the pearl


She hands him a frozen concotion with an umbrella and grins as she reclines on the opposite lounge chair, her sunglasses reflecting the sunlight reflecting from the pool.

She sips at her own umbrella and fruit festooned drink, and watches Giles as he takes a tenative sip, then smiles softly and drinks more.

"Like that?" she asks. At his nod, her grin grows wider and she lies back against the chair. She pauses for a second, sipping her drink, then turns to him. "I...I had a son once," she says.

He raises an eyebrow. "What happened?" he asks, her voice soft.

She smiles, sadly, and shakes her head. "It wasn't..." She pauses again. "It was complicated."

He nods. "I had a daughter once," he says, his voice just as soft. "Well, she was like a daughter. It was...It was also complicated."

She looks over her sunglasses at him, and understands.

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