the pearl

Of Lillies And Remains

A Hellmouth had opened in New Orleans. And no one could tell the difference.

Sure, there were a few more deaths, and the deaths were a bit more unusual, but the police force chalked it up to yet another serial killer, assigned someone to the task, and promptly forgot about it. The news mentioned it a few times, but, after it became apparent that tourism wasn't affected, they moved on as well.

Charlene Duvernay wrote about the murders in her monthly reports, but, as the Watcher in Sunnydale told her, the Slayer was gone, evicted and expelled from all that she knew. And her sucessor was dead, her throat slit by a vampire's fingernail. No one could do anything at this time.

Within a few weeks, the general population of the city barely remembered the murders had occurred at all. No one went out alone at night, but, in this city, no one did that anyway. The wealthy whites barricaded themselves in their Garden District mansions, while the blacks grouped together in the Projects. "Too many crazies in this town," they said to themselves. "You can never be too careful."


Spike and Drusilla had taken a week to reach New Orleans from Sunnydale. It was the beginning of summer, and driving through the glaring white hot sunlight of Texas had taken them longer than expected.

Once in the city, they considered finding a place in the French Quarter, feeding off of drunken tourists, easy marks for anyone, but chose instead a basement apartment Uptown, near the universities. It would be easier to keep the sunlight out, and the tourists were far too visible for a long term stay.

And it was looking more and more like it a long term stay. Spike had told the Slayer that he would leave the country, but, hell, New Orleans was far enough and besides, it felt like another country compared to drab old Sunnydale. There was actual culture here, instead of the pre-fab tract-housing Hellmouth that had been their previous residence.

And the people here....Spike smiled to himself as he recalled last night's meal. Dru would have been content with another gutterpunk, lured in with the promise of drugs, a shower, or a hot meal, but Spike wanted something more challenging. Getting Dru to lure the young seminarian in was more fun than any gutterpunk could ever be. And to think that he left his rosary in his room....

Yes, it was good to be away from Sunnydale. There had been too many complications, too much blood spilled. Drusilla still acted cold towards him, and Spike supposed that he would never get to hear about Angel's outcome. Oh well. Dru would get over it. She always did.

Besides, he thought to himself. There is no better place than New Orleans in the summer. How can anyone pass this up?

Spike laughed and pulled on a thin shirt. Drusilla looked up from her tarot deck and frowned slightly. "And where are you going?" she asked, her voice slow and hazy.

"Down to the Quarter, pet, to scrounge up a late night snack." He grabbed his keys. "Don't worry, I won't be out too late." He kissed the top of her forehead. "And I might even bring you back a little treat."

Drusilla moved away from him, the frown still on her face. "Miss Edith still worries," she said softly. "She worries about Angel."

"Oh for Christ's sake, pet, do I have to hear about that AGAIN?" Spike moved away from her and sighed. "If I have to hear 'Angel' one more time, I swear that bloody MIss Edith is going to end up with her head in the dust bin!"

Drusilla turned sharply, her eyes narrowed. "You've been naughty, Spike. Miss Edith wants to punish you."

Spike sighed again and opened the front door, feeling the tendrils of humidity curl over his body. "Good night, luv," he said. "Have fun with your dolls."


Spike roamed the Quarter, looking for the easy meal. He had noticed a dearth of gutterpunks recently. Odd, considering that the warm humid summer nights would usually lure impressionable teenagers from their relative lives of suburban comfort. Ah well, he thought to himself. Perhaps one of the clubs is open... He turned right on Governor Nicholls and headed towards Decatur.

The clubs were open tonight, and the balmy night brought the crowds out in force. They milled on balconies and hovered near the doorways. The biker bar nearby was packed, or so the row of motorcycles lining the curb would lead one to believe. Spike grinned sharply. It was a big night tonight. Anything was possible.

Spike stopped on the corner to light his cigarette. Several Goth girls, wearing the standard black lipstick and lace, strolled by him and flashed him grins, but Spike knew better than to mess with regulars. These clubs had a small regular clientele. They'd get pretty wary if people started disappearing right and left. And besides, they amused him.

The woman walking on the sidewalk, however, wasn't a regular. She tried to look like one, dressed in a long simple black dress with matching hair and makeup, but Spike knew he had never seen her before. A tourist. Or perhaps someone from the suburbs, trying to spice up her life. God knows Anne Rice had brought enough of them here. Maybe I could pull that Anne Rice routine again.... he thought for a second, then shook it off. Nah, I'm not going to stoop THAT low.

He watched her walk into the club, then went in after her. Maybe he could buy her drink or two, just enough alcohol to flavour the blood delicately. He followed her to the bar, making his way through the dancing kids. He saw her order a drink, and, before she could open her wallet, he placed a five on the bartop. "Let me," he said, barely able to be heard over the pounding beat.

