the pearl

Just For One Day

It's like that song they play on those Microsoft ads, y'know? We could be heroes, something something something?

I mentioned that to Lorne once, and he got this look on his face and just patted my hand. I think it had more to do with the fact that I was referring to a Microsoft ad than that I was saying that the three of us could do something heroic without tall, dark, and brooding. Whatever — like I'm supposed to know about songs that are older than I am?

So, yeah. We could be heroes. And we are, 'cause today...

Well, last night, I guess, 'cause it's morning now. But, anyways, we did it!

Okay, we did a lot of things last night, but — most importantly, we did it! There was a vision, which, okay, ow, but then we saved the girls and killed the demon and, yeah, we were terrified and everything, but we did it!

Isn't that just great? Doesn't that make you want to jump up and down and dance and scream just a little? Because we did. A lot. And, okay, we got demon guts all over the place because of it, but we were heroes — you're allowed to do that sort of thing, right?

So, yeah, once we got back to my place and showered off the demon goop, and that's always annoying, because it takes like nearly an hour just to scrape it off and if you're not careful, you'll be the one with no hot water, which is why we always go back to my place, because then I get to be first in and use up all the hot water. And once we were all clean and still excited over the fact that "We did it! We really did it!", it was celebrating time.

Even Dennis got into it. Got out that bottle of champagne I've been keeping for a special occasion — although I thought it was going to be when I got my break into acting or when Brad Pitt finally proposed to me, but, hey, being heroes counts, doesn't it? — and even though we were drinking it out of mismatched glasses, it was still just as good — better, even, because Wes, Gunn, and me — we had saved the day.

Saved the day.


The champagne was just the start, though, because I only had one bottle and it wasn't very good, because, c'mon, on my salary? I'm lucky I'm not just buying that sparkling apple cider stuff and passing it off as champagne... But then I pulled out my bottle of tequila and my margarita mix and we sent Gunn out to the liquor store for ice and beer, and once the margaritas were blended and the beers were opened and we were all sitting on the couch just laughing and cheering ourselves on, it wasn't just three best friends being silly — it was a party.

Okay, a small party. But it was a party! We had music and drinks and we were laughing and being happy and I even got to dance — okay, it was with Dennis, and he insisted on playing some old-time big band music rather than something I could dance to, but, whatever — it was a party!

I guess we got pretty drunk, because then I was dancing with Wesley, even though he kept on stepping on my toes. That didn't hurt too much because we were barefoot by then, but, still! You'd think Watcher School or wherever would teach them to at least dance a bit. And he smelled really nice — which, okay, he was using my shower gel, so naturally he'd smell nice, but there was something else there that made him smell nice. And it just felt right know...curl up against him while we were dancing.

And it felt right to do that with Gunn too — although my shower gel totally didn't smell right on him. Way too floral. Maybe I should get both of them something different — sandalwood, or herbs... But he was still so good to dance with — and he could dance, unlike some other men I know.

He felt so good to dance with...I don't know. It just kind of happened. First we were all just sitting on the couch, having another drink — I think it was my fourth? Fifth? Couldn't be more than that, because I only had half of that bottle of tequila and...oh wait, did Gunn get some more when he went to the store? Okay, maybe it was my sixth. Anyways, we were on the couch, and my feet were sprawled out across both Wesley and Gunn's laps, because, hello, my house, my couch, my feet, right?

We were cool — just sitting there, talking, laughing, drinking, but then my drink was empty. So I get up to get another drink, and when I get back, they've taken over the whole couch!

And not only that — they're kissing!

Like, I had a suspicion about them, but it's one thing to go "Hmm. They're awfully buddy-buddy, aren't they?" and another thing to see them making out on your couch.

I wasn't angry, though. I didn't go off and start crying or any of that. I just stood there, watching them.

It was kinda hot, okay?

Well, more than kinda.

Okay, a lot.

And when they realized I was watching them — and it took them awhile too, which is a total insult, because, hello, it's me! Pay attention to me! — they pulled me down onto the couch and then they were kissing me too!

That was nice. That was really really nice, because it was Gunn who kissed me first and he was all sweet and tender and ran his tongue lightly over my lips and that felt so good, and then Wesley kissed me and he had gotten so much better since that time in the library at Sunnydale High. What has been Gunn teaching him?

And, okay, that thought is really hot too.

But I wasn't thinking that at the time. At the time, with Wesley kissing me and Gunn stroking my back and all three of us feeling really relaxed, I was more concerned with whether or not my bed would be big enough for the three of us.

What, I'm not allowed to have sex? Okay, yeah, there was that one time with the demon babies. But that was last year, and I'm pretty certain that Wesley and Gunn haven't made any deals with giant scary impregnating demons or anything. I mean, c'mon! There's only so much a girl can do with her hands and her poltergeist!

So I was thinking about my bed, but only slightly because Wesley was kissing me and kissing me really well, and then Gunn was kissing me again, and then they were kissing each other, and that was good, because it meant I got up off the couch and started dragging them into my bedroom.

