the pearl

Just For Men, 2261

Garibaldi waited patiently in the seedy bar. They said 2200 hours and he was here, on the dot.

A shadow loomed over his table. He looked up. The man looked familiar, but.... "Wade?" he asked.

Wade nodded.

Garibaldi realized what was different. "Your's brown..."

Wade nodded again. "I used Just for Men!"


Wade pulled out a small bottle. "Just for Men, the hair color only for men! Just rub it in and in five minutes, your grey is naturally blended away! People will not recognize you!"

A man dressed in black came near their table. He took a good hard look at Wade, frowning slightly. He then shook his head and left.

"Women will admire you!"

Lise Hampton walked into the bar. She smiled at Garibaldi, but then wrapped her arms around Wade.

"And you will be more successful than you can possibly imagine!"

ISN flashed on. "Mars mourns today, as William Edgars is found dead. What may be more surprising is that his will deeded the entire corporation to his assistant, Wade."

Wade turned back to Garibaldi, holding up the bottle and grinning. "Just for Men. The haircolor that WORKS."

Garibaldi looked at the bottle longingly. "If only I had hair..."

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