She looked up in surprise. "Thank you," she said softly. Spike could barely hear her, even with his heightened senses, but he could see her full lips mouth the words. Spike ordered a beer for himself, then moved in closer to her ears. "And what's your name?"

She smiled softly, but there was a tinge of bitterness to her smile. "Lily," she breathed into his ear. "And yours?"


She cocked an eyebrow, the bitterness gone from her smile. "Interesting..." She took a sip of her drink.

Spike smiled sharply. "So what's a girl like you doing in a place like this?"

Lily chuckled. "Research."

Spike moved back slightly in mock horror. "Research? Dear God, don't tell me there's anything worth researching in this dive."

Lily chuckled again. "Oh, it's not the place, it's the people."

Spike laughed and finished off his beer. "What do you say to ditching this place and finding someone quiet?"

Lily raised her eyebrow again and smiled slyly. She looked down at her drink, quickly knocked it back, then stood up. Spike stared at her in surprise. She looked at him and grinned. "Well, are you coming?"


They finally decided on picking up a six pack of Abita Turbodog and sitting on the levee, watching the murky water of the Mississippi flow down towards the Gulf. They talked random chitchat for awhile, places each had visited in the Quarter, legends each had heard and even witnessed, things that only could occur in New Orleans. Spike surprisingly found himself beginning to like this girl. After both had finished two beers each, he told her.

"I could definitely like you," he said.

Lily smiled, her eyes focused on him.

"Too bad I have to kill you."


Lily's face dropped in the split second before Spike jumped her. Lily rolled away just before he could grab her. "Damn it, pet," he said, his voice made rough by his transformation. "Don't struggle. It just makes it hurt more."

Lily moved into a crouch position. "Try me."

Spike growled and lunged for her again. She moved out of his way and produced from apparently nowhere a wooden stake. Spike froze suddenly. "Bloody hell! Don't tell me you're a Slayer!"

Lily narrowed her eyes. "No. I'm worse."

Spike shrugged, sat down, and opened another beer. Lily kept her gaze on him, unwavering. "What could be worse than a Slayer? No wait, don't tell me, you're a Watcher." He took a large gulp from the bottle.


Spike spit out his gulp of beer. "Former? There's no such thing as a FORMER Watcher!" He shook his head in denial then looked back up at her. "And will you sit down and put that bloody thing away?"

Lily sat down, but she still kept the stake at readiness.

"So," he said, handing her the last beer. "How does one become a former Watcher? And for God's sake why?"

Lily looked at the beer, looked at her stake, then put the stake down, close enough to pick up if necessary. She opened her beer, took a sip, and sighed. "I lost a very dear friend recently. She was a Slayer."

Spike raised his eyebrows. "That girl in Sunnydale...?"

Lily looked at him in surprise and a bit of anger. "Yes." The anger was quickly replaced with sadness. "I was her trainer. Mabuto took the credit for her training, but I was the one who taught her how to fight. And I was her only friend." She took another drink. "She went to Sunnydale, and she was killed."

Spike nodded. "Another Slayer gone," he said, carefully holding himself in check, eyeing the stake warily.

Lily smiled bitterly. "That's exactly what Mabuto said." She looked at Spike, tears in her eyes. "Another Slayer gone, now a new one had to be trained." She took a gulp of air, tryng not to sob. "He didn't give a damn about who she was." She closed her eyes tightly, then looked straight at Spike. "She was just a tool."

"And what does the death of a Slayer have to do with you leaving the Watchers?"

"When Kendra died, I grieved. When Mabuto didn't care, I raged." Her face grew hard. "I left the night we heard that she was dead. And I swore never to return."

Spike nodded. "Well, that's quite catharic, but why bother telling me?"

Lily smiled bitterly. "You're a vampire. And I want revenge."


Spike returned home, deep in thought. Drusilla sat on the floor, surrounded by her dolls and her cards. "Spike?" she said, her voice quiet and ominous. "Where's my dinner?"

Spike sighed. "No doggie bag tonight, pet. You're going to have to hunt on your own." He walked into the bedroom, still distracted by his thoughts. Finally, he sat on the bed.

The girl had offered him an interesting problem. On the one hand, she was a Watcher. And that whole "former" routine could be just an act. But her hatred of the Watchers seemed real. And besides, it had been a long time since he had really done any serious damage....

Spike laid back on the bed, grinning. Taking out Slayers was fun. Taking out Watchers could be really amusing.

Drusilla slipped into the room, unnoticed by Spike until she was directly at the foot of the bed. "Spike...." she said, her voice purring his name. "What are you thinking?" She curled up next to him on the bed.

Spike kissed the top of her forehead. "I'm thinking about revenge, pet."

"That's funny..." she said softly. "So was I...." She pulled a stake out from her dress and held it directly over him.

"Dru, stop kidding around..." Spike said, his voice firm. He tried to push the stake away. "Dru, stop it."

