the pearl


Willow looked at the monitor blearily. "Pound include greater than s t dio dot h lesser than." She rubbed her eyes. "Damn..."

Suddenly, two hands grasped her shoulders. She jumped up, shrieking slightly.

"Sorry, baby," Oz said quietly, whispering into her ear.

"Oh, Oz, hi..." she said, looking up at him. "" she said, her eyes returning to the screen. "Pound include great than conio dot h lesser than," she muttered to herself.

Oz sighed. "Willow, how long have you been programming?"

Willow glanced at the clock. "9:27 pm now been here Maybe eleven. Not sure." She looked back at the program. "Pound include greater than math dot h lesser than," she mumbled to herself.

Oz gaped for a second, then pushed her big fancy teacher's chair (the kind you could spin around on) towards him. She blinked, totally unable to comprehend the sights that weren't on a monitor. "Huh?"

Oz snapped his fingers in front of her. "Willow. Earth to Willow. Come in Willow."

Willow blinked some more, then frowned. "Wait....was I working for ten hours straight?"

Oz looked at the monitor. "Hmmm...just working?" He reached for the mouse and clicked open the Netscape window. He read the text on the screen. "Krychek kissed Mulder, right on the mouth, thrusting his tongue down so far that he licked Mulder's tonsils. 'What was that for, Krychek?' 'It's just a little Russian greeting. Like saying "Hi, how are ya?"'" He paused for a second. "Huh."

Willow blushed and scrambled to quit Netscape. "I...uh...I..."

"I thought you liked Skinner better."

Willow blushed and grinned. "Yeah, but this writer is good."

Oz looked at the text again. "Huh." He suddenly grabbed Willow by her shoulders and kissed her, thrusting his tongue down so far that he licked Willow's tonsils. He broke the kiss just as quick. "Huh. So that's what it feels like."

Willow could have sworn she heard soft music in the background. Then she could have sworn that she saw a little monkey in the corner with a stereo. Then she just saw Oz and grinned. "That was fun." She grabbed back the mouse and clicked open a bookmark, opening up a Skinner/Scully site. "So....want to read more?" she said with a mischievious tone.

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