the pearl

Miss Edith's Diary

Monday: She dressed me in the pink frilly dress today, then covered my eyes. I hate it when she does that. I never get to see anything. And it's not like I've been bad....much.

Tuesday: Removed the blindfold and dressed me in white frills, extra starch. The prickly lace bothered me all night. But she let me watch this time. The blond-haired man came in and spent time with her. He likes her a lot. She likes him, but sometimes she'd rather be having tea with me and the others. I wonder when she's going to change my dress. The lace is itchy.

Wednesday: The lace got me into trouble. It itched so much, I fell over. The blindfold came out again, and she turned me to the wall. I heard a few screams. I wish I could have seen.

Thursday: She took me out! I got to go outside with her. We walked around for awhile, she was talking and singing to me, then she found a little boy. She got blood on my white itchy dress. Maybe I won't have to wear it anymore.

Friday: She spent all night in bed, complaining of visions. The blond man came by, but she snapped at him. He got mad and threw Miss Elizabeth down. I'm sure glad it wasn't me. Miss Elizabeth's face had a giant crack right down the center. I don't think he'll be coming by for awhile.

Saturday: She has a new doll now. The blond man brought it by to make up for breaking Miss Elizabeth. I think she's naming it Miss Angela. The blond man was upset she mentioned someone named "Angel" but I think he was just glad to be back with her. She dressed me in my blue dress today. It doesn't itch. I'm happy.

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