Drusilla looked at him, her eyes filled with a manic rage. "You killed my Angel... You KILLED HIM!" She rose up above Spike, her body tensed to plunge the stake directly into his heart.

"Dru!" Spike yelled as he quickly dodged out of the way, the stake landing into the bed.

Drusilla flew at him, her nails sharp and jagged. "You killed him, you killed him, " she kept on shrieking while clawing at his body.

Spike tried to grab her wrists, but only succeeded in getting them clawed further. After one particularly deep gouge, Spike swore and did the only thing he could do. He hit her. Dru fell back onto the bed, stunned. Spike stormed out of the house, not knowing where he was going and not caring.

He got into the car and began driving. He didn't care that it was almost daylight. After a few minutes, he came to a small shotgun in the Lower Garden District. He knocked on the door.

A few minutes passed, then Lily opened the door. She stared at him in shock.

"You wanted someone to help you against the Watchers." He paused for a second. "I might be that someone."

Lily's mouth opened, then closed as she nodded. "Come in," she said, holding open the door.


Lily led Spike into the living room. She gestured to a chair and Spike sat, wincing only slightly.

Lily noticed. "You're hurt," she said, her voice soft.

"It's nothing," Spike said. "Now, what exactly did you have when mind when you said you wanted revenge?"

Lily leaned in, her face hard. "I want to take Mabuto down. Once he's gone, the other Watchers won't know what to do. They'll be disoriented, lost, ripe for the taking."

Spike nodded. "And what about any Slayers-in-training that happen to be there?"

"Leave them alone."


"I mean it, Spike. The Slayers go free. I'm only concerned with the Watchers."

Spike leaned forward as well. "What you're asking is bloody dangerous. I've been up against too many Slayers recently to believe that they'll just let their Watchers be slaughtered."

"We'll strike at night." Lily smiled sharply. "Mabuto is very strict about his Slayers and their curfew. While the girls sleep, we'll hit the compound. With any luck, the girls won't even know what happened until morning."

Spike matched her smile. "I believe we have a deal," he said, holding out his hand.

Lily shook it, then gasped in surprise when she saw the gashes on Spike's hand. "That's not 'nothing', Spike. What happened?"

Spike shrugged. "Resolving old differences. It's noth— Ow!" He broke off when Lily traced one particular gash with her finger.

"Nothing...sure..." She stood up. "Come on, let's get you cleaned up." She walked off towards the bathroom.


Spike stood next to the sink, a frown on his face. "Are you purposefully trying to torture me?"

Lily smiled, grabbed another bandage from next to her on the sink, and applied it delicately. "I'm's not often I have to nurse a scratched up vampire," she said dryly. She winced as she saw another gash, this one trailing down his neck and under his shirt. "Who did this to you?" she asked softly, leaning in to clean the wound.

Spike grunted softly. "A vengeful lover," he said, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

Lily raised an eyebrow. "I bet." She paused for a second. "Do you mind...?" She gestured towards his shirt.

Spike lifted the shirt off of his chest and shoulders and handed it to her. Lily set it down on the cabinet next to her, then leaned in closer to finish the job. "And there we go...." She set down her supplies. "All done."

Spike looked down at the plague of bandages that had appeared over his body. "Good God," he said. "She really did a number on me, didn't she?"

Lily nodded. "But not as bad as that..." She traced a large scar that twisted down Spike's back. "Where did that come from?"

Spike felt her soft warm fingers stroke his back and closed his eyes, trying to ignore his response. "Pipe organ fell on me. Spent several months in a wheelchair."

"And that?" She traced another scar, this one fairly recent.

"The same girl who did this to me. I was in the process of beating the crap out of the guy who had stolen her from me." The memory of Dru's cold hands and sharp nails clashed with the warm, almost hot, fingertips stroking him gently. He looked at her face, to see her determinedly looking at his chest. She felt his gaze on him and looked up, blushing slightly. "Lily," he said, his voice low.

"Yes?" she responded, her voice just as low.

"Oh bullocks," he said before wrapping his arms around her and kissing her firmly. Lily's hands ceased their tender stroking and reached up to his shoulders, pulling him closer to her.


They spent the day in bed, the curtains drawn tightly against the sunlight. As the room blackened into complete darkness, Lily curled up next to the cool body of her lover and sighed.

"What?" he said, stroking her black hair lightly.

"It's going to be a long journey to Jamaica," she said quietly. "I should check out the shipping lines...find a cargo ship heading the right way..." She sat up and reached for her nightgown.

"Lily," he protested, trying to keep her on the bed with her. "Love, it's already dark. Everything's going to be closed."

Lily climbed out of bed, stopping only to kiss Spike on the cheek. "I'll only be in the next room...I'm going to see if there are any cruise packages to Jamaica." She padded out into the next room.

