the pearl

Going Out Of My Mind

So this is goodbye...

I didn't know it'd end like this.

I figured that there'd be a graduation or something — we'd get to wear caps, and gowns, and hold fake diplomas that said "Graduated from the Massachusetts Academy and now an X-Man"...stupid things like that. At least there'd be cake.

Instead, only one of us gets to graduate into the big leagues, the rest of us are left to fend for ourselves, and another one of us...

Well, Ev didn't even get the chance to pack, did he?

It's our last day. Our last day as students, our last day in Massachusetts, our last day as a team. Paige is going back home, Jono's going to join everyone in Westchester, Ange and I have decided to do a little roadtrip before we figure out where we're going, and Monet...

Monet's going back to Algeria. So much for the dream, so much for the team, everything's packed up and done. She wasn't even going to say goodbye.

I can't blame her, though. I mean, if I had the choice, I'd probably not say goodbye either. Goodbye would mean forever, and forever would mean crying and hugs and we'd all be miserable. Better to have one final night — a night together, laughing over pizza and movies, some bickering and some teasing, like it was before — than to have all of us sobbing over each other.

Paige is already looking teary — I need to do something, because Monet is getting into the car now, and I can't let her leave, I can't just let her go without doing something...

And I reach out, gently, grasping her shoulder. She turns, looks into my eyes, and I act.

I kiss her.

Slowly, sweetly, gently, and it surprises me, just a little, when she wraps her arms around me and kisses me back. It's, it's not like anything.

But it's so very right.

But, then, she pulls away, and her eyes are full of tears and I told myself I wasn't going to cry, I told myself I wasn't going to get emotional...

But her car is a blur as I watch it drive away.

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