the pearl

Remembers Freedom

Faith closes her eyes tightly as she comes, images of Buffy sliding against her echoing through her scarred mind, synapses firing, electric shock through her mind as she bites her lip, a strangled moan ripping through vocal cords. She slumps back against the hospital bed, breathing heavily as she lifts her hands from her body, resting them against the crisp white cotton sheets surrounding her.

She lies there for a few seconds, lost in the haze, feeling her body sink into the firm mattress as she slowly opens her eyes and stares up at the ceiling again. The dingy white ceiling tiles with their holes, counted several times as she laid there, laid there in rehabilitation, laid there in therapy, laid there as she was injected full of drugs, the ceiling tiles stare back down at her like tiny beady eyes, accusing her with black emptiness.

She lifts her body, moving her legs over to the floor. Standing on still-shaky legs, she walks over to the small bathroom, to wash her hands, to remove the evidence, shiny slickness on fingertips disappearing under cold cold water, under soap, under scrubbing over and over and over, like the blood staining a white tank top.

She blinks, and the image disappears from her mind, swirling down the drain like the water still running. She turns off the water, and looks back at the bed in the other room, looks up at the window, thin crack of blue sky peeking through the faded curtains. She remembered walking in the sun, thick black glasses around her eyes, or walking in the moonlight, a stake in her hand, lips glossy from being licked as she watches Buffy fight.

She remembers dancing in dark clubs, breasts bouncing slightly as she shakes her hips and makes everyone want her. She remembers bouncing on Xander, his cock deep inside her as she swirls her hand around herself. She remembers slamming against the wall, eyes closed tight in pain as she feels fiery pain crashing into her belly.

Faith closes her eyes, and remembers freedom.

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