"Cruise?" Spike looked at the soft bed, then at the doorway. "Aw hell," he muttered before grabbing his pants.

After dressing, he walked into the next room to see her sitting at her desk, her body illuminated by the glare of a computer screen. She typed in a few words, clicked her mouse a few times, and nodded to herself.

Spike set his hands on her shoulders. "And what are you looking at, love?"

She looked up at him and smiled. "I'm booking us for a cruise to Jamaica. It'll take us a day to drive down to Florida, then three days to Jamaica, one day and night there, then three days back to Florida." She pointed to the screen. "See? I got us a inside cabin. No windows."

Spike looked at the screen, a sly grin coming to his face. "And you did all this in just a few minutes?"

Lily smiled. "It's just punching in a few things. Name, address, Watcher's guild credit card number...." At Spike's raised eyebrow she grinned. "They never told me NOT to use it..."

Spike laughed. "I think we're going to work wonderfully," he said, leaning forward to kiss her on the forehead. He looked at the screen again. "Three days on a cruise? Sounds like a buffet...."

Lily turned to face Spike, her face grave. "No."

"But Lily...."

"No! You can't treat the cruise ship as your own personal snack wagon!" She stood up and faced him. "Spike, please. It's too dangerous."

"Love, I need to eat. Can't slaughter a bunch of Watchers on an empty stomach!"

Lily nodded. "I know, I know..." She turned towards the window and opened the curtain. It was another slow hazy night in New Orleans. She sighed heavily, still looking out the window. "Use me."

Spike stared at her in shock. "I beg your pardon?"

"Use me." She turned around, a look of determination on her face. "You can control yourself enough not to kill me, right? So drink from me."

Spike shook his head. "Lily..." he sighed and moved towards her. "You can't possibly be serious!"

Lily looked at him, her eyes soft. "I am. Spike, when it comes down to it, you're going to be the physical strength. I can take down a few, but not an entire bloody compound. Whether I'm a pint short or not won't make much of a difference. But if you turn the cruise ship into your own personal McDonald's, we're not going to make it to Jamaica and all this will have been for nothing!" She walked away from him.

Spike walked towards her and wrapped his arms around him. "Lily..." He paused for a second. "When are we going?"

Lily looked up at him, her eyes shining. "We leave on Thursday."


Lily woke up the next afternoon and went shopping for supplies. She tried to ask Spike if he wanted anything, but he just buried his head under the sheets and grumbled something.

She strolled through the K & B, picking up things for the trip. Sunblock, insect repellent, latex gloves, water bottles, a large carton of cigarettes, random things that everyone picks up before a trip and never really need.

She paid for her purchases and walked out to the parking lot. As she walked back to her house, a figure stepped in her way. "Lily," the person said quietly.

Lily stepped back in shock, nearly dropping a bag. "My God! You scared me!" She looked at the person closer. "Charlene?"

Charlene Duvernay smiled softly. "Hi, Lily. It's been a long time."

Lily took a step back. "How did you find me? I thought no one knew..."

Charlene nodded. "We didn't. We only found out after you started.....associating with Spike."

Lily's eyes narrowed. "So you know. And I suppose you've told Mabuto already. Isn't that what Watchers do? Watch and then tell everyone? The voyeurs of the supernatural world?"

"Lily, stop it. You have to know."

"Know what? You don't have anything that I could possibly be interested in." She started to walk away.

"Do you know who Spike came with?" Lily stopped, but did not turn around. "Drusilla.""

At that, Lily turned around. "Drusilla? THE Drusilla?"

Charlene nodded grimly. "Drusilla. The one from Sunnydale. The one that killed Kendra."

Lily looked at Charlene, shock, despair, and rage etched on her face. "No," she said, her voice low.

Charlene stared at Lily, her face detatched. "It's true."

"NO!" Lily broke off into a run.

"Ask him!" Charlene shouted. "Ask him about her, about Sunnydale! Ask him!"


Lily rushed into the house, slamming the door. She threw the bags on the floor and stomped into the bedroom. Spike sat up in bed, a confused look on his sleepy face.

"Is it true?" she demanded.

Spike frowned. "What?"

She leaned on the bed, nearly quaking with rage. "Did you come here with Drusilla?"

Spike's mouth opened slightly as realization dawned on him. "Love..." He reached out to touch her.

She pushed his arm away. "Don't." She paced the room. "You knew. You knew from the day you met me that I left the Watchers because of Kendra. You KNEW and you NEVER said a word." She stopped and looked at him, her eyes bleak. "Why? Why didn't you say anything?"

"That first night you had a bloody stake pointed at me. Do you THINK I would mention anything that would get me killed?" He grabbed a cigarette and lit it, looking away. "After I talked to you, I went home. Drusilla went crazy and tried to kill me. Trying to get revenge for what happened with her precious Angelus. That's where I got these..." He pointed at the scratches that Lily had cleaned up just two nights before. "When I came here, I wanted to get away from her, away from the madness, away from everything." He paused for a second. "Lily....I'm sorry."

