully cute, isn't she?' Well, I have had enough of little miss Buffy Summers!"

Graham sat there, unmoved by his roommate's histrionics. But that was Graham for you.

Riley stayed away while Forrest was having his mood swings, but one day, Riley walked in. "Forrest," he said, his voice firm. "I have to go."


"Buffy...she wants me to be with her. And I'm sorry, but she's more important."

"More important? Boy, who cooked you dinner after a long night of Hostile catching? Who made sure you had clean clothes every day? Who —" Forrest's voice caught. "Who supported you throughout your whole coming out process? Huh? It sure wasn't little miss Summers, that's for sure."

"Forrest, please..." Riley said, his voice almost pleading. "Let me go..."

Forrest closed his eyes and pointed towards the door. "There it is. Go."

Riley looked at Forrest, then at the door, then at Forrest again. He sighed exasperatedly, then walked out the door.

Forrest heard the door shut, opened his eyes, looked around angrily, then shouted out, "Oh no he di'int! That little bitch!" He ran after Riley.

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