the pearl

Homosexual Panics

Places where I am not allowed to have homosexual panics and pretend to be heterosexual (anymore)
By Xander Harris, aged 29

  1. While watching The A-Team and Bradley Cooper is shirtless.
  2. While having dinner in a restaurant and the waitress calls "table for two".
  3. While buying condoms.
  4. When Willow calls to check up on something in a book and asks how I'm doing.
  5. When Oz is kissing me.
  6. When Oz is inside me.
  7. While Oz is engaging in after-sex cuddling.
  8. When I wake up in the morning curled up next to Oz.
  9. When Buffy comes and visits.
  10. When Oz calls me "his partner".

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