the pearl

A Millionaire's Holliday

Willow held the flyer out. "Look, they're having theme nights at the Bronze!"

Oz took the flyer from his girlfriend and began to read aloud. "Anime night...Goth/industrial night...." He frowned slightly. "Pimp and Ho night?" He looked up at Willow.

Willow smiled. "It's sort of a gangster know...guns, zoot suits, swing music..."

Oz looked at the flyer and nodded. "Huh." He looked back up at Willow. "So you want to go?"

Willow grinned, that glint coming into her eyes. "And I already chose our costumes...." She paused for a second. "How do you think I would look in your blue pinstripe suit?"


"Hey Buffy, can I ask you a favor?"

Buffy looked up at Willow. "Sure, what's up?"

Willow looked down at her feet. " need to borrow some clothes. For the theme night at the Bronze."

Buffy grinned. " you're dressing up for the occasion, huh?"

Willow blushed slightly, still looking down at her feet. "Um....Not for me....For Oz."

Buffy's eyes grew big and a smile hit her lips. "Cool...." She frowned for a second. "Wait...will the clothes fit?"

Willow looked up and nodded. "Oh yeah, he fits into my clothes easily." After a second, she realized what she had said and blushed a deeper shade of red.

Buffy's lips spread into a large grin. "I'm sure I can find something for him," she said, her eyes twinkling.


Willow handed Oz the bag. "Here's your clothes."

Oz handed Willow the bag. "Here's your clothes." He looked at her. " you want the bathroom or the bedroom?"

Willow looked at the bag. " should use the bathroom...because of the mirrors...and your makeup..."

"Yeah." He kissed her cheek and walked into the bathroom. Willow saw him shut the door and then went into the bedroom.

Willow set the bag on the bed and untied her shoes. She unsnapped her overalls and kicked them off, then pulled her sweater over her head. After a second, she undid her bra and slid her panties down. She opened up the bag and removed the clothing. "Time to get authentic."

She put on the plain cotton boxers and undershirt first. She chuckled at the idea of wearing men's underwear, but she always was a stickler for accuracy. And besides, it was more comfortable than what she normally wore.

She tied her hair back in a ponytail, then slipped on the crisp white shirt. She buttoned it deftly, enjoying the feeling of being completely covered in cloth. She then slipped on the blue pin striped slacks and belted them loosely, enjoying the feeling against her hips. She grabbed the tie and wrapped it around her neck. "Okay...I can do this..." She attempted to put the tie into a knot. "No...wait...this way..." She tried it again. After a few minutes, she gave up in disgust. "Oz will know how to do it," she muttered under her breath. She pulled on her socks, laced up her shoes, and attached the gold chain to her pocket. As a final touch, she put the white fedora on her head. She glanced at herself in the small mirror Oz kept in his room and grinned. "Wow," she said to herself.

She walked out into the hallway. "Oz?" she said to the closed bathroom door. "I need help with my tie."

"Just give me a second," came the muffled reply from behind the door. "I'm still putting on my makeup."

"All right," Willow said and leaned up against the wall, waiting.

After a few minutes, the door opened slightly. "Are you ready?" Oz said from behind the door.

Willow nodded. "Sure," she said lightly.

"Close your eyes," he said quietly.

Willow closed her eyes and heard the door open. A few seconds passed, then she heard Oz say "Okay, open your eyes." Willow opened her eyes, and gasped in amazement.

She could swear that it wasn't Oz in front of her, if it wasn't for his eyes. He had a short blond wig on his head, the ends curling around his face. He was wearing thick makeup, with silvery blue eyeshadow going up to his carefully traced eyebrows and down to his thick black fake eyelashes. He had drawn a small beauty spot on the left side of his face, an inch above his carefully painted frosted pink lipstick.

Her eyes left his face and went down to the body, dressed in clothes borrowed from Buffy. He was wearing a tight lycra turtleneck, with a padded bra underneath, making breasts not that big, but noticable. Lower, she saw the leather mini-skirt she remembered from Halloween, but she knew she hadn't worn a visible garter belt or black stockings underneath. Her eyes trailed his surprisingly amazing legs and saw.... She looked up into his eyes. "Boots?"