She looked away. "Sorry doesn't even begin to cover it, Spike. I swore revenge on the vampire that killed Kendra." She walked over to the closet and pulled out a thin jacket, the same one she had worn the night they had met. "Where is she?"

Spike felt a sinking feeling in his stomach, realizing that the bulge in her left pocket was the same stake she pulled on him. "I can't tell you."

"Spike!" She pounced him, the stake poised above him. "Tell me!"

He took her hand and put the stake directly above his heart. "Go on, do it. Kill me. Kill me, then kill Dru. Forget entirely about what Mabuto said when Kendra was killed, forget entirely about your original goal — your original revenge. Just kill the vampires. Be the good little Watcher." He looked into her eyes. "Lily, forget about Drusilla. She isn't worth it. She isn't worth giving it all up."

Lily raised the stake, her hands shaking. Spike's eyes widened, a second of fear. My God, she's really going to do it. Lily threw the stake into the corner and collasped on Spike, crying.

"You son of a bitch...." she said in-between sobs. "How could you do this to me....How could you make me feel this way..."

Spike stroked her hair, letting her cry.


Spike watched Lily sleep for a few hours, thinking. The only sounds in the house was the soft ticking of the clock and the even breathing of Lily. It had been a long time since Spike had heard the sound of someone breathing peacefully. He found himself needing to hear the sound of her breathing, to know that she was still alive, still mortal.

He sighed softly and grabbed his keys. He had one last thing to do before he could leave. He walked quietly into the next room and left, making sure to close the door quietly behind him.

He drove to the small apartment. It was dark when he opened the door. "Dru?" he said softly. There was nothing in the living room. He thought he heard a faint humming, and walked into the bedroom. "Dru?"

The bedroom was illuminated with a single candle. Drusilla sat next to it, staring into it. Her face was shadowed and she hummed a soft lullaby. Spike stayed in the doorway. "Dru?"

She turned towards him, the candle light slipping onto her features. "Spike," she purred softly. She smiled sharply. "You've come back to apologize."

"What're you doing, pet?"

Drusilla grinned. "I'm having a party....have you come to join us?"

Spike frowned. "A party?"

"Yes....I've invited everyone..." She lit another candle, revealing several dolls, a few scattered dresses, and a small child, sobbing quietly. "Come to my party, Spike..."

Spike walked over to her and stroked her hair softly. "Drusilla...."

"Yes, Spike?"

Spike stroked her hair one last time. "I'm leaving."

Drusilla looked up at him, her eyes flashing. "Leaving? You can't leave me!"

Spike looked down at the ground for a second, then looked back at her. "I am."

Drusilla stood up, raging. "You can't! You can't! You CAN'T!" She stood shakily for a few seconds, then completely changed her demeanor. "Spike...." she said, her voice and eyes seductively innocent. "You wouldn't leave your princess? Leave me all alone in the big frightening city with no one to protect me...." She curled her body around his, knowing exactly what he preferred. "I need my big Spike to protect me from the nasty Slayers..."

Spike closed his eyes for second. "Drusilla," he said, his voice calm.

"Protect me from the Slayers....those mean nasty Slayers...." she was muttering into his chest.

Spike pulled her away to arms-length distance. "Drusilla," he said, a bit more forcefully. Drusilla looked up at him, her eyes large and luminous. Spike took another deep breath. "If you need someone to protect you....."

Drusilla smiled slyly, her hands sliding onto Spike's hips.

"Go find your precious Angel." Spike stepped away from her.

Drusilla's face changed in a flash. "How dare you?" she growled, her vampire eyes flashing with hate and rage. "You can't leave me! You can't! I won't abide it!" She began to shake with the rage, and grabbed the nearest thing, a small porcelain figurine. "You can't leave me!" she screamed, throwing the doll at the wall near Spike. She began to smash up the rest of her dolls, screaming "You can't! You can't! You can't!"

Spike stepped out of the way and towards the bedroom door. "Goodbye, Drusilla," he said softly.

Spike walked out of the house and stopped in front of the car. He slowly lit a cigarette and inhaled deeply. He could still hear Drusilla's screams of rage from outside. He sighed and got into the car.

Lily was awake when he returned. She stood in the living room, an imposing figure even in her simple cotton nightgown. "You couldn't kill her, could you?" she asked, her voice tinged faintly with disappointment.

Spike looked down at the ground. "No, I couldn't." At the sound of Lily's feet moving away from him, he looked up and began walking towards her. "She isn't worth it, Lily!" he shouted.

