the pearl

How It Will Be

You are not prepared.

You can tell me how prepared you are, you can even try to show me with your juvenile rivalries and amateur hexes, but you are not ready.

Tell me whatever you want. Stammer and blurt and come up with overly complex plans and I will know you are not prepared.

Because I know what they are capable of doing. I was there, my boy, and I saw what they did while you were crying for your mother's breast.

Let me tell you what they will do, Draco. Let me explain why you need to be properly trained.

They will capture you first. No, no, do not protest — you're young, foolish, and will naturally be on the front lines of every battle...until you are caught, of course. So they will capture you first.

And then they will interrogate you, beginning with the Veritaserum and, when that doesn't work, more...physical methods will be used. None of it will work, unsurprisingly, because you will know nothing — no, Draco, not even being my son will give you any status in our Lord's army, particularly with that hopeless inevitability of you being captured hanging over your head. You will receive your orders only from me and I will never tell you no more than you need to know.

Do you see? Any self-respecting, properly-trained Pureblood wizard would not begin to protest now.


Now, since you'll be useless for information, they will, instead, use you as a hostage. And that's how they'll capture your mother.

Draco, while I may finance your mother's sentimentality, do not think that, for even a second, that I value you over the mission. You are expendable, and although it would be a bother to produce another heir, it can be done easily enough.

However, since Bellatrix's return, your mother's position has risen in our Lord's court, and many people are exceedingly fond of her. And, naturally, her capture will lead to a particularly vicious battle, in which, to the delight of many, I will be captured. The Daily Prophet will have 'Malfoy Clan Captured' screaming from their headlines, and I imagine there will even be celebrating in the streets.

And that is when it will grow worse, Draco. Although you will have been beaten, and although you will have been force-fed any number of potions by that vile traitor — No, don't even grace him by saying his name — it is only when they have all of us that the true horror will begin.

They call them "Unforgivables," and consider the use of them to be an ultimate crime, but they would be more than willing to use them on us; happily casting Crucio in an attempt to make us talk, threatening us with Avada Kedavra — as if death held any possible terror to us!

And then, late one night, after countless interrogations and abuses, that infernal Potter and his ill-bred bastard of a godfather will come into our cell, lock the door behind them, and cast Imperio upon all three of us.

You scoff now, my boy. You scoff, because you still have absolutely no idea of what they will do to us.

They'll force us to undress first. And while we undress, they will probably also make us recite trite phrases and insults, just to prove the power they have over us. You will flush with shame and rage internally, but even that is nothing compared to what they will do next.

And then you, because you are so young, because you are so beautiful, and because you have spent your days focusing only on your insipid rivalry with the Potter will be ordered to fuck your mother.

No, Draco, it will not be like those heated fumblings you have with the Parkinson girl — this will be a fucking. It will be raw and vicious and angry, and even if both of you are crying and ashamed, you will do it, because you are forced to. And when you come — for they will tell you to come — they will laugh and applaud at your disgrace.

And that...that is simply the beginning.


Perhaps then they will force your mother to kneel between your legs and lick you, perhaps they will force me to do it instead, perhaps it will be both of us, but it doesn't truly matter, because they will not be interested in who does it. They are only interested in seeing someone suck your cock and lick your arsehole, and, if you're lucky, if you're very lucky...

They will give you enough time to prepare before they order me to fuck you.

And I will have to, Draco. I will be forced to push you onto your hands and knees. I will be forced to push my...manhood into you. I will be forced to fuck you, Draco! Over and over, harder and harder, pushing myself into my own son's arsehole...

While they watch.

And halfway through this, halfway through this...fucking — and I cannot help but notice you flinch, Draco, you should be used to such a word, because they will use it, repeatedly — they will begin to change the Imperio. They will make it so that you can speak normally, but, of course, by then, "normally" is hardly how you're going to be speaking, is it? You will scream, and shout, and cry, and even beg, tears streaking down your face as you beg them to make it stop, and all they will do is laugh.

Do you understand? Has it begun to sink in? Do you see what they will do? You will be on your hands and knees, Draco, with your arse being filled by your father, with your mother wet with your seed, and all the while, you will know what is happening, there will be a voice in your head screaming for all of it to stop...

And it will not.

And, just then, as they would force me to come, make me shoot into your arse, then they would...

They would...

I want you to understand, Draco. I want you to know how important everything I am trying to teach you is.

Because, at that point, when they would force me to come inside of you...

They would remove the Imperio from you.

And by then you would be too far gone to care.


Do you see now, Draco? Do you see why I have to do this?

You are so terribly ill-prepared for what will happen. And despite me telling you what will happen, despite the horrors that have paled your face and roiled your stomach, you still have no idea.

They will hurt you. They will hurt her. And, because you are not prepared, because you refuse to focus on anything aside from your petty rivalries...

It will be your fault.

Do you understand me, Draco? Do you understand that this is how it will be?

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