The guy with the piercings stuck his hand out. "Call me KM."

Justin backed away, scowling, and ducked his head instinctively. There was a dream, something about spiders and a web, and KM tilted his head. "You took him to a club with those?"

Chris pursed his lips. "I didn't take him anywhere."

KM rounded on Chris. "Then why's he afraid of spiders?"

Justin clicked his teeth together a couple of times, trying to stop himself from yelling again. "You two are seriously freaking me out right now," he said slowly, "not to mention Lance, who is seriously freaking me out all the time. Could someone please explain to me what is going on?"

Chris frowned. "It's kind of. Um. We don't really do it like--"

KM cut him off. "Think of it as the VIP room in a club, and everyone's an alien." Justin looked at him blankly. KM sighed. "Have you ever done acid?" Justin shook his head.

Chris tried. "You know how on stage, it's like, you -- swell up."

KM raised an eyebrow, and Chris looked helpless but Justin seemed to understand. "Well, yeah. You swell up. it's a kind of magic."

"Sorcery, actually," KM interjected, "primative but pretty powerful bloody stuff. Ever been to a Slayer concert?"

Justin sat down on the couch, and crossed his legs. His hand itched. "I need to call Britney," he mumbled, and closed his eyes.