Lily turned around, her eyes filled with tears. "Don't you think I know that?" she said, her voice shaky. She gulped for air. "I know she isn't 'worth it', Spike," she said, her voice steady but still etched with pain. "But that doesn't make it better!" She slumped up against the hallway wall. "I just want someone to pay," she said softly, sliding down to the floor. "Someone to be responsible for Kendra."

Spike crouched down next to her. "And we will. We'll go after Mabuto and make him understand that Slayers are not to be trifled with, even if they are already dead."

Lily sniffled slightly and gave him a weak smile, holding out her arms. Spike lifted her up and held her tightly for a second, kissing her gently.

Lily broke the kiss after a few seconds and smiled up at him. "We need to get going if we're going to make our cruise," she said softly. "I'll drive during the day, and you can drive at night. We'll leave in the morning."

"That gives us...." Spike looked at the clock. "Three hours. More than enough time to pack." He pulled her closer to him, enjoying the feeling of her body next to his. "Why don't we make the most of it?"

Lily smiled again before pulling him down into another kiss.


They reached Florida in record time, surprisingly avoiding every backwoods speeding trap along the way. They checked into a small hotel before sunrise and while Spike slept, Lily confirmed the travel arrangements. It was rather easy to convince the ship to have night-time boarding...especially with the thinly veiled threat of a lawsuit.

They boarded that night, settling comfortably into their inside cabin. Spike had "borrowed" the motel owner's guard dog, and was comfortably sated for the night. The ship set sail the next morning, while Lily slept in her lover's arms.

Lily woke early. She groped around the room in the complete darkness, searching for her clothing. After a stubbed toe and a muffled curse, she reached her suitcase. She tried to quietly unzip the suitcase and reach her clothing.

"You can turn the light on, love," Spike's voice came from the bed. "I've been awake."

Lily turned the lights on low and finished dressing. Spike sat up in bed, grumbling slightly. "What time is it?" he said.

Lily looked for her clock. "Um....5:30. Still daylight."

Spike sighed and fell back on the bed. "What're you doing up?"

Lily grabbed some papers out of her bag, walked back and curled up next to Spike on the bed. "I couldn't sleep. I thought I'd see what's out there," she said quietly.

"Well, there's some fun to be had here..." Spike said, wrapping his arms around her and nibbling lightly on her neck.

Lily chuckled lightly and started flipping through the papers.

"What's that then?" Spike said, frowning slightly.

"Plans for the compound, guard schedules, map of the surrounding area, you know," she said lightly. "The usual things you pick up when you live in a highly secretive quasi-military compound."

Spike chuckled. "And you just walked off with all this?"

Lily looked up at him, a twinkle in her eye. "Watchers don't leave voluntarily, Spike. No one even thinks about the idea. I doubt anyone has bothered to change anything since my departure." She opened up the map. "See here?" she said, pointing at a small clearing in the midst of a large green space. "That's the compound. It was originally a settlement for runaway slaves in the 18th century, then, after slavery was abolished, it was obtained by the Watchers' Guild. They've owned it ever since."

Spike nodded. "A lot of jungle around the place."

"It was better. Secluded. Separate." She traced the small winding road leading from the compound. "This is the only road out of the compound. It leads into the town at the foot of the jungle. We can get a truck in Kingston, and spend the day in town. I still know a few people who'll put me up for the day."

Spike nodded again. "And then what?"

Lily pulled out the plan of the compound. "This is the main gate for the compound. There's one guard there posted at all times. This house," she pointed at a small side house, "is where the guards live, right next to the gate." She pointed to a larger house. "This is where the instructors and the Watchers-in-training live." She finally pointed to the large building in the center. "And this is the big house. Mabuto has a suite on the bottom floor, near the main room. The Slayers-in-training and any guests sleep on the upper floors."

Spike wrapped an arm around Lily's waist, curling up next to her. "We can leave town at night, hit the main gate when there's just the one guard..." He paused for a second. "Are you sure we can't touch the Slayers?"

Lily nodded. "Quite sure. No Slayers. We'll hit Mabuto while they sleep, and, with any luck, they won't even know until we're long gone."

Spike chuckled, his chilly lips stroking the nape of her neck. "It sounds like a plan to me," he said softly. "Who knew a Watcher could be so smart?"

Lily laughed and turned to face him. "I'll show you smart." She pulled him close for a long kiss.


Spike paced in the cabin, snarling to himself. "Where is that bloody girl?" he muttered to himself.

The lock turned and Lily walked into the cabin. After she shut the door, he rushed her, slamming her up against the wall. "It's been two days, Lily!" he growled at her.

"Spike!" she gasped, trying to breathe.

Spike swore and dropped her onto the floor. He resumed pacing. "I haven't had anything to eat since that dog in Florida, Lily. For the past two days, I have gone without dinner because you made me promise not to touch a single person on the entire bloody ship!" He turned to her. "C'mon, love. Who's going to miss one of these geriatrics?"

She glared up at him. "Spike, you can't turn this ship into your own buffet! People are going to notice!"

