From The Fortean Times:

New Orleans, September 2002:

The locals always see very strange things around Southern Decadence, the largest gay event in the South, always on Labor Day weekend. But no one could have expected this.

According to reports, the large gay nightclub, Oz, was the site of extremely strange paranormal activity on the Saturday of September 7th. The club was packed to the rafters with people dancing and at approximately 3:30 in the morning, a strange silver liquid began to rain down from the fire sprinklers and taps in the building. Within the half hour, however, the liquid had disappeared, leaving fire marshalls and paramedics to believe it was mercury. However, people who touched or even tasted the liquid apparently suffered no ill effects. One person called it "a high greater than E any day of the week."

Even stranger was the reports by several witnesses that the popular boyband *NSync were seen at the club. "They were standing in the corner of the top floor, not even looking at the liquid -- like they see it every day or somethin'," one witness said. "How do you just ignore something like that?"

*NSync, or the band's publicist, could not be reached for comment.