Oz shrugged. "I couldn't wear the heels." He turned 360 degrees in front of her. "What do you think?" he said, grinning evilly.

Willow leaned back against the wall in shock. "" She closed her eyes for a second and attempted to regain her sensibilities. "You look.....amazing," she finally said.

Oz smiled. "Thanks. You look pretty...amazing yourself." He paused for a second. "Well, you would...if the tie..."

Willow held up the ends of the tie. "Could you...?"

Oz nodded. "Oh. Yeah. Here." He moved in closer to her and began to knot her tie.

Willow licked her lips slightly, feeling the warmth of Oz's body, smelling the soft scents of makeup, soap, incense and the underlying scent that was uniquely Oz. She closed her eyes briefly, then focused on his heavily made-up eyes, his eyebrows slightly furrowed in concentration as he knotted her tie. She rested her hands on his waist, feeling lycra and leather, realizing just how much she liked it when he dressed like this.

Oz finished with the tie and looked up into her eyes. "All done," he said softly.

Willow wrapped her arms tightly around his waist, pulling him closer to her. She slid her hands up his back, marvelling at feeling a bra strap under the shirt, moving her mouth closer to his.

"," he said, quietly. "You'll smudge my lipstick."

Willow pulled back and sighed. "Yeah..." She looked down at the floor. "So...shall we get going?"


The couple made their way to the Bronze, stopping only to pick up Buffy, who laughed for a minute, then congratulated them on the perfection of their outfits. When they hit the Bronze, it was already crowded with teenagers in a variety of costumes, from the furs and gold chains out of a 70s' movie to the gunnysacks and feather boas out of a Fitzgerald novel. A quick and dirty swing song was playing loudly from the speakers, and the dance floor was filled with dancers.

Willow, Oz, and Buffy found a small table and sat down, watching the crowd. "This place is really wild, isn't it?" yelled Willow over the noise.

Buffy nodded, grinning. "I'm going to get a drink. You want anything?"

"No, I'm fine," Willow said. Oz simply shook his head, his long rhinestone earrings swinging. Buffy smiled and attempted to make her way to the bar.

Willow watched the dancers for a few minutes, then turned to Oz. "Do you want to dance?"

Before Oz could answer, a shadow fell over their table. Both teenagers looked up. "My God, you two look..." The person paused. "Well, I can't say you look good, but it's definitely an improvement."

"Cordelia?" Oz said, his eyes wide. "Um....nice costume."

Cordelia narrowed her eyes and sat in the empty chair, trying to pull down the very short skirt she was wearing. "Don't even start with me. I didn't even know it was Pimp and Ho Night before I got here." She tried to pull up her low-cut top. "And Xander certainly isn't helping!"

"Xander?" Willow said. The trio turned their eyes towards the dance floor.

The music changed to a familiar tune, the slow squeal of a guitar starting up with a funky beat and someone singing "Got the love, got the love". The crowds of dancers began to part, revealing....Xander. At least they thought it was Xander under the mass of gold chains, large fur coat, and overly large hat, with matching feather. He walked slowly over to their table, stopping to wink at several young women along the way.

Xander stood by the small table. "Willow!" he said, his voice just loud enough to be heard over the music. "You look great!" His eyes widened as he turned towards Oz. "" He paused for a second. "Nice costume..." He looked the other boy over for a few seconds, an odd look on his face, then turned to Cordelia. "And you..." He paused for a second. "You've been avoiding me all night."

"Do you blame me?" She poked him in his gold-laden chest. "Look at you. You're like out of a bad Isaac Hill movie or something!"

"Isaac Hayes." Xander looked at his girlfriend critically. "And you're really one to talk."

Cordelia glared at him, her mouth opening to say something. But before she could get one word out, Oz stood up. "I'll be right back," he said quietly, adjusting his wig slightly. "Have to powder my nose," he said dryly. He wound his way through the crowd to the Men's room.