He swore and resumed pacing. "I can't hold out until we reach Jamaica, Lily. Something has to be done."

Lily closed her eyes and swallowed. "I know." She paused for a moment. "Do you remember what I offered a few nights ago?"

Spike looked at her, surprised, then looked away. "It'll hurt."

She smiled lopsidedly. "I've been through pain before."

Spike looked directly at her. "Lily, some say...well, I think it's a load of rubbish..." He paused for a moment. "It's been said that a vampire and the...donor he keeps alive develop a bond that lasts until death."

Lily nodded slowly. "Have you ever seen this happen firsthand?"

"I've never let anyone live."

Lily closed her eyes for a second. When she opened them again, her face was calm. "You will be careful not to....?"

Spike nodded. "I need you as much as you need me."

She took a deep breath. "What are we waiting for then?" she said, trying to keep her voice light. She stood up and walked over to him.

Spike caressed her cheek, then kissed her. She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him towards the bed. They sat together, kissing gently. Spike broke the kiss, and slowly made his way down to her neck.

He nipped at first, getting her used to the feeling of teeth on skin. Then he bit.

Lily stiffened, the two points of pain searing through her body, quickly replaced by a slow dull ache. She slumped back slightly, supported by Spike's arms around her. The feelings of calmness and lassitude that swept through her body was astounding. She raised her hand up to Spike's head and ran her fingers through the close-cropped blond hair.

The moment seemed to last for hours, but lasted only for a few seconds. Spike removed his mouth from her neck and just held her. Lily touched the wounds on her neck gingerly, then looked up at him. "How was it?" she asked softly.

"Thank you." Spike kissed the top of her forehead.

Lily smiled weakly. "I'm so..." she shook her head. "I think I need to rest." She rested her head on Spike's shoulder and dozed off.

Spike held her, softly stroking her hair, trying to understand what had happened.


They reached Jamaica in the late afternoon the next day. Lily, wearing a colorful scarf around her neck, made a deal with the captain, and arranged to have a boat available that evening.

Spike spent the afternoon re-checking their supplies. Lily took the afternoon shopping excursion to Kingston and returned with a fully loaded 28, with spare ammunition. "For when you're busy with something else," she told Spike, who viewed the gun with a bit of scorn.

They rented a truck in Kingston and spent the night driving to the small town of Lawrence. Once there, Lily led him to a small house on the edge of town, where they spent the day, wrapped in each others' arms.

After sunset, they stayed in the town for a few hours, mapping out the final details of their plan. Lily looked towards the hill where the compound sat. "This is going to be hell, isn't it?" she said softly.

Spike looked up at the hill. "Probably, but it ought to be fun."


They left the truck half a mile from the main gate and walked quietly up the hill. "What are you planning to do with Mabuto?" Spike asked, his voice low.

Lily's gaze never wavered from the road. "I'm going to find him...and I'm going to kill him."

Spike opened his mouth, about to say something, then closed it with a nod. The set of Lily's body told him it would be pointless to discuss it further. {Hell hath no fury....} he thought to himself.

The duo made their way to the front gate of the compound. "Let me take care of this," Lily whispered to Spike. She stepped out into the floodlit area.

The guard pointed his submachine gun at her. "Don't move."

Lily peered at the guard. "Ian?" she said.

"Lily?" The gun wavered slightly.

Lily smiled slightly. "Yeah..."

"What are you doing here? Mabuto said you weren't coming back!"

"I...." she looked down at the ground. "I want to come back," she said softly.

The gun lowered slightly. "I....I have to check with Mabuto, Lily. You know that."

Lily nodded. "I know." As Ian turned away, she gestured to Spike.

Spike came up behind the man, and elegantly snapped his neck. Lily watched the man fall, then bent over to close his eyes. Spike looked at her. "You knew him?"

Lily nodded. "He let me sneak into town if I'd get him cigarettes," she said quietly. She looked down at the body for a second, then looked up at Spike. "We have to hurry. If he doesn't check in by midnight, they sound the alarm."

Spike nodded. They made their way into the compound.


Lily was able to slip into the main house easily. "They haven't changed a thing since I left," she whispered, holding up a key ring. "Including the locks." She unlocked the back room and entered the kitchen. They walked through the pantry without incident, but Lily froze at the doorway, hearing the clink of a few dishes in the kitchen itself.

She stepped silently into the kitchen. At the sink stood a single woman. Lily recognized her as a Watcher. She gestured to Spike.

Spike nodded, then licked his lips. It had been awhile since his last meal. He slipped behind the woman and quietly slid his hand over her mouth. Her body tensed in the second before Spike bent over to her neck. Within a matter of seconds, the woman was slumped against the floor, dead.

Lily crouched near the doorway of the main hall, checking for people. When she made sure it was clear, she moved into the hallway, Spike following.

