Justin stared blankly at the new woman who had walked in.

Her hair was nearly shorter than his, and the tight tank-top/leggings set showed off strong muscles, the kind he worked towards, but knew he'd never quite get.

She looked him up and down, then frowned. "So this is him?" she asked, turning towards KM.

KM nodded. "Yep. Not much to look at, but -- you ever been to one of their concerts?"

"Pfft. Not likely." She turned towards him. "Justin? I'm Boy."

Justin narrowed his eyes and smirked slightly. "Boy?"

Her eyes narrowed too. "Yeah, you tryin' to start something?"

"Relax, Boy, he's young. And he still doesn't have a clue what's going on -- it's a little hard to accept your fate as an intergalactic reality shifter when you're just used to reciting low-rent pop jingles."

Justin turned to KM with his eyes wide open. "Intergalactic reality what?"

"Hey," Chris said defensively. "The songs aren't that low rent..."