the pearl

Problem Student

So I'm a vampire now.


I wasn't exactly prepared for all this, though. I mean, one minute, I'm wasted, walking out of the bar with these two hot guys who said they had a Cad, and the next thing I know, I'm tied up and in this lace-covered doll-filled bedroom with this little goth girl pining away on the bed. If it weren't for the ropes, and the gag, and that blonde guy who snatched me, I would have bitch-slapped her. Instead, she gets all monster-faced on me, and bites my neck. In front of her damn dolls too.

And that's just the beginning. I...I think I died. Hell, I must have died. You sort of have to die to be a vampire, you know? I woke up on that hideous lace white bed feeling...well...different. Like I was on a permanent buzz. There was me, my memories, my mind and everything, but I felt like I was better than the other people, those weak little brats at Sunnydale High, those idiot teachers. I knew I was laughing from the high, at least until that spacy bitch came back. Her, and her blonde boyfriend, the one with the British accent and that long leather coat. God, I wanted a coat like that. Or maybe just slipping into his.

They started making out on the bed right next to me. What was I supposed to do? Leave? Hell no! I joined in. Wasn't like it was anything I hadn't done before...and this buzz I was feeling made it even more fun. Better than bourbon. Better than E. Being a vampire is such a high. The other two seemed to like it, or, at least, they didn't push me off the bed. I think the chick really liked it, and the blonde was just going along with it. But he was a great lay too. That was a lot of fun. Hell of a lot of fun.

I had to help them out, of course. That little goody-good Buffy wouldn't be expecting me to be a vamp, and helping to snag a Slayer while still a new vamp was a major thing to be doing. And it was fun. Until I saw her stake a guy right in front of me. Seeing that guy turn to dust right in front of me scared me shitless. Of course I ran. Do you blame me?

I got a lot of shit for that. But, hey, I wasn't the one who got hit with an ax by Buffy's MOM, now was I? Who was he to talk?

So I was given an option. I leave Sunnydale or I spend my nights hiding out in the Factory with the "princess". I'm not stupid. Being cooped up with that psycho bitch was the last thing I wanted to do.

The car's all packed up and ready to go. The windows are painted and I have a full tank of gas. I may be a vampire, but I know the open road.

And I'm thinking New Orleans ought to be fun....

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