They reached the door at the end of the hall quickly. Lily silently turned the doorknob and opened the door.

A soft light was on in the corner. A young man sat in an armchair, reading. He looked up at the noise and dropped his book at the sight of the duo. "Oh my God," he said, his voice quiet. "Lily?"

Lily looked down at the floor. "Hello, Robert." She paused for a second. "It's been a long time."

"You left," Robert spat out. His hand reached down towards a small button. Spike was over at his side in a flash, and grasped his hand. "Naughty, naughty," he said, his voice sharp.

Robert attempted to remove his hand, glaring at Lily the entire time. "Why?" he said, his voice accusatory.

Lily finally looked up at him, her eyes wintry. "Revenge."

Robert tried one last tug from Spike's hand, then grimaced in pain when the bones snapped. "Damn it Lily!" he shouted. "Damn you!"

Lily shook her head. "It's too late for that." She walked towards the bedroom. She stood in front of the bedroom door for a second, collecting herself.

Spike frowned. "What do you want me to do with this wanker?" he said.

Lily turned towards him, looked at Robert sadly for a second, then turned back to the door. "Kill him," she said coldly. She opened the bedroom door abruptly, ignoring the sound of Robert's neckbones snapping. She flipped the lights on.

Mabuto lurched up in his bed, disoriented. Once he realized what was going on, his eyes narrowed. "Lily," he said, his voice judgemental. "You've come back to us."

Lily pulled out her gun. "I've come to end it."


Mabuto sat in bed, staring Lily down. "You don't want to do this," he said, his voice calm.

Lily calmed pointed the gun directly at him. "Try me, Mabuto," she said softly.

Mabuto closed his eyes, took a deep breath, then opened his eyes again. "Lily," he said beseechingly. "Why?"

"Kendra. You treated her like a tool, and her death meant nothing to her." Lily cocked the gun. "She was nothing to you, just like every other Slayer that has been here."

"Is that what you think? Lily..." He paused for a second. "If I knew how much you cared..."

"That won't work, Mabuto. It doesn't change a damn thing." She closed her eyes briefly, tears running down her cheeks. "First it was Kendra. Then it'll be the next one, then the next one, then the next one. It has to end HERE."

"So you think it's all my fault, is it?" Mabuto narrowed his eyes. "Is that what that vampire has been telling you?" He gestured towards Spike, who was lounging against the doorway. "He's the worst of the lot, Lily. He kills Slayers, he enjoys it. You're dealing with the devil, dealing with Satan himse—"

"Stop it," Lily spat out. "It's over, Mabuto." She calmly closed her eyes. "It's all over." She fired the gun twice, hitting Mabuto directly in the head.

After a few seconds, she turned to Spike, not looking at Mabuto's body. She looked at him, her expression one of exhaustion. "Let's go home," she said, her voice low. She walked out of the bedroom without looking at the room.

Spike followed her and froze the second he got into the hallway.

There stood a girl, barely twelve years old, holding a crossbow. She raised the crossbow, pointing it directly at Lily.

"Halle," Lily said, keeping her voice calm. "It's me...Lily, remember? I was your hand-to-hand instructor."

Halle nodded. "I remember," she said, her voice steel. "I am sorry..." She aimed the crossbow. "But I am the Slayer." She fired the crossbow, hitting Lily directly in the chest.

Lily slowly slumped to the ground, a look of surprise on her face. "You hit me..." she said quietly, her voice breaking.

Spike rushed the girl, a low growl coming from his throat. He snatched the crossbow from her, and broke it in half before grabbing the girl. "You little bitch," he snarled, leaning in for her neck.

"Spike! No!" Lily shouted raggedly. "No Slayers!" Spike turned to Lily. She smiled weakly. "She was...just...doing her job..."

Spike looked at the girl, then dropped her, snarling. He went to Lily. "Let's get you out of here," he said quietly, picking her up and carrying her outside.

Once outside, he laid her down gently. "It's bad, love," he said, his voice quiet. He pulled out a small knife and sliced open his palm. "Lily....drink..." He held his palm to her mouth.

Lily shook her head, moving away from the blood. "No thanks, Spike. I've....never been one for...immortality...."

"Damn it, girl." Spike held up her head towards his palm. "I'm not going to lose you!"

Lily pushed away his hand again. "I...don't want to be...a vampire...." She coughed, feeling the blood flow into her lungs. "Just....kiss me before it's over..."

Spike leaned in and kissed her softly, tasting the blood on her lips. He held her as she took her last breath.


Spike walked out of the compound, unbothered. He had placed Lily under a tree, unwilling to explain carrying a corpse. The survivors of the compound did not come near him. He didn't know if it was from fear or from pity.

Spike walked through the main gate, paused, and lit a cigarette. He looked back at the compound. "I hope you're happy, Lily....wherever you are." He walked away.

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