And, okay, you might not believe this, but Dennis actually helped. No jealousy, no changing the music or turning on the lights or anything like that, but he helped! He pushed them along, he opened the doors, he did so much for me that...oh, Dennis. You get control of the remote for a week!

So we all land on my bed, and, okay, it's a little snug, but there's definitely room for all three in here, and we're kissing each other all over the place — Gunn kissing me, Wesley kissing me, Gunn kissing Wesley, both of them kissing me, both of us kissing Gunn, both of us kissing Wesley, you know, that whole threesome thing.

But it wasn't sleazy — it wasn't like some tacky porno that the guys in high school would try to get me to watch so that I'd be "in the mood" — it was just...sweet. Cheerful. Even funny, like when Wesley's glasses were crooked and he couldn't get them off and Gunn and I were just laughing uncontrollably as Wesley struggled with them. And then we were all kissing again, in-between giggles, and that was great, but then Wesley's hands started sliding up my thighs and Gunn's hands were undoing my shirt and that was even better.

So we were good, we were relaxed, Wesley was taking my panties off — okay, we weren't particularly relaxed, because, God, how do you get relaxed when you're about to have sex with your two best friends? But we were...we were good. We were more than good — we were great. Fantastic. Brilliant. But I might have just been feeling that way because Wesley was sliding my panties off and Gunn was unfastening my bra and it was just...mmmmmmmmm... Like when I used to go to the spa and get a full body massage but a million times better.

It was just nice. I know that's a terrible way to describe it, but it was — it was nice. I wanted to stay like that forever, just Wesley's hands on my legs and Gunn's hands on my breasts and both of them just kissing and stroking me all over... Nice!

But then Wesley started actually touching me, and that was better than nice. That was amazing. He was stroking me sweetly and slowly and I didn't think Virginia taught him that much about girls, but apparently she did because, wow. Wow!

I didn't last long. He turned me into a sobbing wreck within seconds. Gunn had his fingers on my nipples and Wesley had his fingers inside me and, yeah, that was it — going, going, gone.

And that was just my first! If I had known that dragging Wesley and Gunn into my bed had meant really really nice orgasms — plural! More than one! Oh my God! — I would have totally done this long long long ago. But I didn't know that, and, boy, did I learn quickly!

Because once I had recovered from that first one, they started up again! Well, they switched places, because Wesley wanted to kiss me and Gunn know. Down there. God!

He wasn't the first to do that, 'cause, c'mon, are you kidding? Like I wouldn't go for that! But he was the best! It was really really gentle at first, but then it got faster and more complicated and I don't know how his tongue didn't get tired, but when I came that time, it was even better than when Wesley made me come.

I told him that, of course. How could I not? Wesley was a little cranky at that, so he had to prove to me that he was better. Preferably by actually having sex with me.

Like I was going to complain about that!

Luckily, I kept some condoms in my bedside drawer. Gunn got them, even though I just about died of embarrassment when he pulled out that vibrator that Sarina gave me last year as a joke. I haven't used it that often, honest! But he just grinned and put it on the bed and handed Wesley a condom before he came back to kissing me.

Gunn is a really good kisser. I just thought I'd mention that again. He's even better when he's kissing you while Wesley's spreading your legs and putting it in you.

Oh God!

So Wesley was in me and Gunn was kissing me, and...I don't know...I really had to taste Gunn right then. You know...taste. I told him that was what I wanted, although I was a lot cruder — what is it about having sex with two guys that suddenly turns you into a great big whore?

Anyways, it had the desired effect, because he stopped kissing me and took off his boxers — he had taken off the rest of his clothes along the way, not that I noticed when, because, duh, multiple orgasms — and then it was right there, waving in my face, just wanting to be sucked on.

So I did. And, okay, some of the guys I knew back in high school were fond of spreading rumors about my lesser known talents, and I'd always dash those rumors to pieces the minute I heard them, but...

At least one was true.

I give excellent blowjobs.

I do! Or, at least, so I've been told. And with the way Gunn was moaning, I think I still have that talent, thank you.

Wesley was kneeling between my legs and giving it to me really hard, and Gunn was kneeling over my chest and letting me suck him, and I don't know who decided that was the time to get out that vibrator and start rubbing it against my clit, but oh my God, that man is a saint!

I just kept coming. God. I don't even know who was doing what to me or what was happening because I was coming and coming and coming all over the place. And then Wesley was groaning and Gunn was moaning and it's a good thing I was so completely blissed out because if I had known they were going to both pull out and come on my breasts? I would've complained like you wouldn't believe.

But, then again, I wouldn't have had the fun of them licking it off, would I? And that — that's hot!

God, that was so hot! And they were kissing each other and kissing me and we all started feeling kinda sleepy, which happens when you've just had sex with your best friends, so we curled up on my bed, all wrapped up in each other's arms, and just...fell asleep.

Until it was morning, and I woke up, and left them lying on the bed. Which brings me to now. Where I'm having a cup of coffee and I occasionally look over to see them still sleeping in my bed, snuggling against each other in this way that should totally not be as adorable as it is. And, okay, I'm a little achy, and I don't think I'll really be drinking again in, like, a million years, but that?

That was amazing.

Maybe we should be heroes more often, huh?

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