the pearl

The Other Anniversary

The mood had stayed on Voyager even after the day had passed. Ten years they had been roaming in the Delta Quadrant. Ten whole years. They had marked the anniversary yesterday, with solemn reflection, a memorial service, and a general mood of loss. Chakotay stood in the empty mess hall, looking at the stars silently.

Tom walked in quietly, pausing in the doorway, looking at his lover. Sure, there were a few more grey hairs, and a bit more pounds around the middle, but it was still the same man he had fallen for all those years ago. He walked up to Chakotay and slipped his arms around the other man's waist. "Moping in the dark again?" he said quietly.

Chakotay relaxed, leaning back into the body of the smaller man. "I was remembering." He paused for a second. "Do you remember what happened ten years ago?"

Tom frowned for a second, thinking, then smiled evilly. "Oh yeah....Ten years ago, I saved your sorry ass on those stairs."

Chakotay chuckled and turned back to face his lover. "Is that what you call it? 'My sorry ass'?"

Tom grinned. "Only when you're hiding out in the mess hall." He leaned in closer. "C'mon, baby, let's go make our own fun," he said before kissing Chakotay softly.

The two men held each other for a minute, then walked out of the mess hall.

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