the pearl

Nancy Boy Hair Gel

Doyle bit his lip, sweat breaking out on his brow, his eyes closed tightly. He let out a strangled, harsh sound from deep within his throat, his head falling back against his shoulders. "Jesus Christ," he whispered, licking dry lips.

Angel's lips curved into a smirk, smirking as well as he could with Doyle's cock sliding back and forth between his lips. He sucked harder, sliding his tongue along the sensitive underside, nipping his teeth gently against the head.

Doyle's hips were slowly thrusting, pushing into Angel's mouth, pulling away from Angel's mouth, groaning at the pleasure, getting closer and closer to that glorious point....

Angel pulled away right before Doyle came, gently grasping Doyle's cock with his hand, rubbing his thumb against the bottom, stroking gently.

Doyle gave a harsh rough shout as he came, his entire body breaking out into tiny spines. Angel let go of Doyle's cock before the spines reached it, and rested his face against Doyle's thighs, feeling the smaller demon come onto his hair.

Doyle wavered for a bit, then slumped onto the couch. Angel stood up and pulled a comb out of his long black trenchcoat, combing his hair into that perfect, slightly highlighted, elegant shape. Doyle lifted his head slightly, looking up at the vampire. "You've got a very peculiar habit. You know that, right?"

Angel just gave Doyle a near-Angelus smirk. "It's the best for my hair..."

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