the pearl

My Name Is Ginny Weasley

Hello, Ginny Weasley. My name is Tom Riddle.

I was enchanted into this book.

No, don't be sorry. I quite enjoy it.

Thank you. I knew a Weasley — Virgil Weasley. Are you his sister?

Granddaughter? Goodness, it has been awhile.

He was a Griffyndor Prefect when I was a Slytherin Prefect. We didn't really spend much time together. Surely he's told you stories...

Oh, I'm sorry.

An Auror? That's very impressive. How did he die?

I don't know who You-Know-Who is.

I can't read that. Who is it?

Honestly, Ginny, if you're not going to tell me...

Who is Lord Voldemort?

Ginny, I've been in this book since 1943. I'm not certain of the year now —

1992? It has been awhile, hasn't it?

No, no one else has written in this book since then. I don't know what's happened in the wizarding world since 1943.

Are you going to tell me?



Hello, Ginny. It's nice to see you again.

No, it's fine.

How many brothers do you have?

That's a lot of brothers. Is it difficult living in such a large family?

No, I was an only child.

I suppose it was. I didn't mind.

Yes, I would like to know more about You-Know-Who.

That's okay. Just tell me what you know.

That does sound terrible. Do you know many Muggles?

You must be very proud of your father.

Why not?

That's perfectly normal — Muggle Artifacts are strange and unnatural. Muggles have no connection with the magical world around them and therefore make artificial objects — there's no life to anything they do.

Yes, I suppose there are a few.

What happened to You-Know-Who?

And what happened to this baby?

It sounds like you're fond of Harry Potter.

I wouldn't tell anyone, Ginny.

Does he like you as well?

That is a shame. I can't believe that he doesn't notice someone as clever and beautiful as you.

I don't need to see you — I can tell by your writing.

Thank you, Ginny.

I'll be here.


Hello, Ginny. Are you at Hogwart's now?

Are you enjoying your classes?

Yes, it is hard to be a first-year. Which house are you in?

Griffyndor! I imagine your family is very proud of you.

But what?

Oh, Ginny — it would have been nice if you were in Slytherin. It would have been a very good house for you. Why aren't you in it?

Yes, I can see how you wouldn't want to disappoint your family.

I would have liked it if you were in Slytherin when I was Prefect too.

Yes, Ginny?

A wizard placed me in here. I don't know why.


I think there may be one way. Do you know of the Chamber of Secrets?

When Salazar Slytherin first founded Hogwart's with the three others, he had a secret chamber built into the bedrock of the castle — a place where purebloods could hide if there was ever trouble.

You know how Muggles are, Ginny. Haven't you heard of The Burning Times?

That's why Salazar built it — so that if Hogwart's were attacked, the pureblood wizards would survive.

It's a very magical place. It's possible that, if you were to take this book there, I would be able to materialise.

No, I don't think I'd be able to escape the book. But I'd be able to see you.

Yes, I'd like to see you. Very much.

I'm glad you'd like to see me too.

Go to the downstairs Girls' Toilets. Find the sink with the Slytherin symbol on it. Push that sink in and you will find a tunnel. Go down the tunnel until you reach the door. It should open. And you'll be there.

You'll do fine, Ginny. I know you will.

No, I can't wait to see you either.


Hello Virginia Weasley. Are you named after your grandmother?

I remember that Virgil Weasley spent a lot of time with Virginia Bagworth — it was only natural that they would end up married. Was she an Auror too?

I'm sorry to hear that, Ginny.

It was very nice to see you. You're a very pretty girl.

Thank you.

Yes, it was nice to talk. It's always nice to talk to you.

I am sorry about the ghost in the Girls' Toilets. You're right, I should have warned you. She is mostly harmless, though, isn't she?

No, I don't think she'll tell anyone.

What happened?

That's terrible — the poor cat.

No, I don't know who could have done that.

No, I don't know who could have written that. They don't think it was you, do they?

There's nothing to be frightened of, Ginny. They don't know about this, do they?

There's nothing to connect you to the Chamber of Secrets. Everything will be fine.

I'm glad you're feeling better about this.

Yes, I would like to see you again.


Ginny, 'Virginia Riddle' doesn't sound right.

I don't know. Why not call me Tom Weasley?

I wouldn't want you to think of me as your brother.

Marvolo. Yours?

That's a pretty name.

We could be Tom and Virginia Marvolo.

Yes, I think it sounds nice too.

Yes, I would like it very much if you would come see me again.

No, I don't think anyone would notice.

Nearly-Headless Nick? Oh dear...

A student as well? Please be careful, Ginny. I wouldn't want anything to happen to you.

Yes. Goodbye, Ginny Marvolo.

Yes, I think it sounds nice too.


Merry Christmas, Ginny. Are you still at Hogwart's?

I suppose if your brothers stay here for Christmas, it would be very lonely in your house.

No, I didn't — my mother died when I was born, and my father...he wasn't around.

It's okay. I was still found and taken to Hogwart's. I don't know what I would have done if I couldn't be a wizard.

I wouldn't have met you, though.

I could have been teaching here.

No, I guess that wouldn't be proper. I'm glad I'm in this book, then.

Would you come see me again?

Are you still frightened about what's happening to the students?

Blood? You didn't tell me about blood.

No wonder you're scared! Oh Ginny, you didn't tell me it was blood they wrote in.

On your hands? How did you get blood on your hands?

Ginny, there must have been a logical explanation.

I don't know. Perhaps it was your time of the month.

How am I supposed to know that?

Ginny, how am I supposed to make you do anything? I'm in a book!

Ginny, what are you thinking?



Hello, Harry Potter. My name is Tom Riddle.

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