He got a few odd looks when he came in, but when the other guys realized it was just a costume, they relaxed. Oz finished his business and moved over to the mirror. Hmm...that lipstick is smudging, he thought to himself, and, after some searching in the small black purse he borrowed from Willow, started re-applying his lipstick.

"Looks like someone made their way into the wrong restroom," said a voice behind him.

Oz looked up in the mirror and raised an eyebrow. "Nope," he said, carefully recapping his lipstick. "I'm in the right room."

Devon swaggered over to the counter. "Well, then, what's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?" he asked, moving close to Oz.

Oz paused for a second, trying not to laugh. "Powdering my nose," he finally said, pulling out a small compact he borrowed from Willow.

"Oh, let me get that for you," Devon said, taking the compact from Oz's hands. He opened it and moved closer to Oz. After a few seconds, he frowned. "Wait a second...." Devon stepped back a few paces. "No way..." He shook his head slightly. "Oz?" he finally asked.

Oz broke into a evil grin. "Took you long enough, Devon."

Devon moved back even further. "I....I gotta go." He quickly made his way out the door.

Oz chuckled, finished up touching up his makeup, then went back to Willow. She grinned as she saw him walk towards her. When he sat down, she wrapped an arm around him, nuzzling his neck. "You look so gorgeous," she whispered into his ear. "I can't wait to get you home."

Before Oz could respond, the music stopped and a man got up on the stage. "All right, we've got a great crowd here, and I want to congratulate everyone who dressed up for the night. But there are a few who went above and beyond. And now, we honor those with our first ever Bronze Theme Night costume contest!" He gestured towards a small group of people. "Our judges here will now go out among the crowd and pick out the couples that have the best outfits."

The judges made their way through the swarm of teenagers, picking out few couples. When one of the judges got to Willow and Oz, she grinned widely. "C'mon you two..." She looked over at Cordelia and Xander, still grinning. "And you two as well."

"But I —"

Xander put his hand over Cordelia's mouth and smiled at the judge. "Sure thing, darlin'," he drawled, moving Cordelia towards the stage.

The quartet walked up on the stage, joining four other couples. The announcer smiled widely. "All right, let's introduce our contestants! Whoever gets the most applause wins first place!" He made his way through the couples, getting their names, then gauging the applause. After some time, he finally reached Oz and Willow. "And what's your name?" he asked, pointing the mike at Willow.

Willow looked at Oz and smiled. "Willow."

The man pointed the mike at Oz. Oz grinned evilly and said in a low husky voice, "Oz."

The announcer turned back to the crowd. " rate the couple by your applause. First up, Carolyn and Mike!" The audience applauded half-heartedly. "And now, Natalie and Nicky!" More half-hearted applause. "Harmony and Jonathan!" A bit more applause, but mingled with looks of disbelief. "David and Allison!" More applause, but half of the audience was still quiet. "Cordelia and Xander!" Even more applause, and a few wolf whistles towards Cordelia.

The announcer pointed at the cross-dressing couple. "And finally, Willow and Oz!" The audience burst into riotous applause, clapping, cheering, whistling. Willow caught sight of Buffy at the bar, laughing and clapping loudly. The announcer grinned. "I think we have a winner!" He pulled a small envelope out of his pocket. "Willow and Oz, you win two tickets to the Sunnydale cinemaplex and a free night at the Bronze! Congratulations, you two!" He turned back to the audience. "And now, a slow song for all you young lovers out there." He walked off the stage to the opening strains of a slow Sinatra song.

Willow and Oz stepped off the stage. Willow turned to Oz. "Would you like to dance?" she asked.

Oz smiled. "Sure. But you have to lead. 'Cause you're wearing the pants."

Willow grinned and lead him out to the dance floor. She slipped both arms around his waist, making him wrap his arms around her neck. She pulled him closer to her, feeling his body next to hers. She held him tightly, her hands sliding on his back, moving slowly to the music.

Oz's hands slid up towards the nape of her neck, toying with the small strands of hair that had slipped out from underneath her fedora. "You look so beautiful," he whispered quietly. "Like you're in a film noir movie." He moved closer to her, moving his arms down around her waist, resting his head on his shoulder.

