the pearl

Oh You New York Girls Can You Dance The Polka

It feels like they've been playing the same song forever. It doesn't cease, the same drum beat, the same jangling lute chords, the slightly off-key singing that kept on coming up with more and more verses, just to crash into the chorus every minute or so.

It should be irritating.

The beat, however, is fantastic.

Stede isn't sure if he's' feeling the drums or if it's his heartbeat or if it's the thrusts that are perfectly in time, or all three thudding together, taking him further, filling his ears and his hole and his entire self thudding slick and sharp against all of him.

He groans and opens his eyes again, looking up at Ed, muscles gleaming with sweat, the faintest of flushes against the tattoos, not like the full rosy glow against his own unmarked skin. Gold rings gleam and sway against Ed's chest, his nipples small and tight against the metal, catching Stede's eyes and giving him something to focus on.

The crew crashes into the chorus again and Ed shifts slightly, changing his thrusts to match the beat, and Stede groans and looks into his eyes, dark with lust. Tendrils of hair curl damp with the sweat on his forehead, frizzing in the heat between them. He's beautiful, primal, and Stede closes his eyes tightly as Ed shifts again to match the drumbeat, hitting him perfectly with each thrust.

"You close?" Ed growls, his hands tight against Stede's hips.

Stede gasps as Ed hits him right there, and keeps hitting him there with each drum beat. "Ed..." he whispers, one hand scrabbling against the bed linens while the other flails, sliding against Ed's body until he manages to grasp a bicep, running up it to his shoulder and pulling Ed down against him.

Ed groans as the movement makes him shift position, his thrusts going shallower and faster. His stomach is slick with sweat and growing slicker with every slide of Stede's cock against it. Stede's hand scrabbles up from Ed's shoulder up to his neck, sliding underneath his hair, pulling his face closer to his.

The crew has apparently begun to tire of the song because the beat shifts, it changes, gets louder and stronger even as the sensation of his cock against Ed's stomach and Ed's cock in him gets too much and Stede moans, pulling Ed even closer for a kiss, all sloppy and unfocused and lost as he comes, shuddering against him.

Ed growls against his mouth, his hands tightening even harder on Stede's body as his body jerks against his, finishing with one final deep thrust that makes Stede moan softly even in his afterglow.

The ship is silent. Ed lies on top of Stede, sweaty, filthy, breathing heavily, as Stede kisses the top of his forehead.

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