the pearl

Movie Night

Delenn looked at John in confusion. "It's a motion picture?" she asked.

John nodded and grinned. "Yeah, technically. But it's not just a movie, Delenn. There's a stage show, and the audience participates, and..." He saw her grow more confused. "'s kinda hard to explain."

She nodded. "So I see." She paused for a second, thinking. "John, why do humans do this?"

John frowned. "Well...I guess it's a way to people to connect to the movie and to each other. It's a group ritual."

Delenn's eyes sparked recognition. "Ah, so it's a religious tradition!"

John's mouth opened for a second, then closed. He grinned. "Yeah, I guess it is." He held her hand in his. "C'mon, Delenn...I haven't done this sort of thing since college. It'll be fun."

Delenn looked at him, eyes twinkling. "Of course, John. I am sure it will be...most illuminating."

John grinned and stood up. "I'll have your costume delivered to your quarters."

Delenn frowned again. "Costume?" she said.

John nodded. "Of course. Can't go to this without a costume. Don't worry, Delenn, I have the perfect one for you!" He grasped her hand again. "I'll pick you up at 20:00 hours?"

Delenn nodded. "That will be fine. Until then, John."

John grinned, kissed her on the cheek, and left.


Delenn fidgeted with the outfit again. It just wasn't working! And John was coming in 5 minutes. Delenn whispered a human curse under her breath.

The door chimed. Oh no, John was early. Delenn gave up, sighed, and said "Enter!"

Susan walked in, wearing a strange black dress with a small white apron. She looked at Delenn and tried to hold back her laughter. "I thought you would need some help."

Delenn sighed. "Please?" she asked.

Susan laughed and came over. After some work, Delenn was finally properly dressed. "How's that?" Susan asked.

Delenn looked at herself in the mirror. "Human clothes are such an effort," she said.

Susan laughed. "Well...this gives us a chance to dress up, to look nice. If it takes some effort, you value the experience more."

Delenn nodded and looked at Susan. "What is that?" she asked, pointing at Susan's dress.

Susan laughed. "Oh, it's a Twentieth-century outfit. Female servants wore this."

Delenn frowned. But before she could say anything, the door chimed again. "Enter," she said. She looked to the door. Her mouth dropped open, her eyes grew big, and she heard Susan's laughter.

"What?" said John Sheridan. "Did my make-up smear?"

Delenn looked at her fiance. He was wearing high-heeled boots made out of some sort of plastic, stockings, a garter belt, a corset, and had a large amount of make-up on his face. "What...what is this outfit?" she finally asked.

John grinned. "It's the main character's outfit, Delenn. You'll see." He looked at Delenn and smiled slyly. "You look wonderful Delenn."

Delenn fidgeted with the tuxedo again. "This was most difficult to put on, John."

John grinned and stepped closer, but then noticed that Susan was in the room. "Hi, Susan," he said. "Elbow sex!"

John and Susan came together, rubbing their elbows. "Oh, John, when you do that..." Susan said breathlessly.

Delenn stared at them, confused beyond belief. "What?"

Susan started laughing. "It's nothing, Delenn...just an inside joke. Don't worry about it."

Delenn shook her head, but said nothing.

John held out hands. "Well, shall we go?" he asked the ladies.

"Got the supplies, John?" asked Susan.

John held up a paper bag. "Newspaper, toast, lighters, squirt guns, balloons...and everything else we need, Susan."

The trio walked out of Delenn's quarters. They soon reached the auditorium. There, Delenn was amazed at what she saw.

Garibaldi and Zack were sitting next to each other, Zack wearing a shirt with a sweater tied around his shoulders and glasses.

Garibaldi...well...Garibaldi was wearing a blonde wig, a polyester skirt, and a blouse.

"Magenta, darling!" said someone coming near them. He had white hair and was wearing an old-fashioned suit, something like what Sebastian wore. It was not until he came closer that Delenn realized that the man was Marcus.

"Riff Raff!" exclaimed Susan. She wrapped her arms around him and they kissed. Marcus broke away and looked at John. "Nice outfit, Captain," he said, completely deadpan. He then looked at Delenn. "Very nice outfit, Delenn," he said, a laviscious grin creeping over his face.

John began to look jealous. "Come on, everyone...let's sit down. The show's about to begin." The group sat down in the auditorium. The lights dimmed, and the stage lit up.

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