Willow smiled tenderly. "You're so gorgeous," she whispered back. "I can't believe I'm dating someone as beautiful as you." She pulled away just far enough to look at him, her nose nearly touching his. "So...beautiful...." She brushed her lips to his, then deepened the kiss.

Oz's arms pulled her closer to him and he opened his mouth. They kissed for nearly a full minute, then broke apart to catch their breath.

Willow caressed his cheek, wiping away a smudge of lipstick. "I smeared your lipstick," she said quietly.

Oz grasped her hand, holding it to his cheek. "Willow," he said, his voice low. "Let's get out of here."

Willow smiled, and together, they left the Bronze.


Willow led Oz out of the Bronze, one arm wrapped around his waist. Oz rested his head on her shoulder, occasionally kissing her neck softly. Willow tried to ignore the sensations, trying to keep her mind focused enough to get them out of the Bronze. She pushed through the crowds and was soon out in the cool night air of the alleyway, her head clearing. She felt Oz's lips on her neck again, and the faint touch of his tongue, and finally couldn't take it any more.

Oz felt the cold wall against his back before he even realized Willow had pushed him against it. "Will —" He was interrupted by her mouth crushing his.

She kissed him fiercely for a minute, then made her way down his neck. "You..." she whispered, interspersing the words with kisses. She slid her hands around his waist, pulling him closer to her, crushing the sock-stuffed bra against his chest.

"Willow, I...." he said softly, his breathing rough. "I don't think..."

She pulled away and looked into his eyes, her hand cupping the side of his face. "Don't," she said sharply. "Don't think." She kissed him roughly again.

Oz closed his eyes, swimming in the sensation, then opened them in surprise when he felt Willow's hands sliding up past his stockings. "Willow!" he said, attempting to keep his voice low.

Willow smiled evilly as she slowly kneeled down in front of him. She slid the leather mini skirt up, raising her eyebrows when she saw the jockey shorts. "Someone didn't get authentic," she said softly before pulling them down and taking him into her mouth.

Oz groaned at the feeling of her soft, wet mouth surrounding his cock. "Oh God, Willow," he panted. He ran his hands through her hair, his head resting back against the wall. When she ran her tongue a certain way over a certain area, he jerked up suddenly, pulling her away from his cock.

"Wh —" she was able to say before he pressed her up against the opposite wall, kissing her as roughly as she had been. His hands slipped under her suit jacket and cupped her breasts, rubbing the hard nipples between his fingers. Willow moaned softly, arching her back.

Oz continued to kiss her, slipping his hands down to her belt. Within a matter of seconds, her pants were down to her ankles. He pulled away for a second. "How do you want to do this?" he asked breathlessly.

Willow bent down slightly, pulling her feet out of the pants without stepping on them, then removed the boxers. She put them atop a nearby crate, then looked at Oz, her legs bare, but still wearing the shirt, tie, jacket, and fedora. The juxtaposition of her male clothing and her obviously female body was too much for Oz. He crushed her in another deep embrace, his mouth searching for hers hungrily. He grabbed his purse and opened it roughly, spilling things onto the ground, searching for the condom he had tucked in there. He opened the packet and quickly slipped the condom on. He placed both hands on her hips, lifting her slightly off of the ground, then entered her, trying to be gentle.

Willow would have nothing of the sort. Her hands grabbed onto his ass tightly, pulling him deeper into her. She kissed him hungrily in between moans, her head tossing violently enough to dislodge her fedora. Her hair streamed down around their faces. Oz began to sweat slightly, his makeup running.

It was only a matter of seconds before Willow had gone from occasionally moaning to a low steady keen. Oz was marking every thrust with a grunt. Willow's keen suddenly reached its crescendo and she gave a loud shout. Oz quickly followed her with a low groan. Oz rested against Willow for a few seconds, then pulled away. Willow reached for her pants, slipping them onto shaky legs. The couple quietly walked towards the entrance of the alleyway, an arm around each other's waist.

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